By: Donna L.
Baystate Home Infusion
I've been using the company for a couple years now. There are things I like n not like about the place. The first visit was very nice. Professional. Took allot of information n fittings n etc. very nice. I asked if I needed to change things how it would go. Well a script was one n allot of paperwork is what she said. Ok no biggy I figure it's there job. Paperwork n all. I had a hastle trying to get a chin strap to go with CPAP things n the phone calls are every three months as a reminder for getting new equipment. Nothing to do with insurance. That is their job n has never said anything about insurance to me. Only if it's not used with so many hours at night. It will not be covered. Anyway. I do have a problem with the nose pieces. Air pillows the smallest is not small enough. n the nose piece for the nose the smallest is to small n the standard is to big pokes me in the eyes. Now they have one with magnets. Um nope. I happen to know that a positive magnet can cause cancer n a negative helps stimulate the area. I'm sure it is not for me. I guess I'll keep getting poked in both eyes or trim the thing to fit.. I went for a fitting for the nose pillows it seamed a secretary did it she gave me the pillows said so you want to try them on here i'm like no. she goes ok you can leave with them n they never worked out. I'm not sure why she didn't say they needed to be sized first before leaving instead. I wish so cause they didn't work out at all. It's all in the wording. Didn't seam a problem when I was there until I tried them. it was like nose plugs that were being pushed up into my nose n all I could think of was that i'll have a piggy nose from this. no thank you. I wish the recorded phone call was capable of asking about each piece if it is ok or need a different size. Love the animated calls
By: Fred O.
Healthpoint Home Care
Great people, who do a great job very professional and have caring staff who are also receptive to patient needs.

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