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By: catelna
Fat Loss and Body Transformation Clinic
If you want to get rid of your weight the only way is to diet and exercise, I did the "Fat Loss Clinic" paid over 1500 $ for 8 sessions they said I lost 1 inch. I did drink all the water they told me to I walked I wore there belt and it failed with me. I don't know about others but for myself it didn't work. I bid on cerf 100$ for this place and the tanning, even today they never have called me like they were suppose to so we could set up times to spray tan. I paid $100 and never got to use the certf I paid for The girl was suppose to call me when they got there tanning up and running but months later still nothing and they still are holding my $100 cert that i'm sure now has expired which they told me they would honor. I think this is poor business practices the lady knew I was going on vacation and wanted to spray she assured me it would be up and running. May I went on vacation still 3 months later ( nothing.. I have a trainner in 1 week has helped me lose over 4lbs dieting and exercising . The ladys were nice while I was going there but when you leave, NEVER heard another word ! I cannot give them a good rating when it didn't work for me. I wish anyone good luck with this. In truth diet and exercise is the only way and melting fat would be nice but for what I paid not even worth it. Sorry Ladys your nice but the service when i left was horrible.
By: Renea R.
Fat Loss and Body Transformation Clinic
I had skin tightening done and it was fabulous I love it and will return. Nice professional people. My daughter had a tattoo removal started very pleasant employees. Just remember these things take time , but I could tell the tightening of skin I still have to go back a few more times , but we'll worth itDwayne QAs an avid weightlifter I have been exercising 25+ years but I still had stubborn fat that I could not lose. I was skeptical to try the clinic and now I realize I could not have been more wrong. They were able to burn off fat in the first treatment I could not touch for a long time. They took inches! Inches off my waist in the first 3 treatments. The process is noninvasive and was actually relaxing. Totally worth every penny. It's not an overnight fix because the results last, thank goodness. This is a brilliant process. The staff is very respectful and worked with me to suit my personal needs. I am very happy with both my results and my experience. Ask for Renea because she is the guru. There is a ton more stuff they offer and I am probably going to explore each one but the fat loss is awesome.
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By: blondecatty
Jenny Craig
After gaining way too much weight, I researched all of the "diet" programs including Nutri-System and Weight Watchers. After reading reviews, I chose Jenny Craig. I am losing weight, but strictly adhering to the program. The food is a little costly and I only found out about potential substitutions to save money. It would have been nice if JC advised me of that. But obviously they are trying to sell food and the program. I do recommend this for people who can adher to a strict program.
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By: Jacob B.
Healthy Weight Supermarket
Excellent store with the best prices in Springfield MO.Owner of the store (Mike Brown) really knows the program well
Tips & Advices
A meal replacement is a substitute for a meal, typically a drink or a bar. While processed meal replacements have a set number of calories, many are high in added sugar and low in protein, fiber and healthy fats.
Appetite suppressants, like all drugs, have side effects, so read the fine print and discuss potential side effects with a medical professional before taking them. Stimulant-type drugs can cause insomnia, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, drug dependence and abuse, and withdrawal symptoms. Drugs that work to prevent fat absorption can cause gas, soft stools, and oily spotting. Diet pills that affect neurotransmitters are associated with headache, nausea and vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, and dizziness.
People generally lose weight gradually and steadily (about 1 to 2 pounds per week) if they stick to a calorie-controlled plan. Increasing exercise can increase weight loss.
Medical weight loss is supervised by a medical professional and targets the causes of obesity and weight gain. Treatments can run the gamut, from diet and nutrition to pills and surgery, but the goal is to help the patient achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life.
Many people can see results in one to two weeks if they stick to their plan. Weight loss results vary from person to person and depend on factors such as starting size and caloric intake level. Including exercise in the program can accelerate weight loss.

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