By: steven64
Steve Ray Plumbing Service Inc
Let me start off by saying that I applaud any son who looks after his mothers well being. seeing her taken advantage of is heartbreaking and upsetting. If I thought my mother was taken advantage of, I would have picked up the phone and contacted this contractor myself and straightened it out. This is what I wish this son would have done. I sometimes feel the only reviews that get posted are negative and that is a shame. My name is Steve Ray , I own and operate Steve Ray Plumbing Service Inc. I have been in business for 13 years and this is the second bad review I had gotten since then. the other one I replied to and it got dismissed by the website. I thought I had already gotten this one replied through, but I have had problems with my posting . I want you other readers to know that I have never taken advantage of or overcharged a customer in my life. This review that this person had posted is incorrect and unwarranted. I will explain: His mother had called our business and we dispatched one of my employees , a very knowledgeable technician to got to her home. He arrived to replace her garbage disposal. He wore booties upon entering her residence as we always do. She asked him to look at her drainage situation under her sink. She requested that she would like to have the garbage disposal installed on the other side of the sink. My Technician obliged her request and explained to her it would take longer. She agreed to have us do the work. My tech went out got tarps and put down everywhere that was necessary from the front door to the kitchen and placed all his tools on the tarps. All the drainage had to be replaced, due to none of it being able to fit as a switch. She watched my tech the whole time he was there and when it was complete, we had fixed one code violation and improved the drain capabilities by removing a baffle obstruction. She was very pleased with the work and asked my tech to check her shower for a problem there with the doors. My tech obliged and took photos and explained to her the problem. This took longer than 1 hour to complete all this. Had we just replaced the garbage disposal and been done, yes, that would have only taken one hour. When my technician gave her the bill, she was not expecting our hourly rate to be that high. Our hourly rate is cheaper than most competitors that offer professional service. She called me after my technician had left and we talked about how she could not afford my rate due to her income. She was pleased to say the service was great and the technician was great. She commented on how clean the work was done and very happy over all. I explained to her that having a shop, several - 80,000.00 box vans, digging equipment , employees , insurance, etc... that I could not come out for a lesser rate then we charge. She had no hard feelings as toward me or my business. I think her son did not understand the extent of what services were provided. Had he called me to ask , this could have all been avoided. I think the premature emotion here is overwhelming and costly to businesses like mine. I want this customer to know that I thank her for her years of service in the special education field. As far as her son goes, I cant believe he has a masters degree in business and could not pick up a phone. Once he is in business, I'm sure he will run across an unwarranted act against him or his business. At Steve Ray Plumbing Service Inc. we provide a professional service with fully stocked box vans that carry everything for residential repair and or replacement for all plumbing needs. Thank you for reading.Sincerely, Steve Ray Steve Ray Plumbing Service Inc.
By: Julia U.
Steve Ray Plumbing Service Inc
I called for a hot water heater that I could not turn on. They came out in 3 hours and were at the house for 5 minutes .It turns out that I did not see the pilot light was on and literally there was nothing wrong with the unit. The charge was $135 -- I asked for a price break and they called and said if I paid cashier would cost $125 Needless to say I had to charge it since I did not have the $$. On top of that charge they also charged me 4% for using a credit card- which is 1% over customary charge. So, to summarize--service was great but was very expensive. I understand that they had to drive out here but $135/ hour is a lot of money. I literally paid $135/5 minutes.
By: william.vala.9
Ray's Plumbing & Sewer Service
Excellent service. Have used them for both home and business.
Tips & Advices
Even with a referral it is  best to hire a plumber to do a simple, everyday maintenance task for you first so you can judge his or her work. If you're happy with it, save their contact information so you'll have them on hand in case you need an emergency repair.
Water discoloration is  likely due to old iron pipes, or recent use of a hydrant or water main that disturbed the usual flow of water. Keep your water running for a minute or so and it should run clear after a while.
  • Are you licensed and registered?
  • Are you insured and bonded?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • What, if any, professional associations do you belong to?
  • May I have a list of references?
  • Do you offer a written warranty for your work?
  • Will I need a permit for this work?
It is important to have a written warranty for any work or repairs done to the plumbing in your house, especially if it is a major repair. Look for a professional  who is willing to  stand by his or her work.
Before you hire a plumber, contact their past customers if you're able to. These people can be a wealth of information if you ask them the right questions. Pose the following queries to these former patrons when you get the chance:
  • Were you pleased with the work done?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Did the plumber give you a written warranty and guarantee his or her work?
  • Were there any unexpected costs that arose?
  • Would you hire this plumber again? If not, why?

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