By: Kv N.
Ho Mei
@JustaNumber4u Same thing happened to me but I ordered sweet and sour chicken with pork fried rice combination and that was supposed to come with an egg roll, when i got home, it was Chicken fingers, no egg roll and there was a small cup full of sweet and sour sauce. I called them and and they said they dont know, that the order was that and i was like No, then change the picture on the board because if I knew sweet and sour chicken was chicken fingers i would have not order it. But the food is delicious thou
By: jackie.szafranpappas
This store is a whole lot better than Walmart. This store is cleaner, departments are much neater, friendly workers, they have what I want. I don't get frustrated when I go into this store or when I leave. I dread walking in a walmart. Kmart is 100% better.
By: brigette.godwin
Teresa's Southern Soul Food 2
Teresa welcomed all the customers with a smile & warm hand shake then I chose from her meats & sides. Best falling off the bone ribs & sauce, Mac & cheese & candied yams ! Don't miss this wonderful place!
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By: Mark D.
Cafe Christo
First Class Place in the Middle of Springfield !!! Should you be looking for the Rite Place and the rite Atmosphere? Look no further !!!!!
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By: Edwiino K.
Fu Wong
Great food so much going on and also very very very very friendly people enjoy it so happy this place is rite near my area
By: R M.
US Fried Chicken and Pizza
Always had a great meal anytime I've been to this restaurant. Take out is excellent too!
By: J J.
US Fried Chicken and Pizza
Great prices, great people, great food! Fresh chicken, great sandwiches.love the Gyro

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