By: Missy F.
Smart Choice Properties, LLC
I was looking to move out of my old apartment and I came across Smart Choice Properties while they were managing the property on behalf of my old landlord. They assisted me in getting into my new townhouse. I had a smooth move in and they made sure everything in my new place was up to date and in good shape.
By: Gayle H.
Smart Choice Properties, LLC
When I moved into my townhome managed by Smart Choice Property LLC it was a very simple process. I was able to keep my pets when I moved in as well. Furthermore, the residential managers are always really easy to get in touch with.
By: Karly B.
Smart Choice Properties, LLC
These guys do a great job taking care of the complex that I live in. Everything is kept clean, and the grounds are kept up as well. In the winter they keep everything plowed and cleaned as fast as possible. It's nice.
By: Kim L.
Smart Choice Properties, LLC
I like everything about renting from Smart Choice Properties. LLC. They're straight shooters and you know you are getting what you pay for. I wouldn't have lived here for so long if I didn't like how they were.
By: Linda D.
Smart Choice Properties, LLC
I've been in my apartment for over two years now. They keep the building clean and maintained and I like that I can always get in touch with the management if I have any questions or concerns.
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By: Don J.
Smart Choice Properties, LLC
I like how they keep everything all plowed during the winter time. It makes things really convenient. I am looking forward to a winter when I don't have to do it myself.
By: Nate G.
Smart Choice Properties, LLC
They are awesome here. They are here whenever I need them. I like how they handle everything. Look no further if you need a trustworthy rental company.
By: James B.
Smart Choice Properties, LLC
They always come very fast if I need anything looked at or repaired. I have always been really happy with everything because they do quality work.
By: Craig J.
Smart Choice Properties, LLC
I just moved in to my new apartment in October and I really like it here. The apartment is in good condition and the management is very nice.
By: Vicki D.
Smart Choice Properties, LLC
I have been living in my Smart Choice Property apartment since March now and it's in a good location that's very convenient for me.

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