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By: nmilton603
Leonard's Auto Repair Inc
It is not often that I experience this kind of support and assistance my wife and I received last week. Therefore, I am compelled and happy to write this review. While on vacation we were backing into a parking space and noticed the car suddenly would not go forward in the drive position. We got the car to Leonard's Auto and the owner Len Desmarais discussed what may be the problem. He went out of his way to get our vehicle check out, drove me to the rental car place and waited with me for 45 minutes to make arrangments. He spent 3 hours that day helping us. Our trip was saved and we were able to enjoy our vacation thanks to the extended courtesy and professionalism shown by Len Desmarais and his employees. I cannot stop telling people about Leonard's Auto Repair. His card will remain in our car forever!
By: eange956
Leonard's Auto Repair Inc
Car repairs are pretty much high everywhere, but their prices are competitive. They don’t have the best price in town, but they are not exceptionally high either. They are very honest, which you don’t find in car mechanics very often. They are very knowledgeable. They call me before they do a job to call and explain what needs to be done and what my options are. They don’t talk to me like I am stupid because I am a woman. I don’t feel they take advantage of me. I have been using them for about fifteen years. My children take their vehicles there too.
By: henly989800
Agro Automotive Inc
I have a very difficult car to work on which is a 2002 Audi Allroad. It typically breaks down every 3-4 months as all German cars tend to do. I have gone to the dealer and other "German car specialists" and have been ripped off numerous times. I found AGRO and have taken my car there ever since as they fix it correctly every time and I feel like the price is right. It's rare to find a good mechanic and I feel better knowing they are there as I am sure I will be back.best car repair shop in MA 01105. My Town
By: sam0071
Agro Automotive Inc
My 1970 Cadi Coup De Ville got dinged up bad. I got quotes from 3 other body shops and they all quoted me around close to $5000 to fix her up. I came to this place from a recommendation from a family friend and they quoted me $1800 to do the same job. I was a little weary that maybe because they are so cheep they might do a cheap job but I was wrong. They did an excellent job and did it fast.The guys and gals that worked here were great and very nice. Top notch service.
By: nethan772
Leonard's Auto Repair Inc
When we took our car to Leonard's we inquired how we could get to the Hall of Fame by taxi. The owner, Len suggested to a salesman that he take us. It was a pleasant ride. When we called to check on the progress of our repair the service writer said he'd send Len over to pick us up. He arrived in a very nice, large car. They repaired our car at a very fair price, did it with wonderful good humor and with serivce way above what I could have expected.
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By: Angela D.
Howard Motors
This was one of the most positive car buying experiences that I have ever had. I told him exactly what I wanted and wanted to spend. No sales gimmicks or pressure at all he showed me what I wanted and did not pressure me into something that I did not want.I would definitely recommend buying a car here and this is the only place I will shop for a car if and w hen I am in the market for another vehicle.
By: joshfilter123
Agro Automotive Inc
This place is definitely a go to place for auto needs. I keep regular upkeep on my vehicle & needed an oil change. I stopped in on the quick based on all the great reviews. They are correct! The mechanic wouldn't even take a tip from me since they were close to closing hour. I was out in less than 45 minutes. Friendly, good service. I will definitely use those guys from now on. Thanks!
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By: Angelique B.
Howard Motors
This place is great! Been in business for a long time and nothing but friendly. He offers carfax for all cars and is really good at doing business and making it fun and pleasurable instead of stressful. Does not take advantage of you just because you are a female like other dealers!! Would go back here any time any day!! Looking for a good reliable used car, look at Howard's!
By: karlen7654
Agro Automotive Inc
Finding a great automotive mechanic is almost impossible to find. Agro and crew have actually done some of the most impossible. They have performed beyond expectations and have only provided recommendations for services absolutely needed, not just money-making opportunities. I would strongly recommend Agro and crew for their knowledge, talent, and great customer service.
By: Evy O.
J. E. Robison Service Company, Inc.
Robison Service provides extraordinarily competent service to fine imported cars. The owner is a take-no-prisoners sort who loves Land Rovers, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royces etc and treats them like the works of art that they can be. Their work is thorough, well-documented and reliable. I would not take my 1988 or 1992 Mercedes-Benz to anyone else in western Massachusetts.
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