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By: wchorski
Arise For Social Justice
I read the Mission Statement, "Arise for Justice is an...anti-oppression advocacy group in Springfield, MA, that aims to build awareness and political power for rthe poor so we can survive and thrive...." I did not recieve accurate info regarding Landlord/Tenant Issues. I filed w/ M.C.A.D. and simply called Arise for support via advocacy and the power the survive and thrive, however was told the Landlord has the right to make a tenant leave without probable cause. Not so.Same rights apply to tenants w/ or w/o (Tenant at Will) a Lease. Then told "Well there is nothing else we can do for you (since already filed w/ M.C.A.D.). AND... "M.C.A.D. takes years!" Not so. WOuld the board bring the members who never told me their name, nor asked my name to update their data on M.G.L. s (she didn't know this either) Springfield Courthouse has a LAw Library and Arise members need to get the latest Amendments to M.G.L. 151, (b), (f) and 186 entirely and 285E. The 1st item to help a tenant is to File an E.R. Restraining Order against the Landlord. Not 1 of them told me to do that. I find this area sadly lacking in the laws protecting Tenancy, and that is the reason for too much homelessness in MA. I am disabled, told the 2 members and they know not the lasws protecting People w/ a Disablitiy. 2nd reason many people are homeless in MA. I feel most discriminated in Springfield, MA than anywhere else. I lived in Hampshire Cty, and Worcester Cty, and no one is educated in the rights of people w/ Disability (ies) . Arise did not live up to the Advocacy or empowering w/ me because they are not able to help me further than old M.G.L.s. and never even asked my name. Advocacy involves real support in and out of court. Please do so.
By: Steve J.
Arise For Social Justice
Arise for Social Justice - is a powerful advocacy group for social justice in Springfield and Western Mass.

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