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    I have worked for this company for 6 years and I will say that the owners and managers are the nicest people I have ever worked with. They go out of their way to help employees and parents in ways you

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By: Charity M.
Kreative Kids
I have worked for this company for 6 years and I will say that the owners and managers are the nicest people I have ever worked with. They go out of their way to help employees and parents in ways you would not expect. I cannot stress the benefit working for this company has been. My children have all attended since birth. Both of my older children are now in school and are both in the Gifted and Talented program, we have never had a single complaint about a child not being ready to enter school when they leave here. Our parents and employees feel like extended family here and that is the way we like to keep it. I would however like to address some of the previous reviews as someone who knows the details of what goes on in our centers. Mike is a very professional manager. He is stern but not rude. He likes the rules to be clear and to be followed which is what I would expect from a manager in any job. This job involves the safety and well being of children and so he is not lax in any form and has no tolerance for inadequate performance from staff. He is not mean or rude he simply expects us to perform as close to perfect as possible for the sake of the children that are left daily in our care and as someone with children attending this facility I appreciate knowing that the staff is held to high standards, on the other side of that, as a staff member, I do not find his expectations to be difficult to live up to if you are truly dedicated to working with children. The room behind his office that you can see into is L shaped. You can only see about a fourth of the classroom through that window and so not seeing a teacher in the window does not mean there is not one present. Mike also has a monitor on the wall across from his desk with a live feed to cameras in ALL classrooms. There is absolutely no way there was no teacher unless there were also no children in there as well. The issue with not getting a tour immediately is simple, we prefer to schedule tours in advance to make sure someone is available to walk you through. That is just policy. I also wanted to say something about the issue with snack in the room. The children at the center eat lunch in a dining room apart from their classroom. Snack is served in room to save the teacher the hastle of re lining up their children after nap and getting them back in the dining room. I am sure Mike was simply telling you that if you failed to clean up after snack properly snack would no longer be served in the classroom and you would have to take your children to the dining room for snack so the kitchen manager could make sure it was cleaned properly. No one wants to attract bugs into a center with children because food is not being put away and cleaned up. Mike would not punish a child by taking away their snack because the adult did not do their job. I have a huge heart for this center because I have seen the staff do SO MUCH good in the lives of our parents and it saddens me to see that there is negative words being spoken about such selfless people. I would not take my children anywhere else. There is not another center I would work for ( and I HAVE worked for many before coming here) .
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During the first session, the participants might talk about the issues and goals of their relationship, as well as what to expect. Subsequent sessions might involve learning tools to communicate better.
The average cost of a session with a counselor in 2017 is around at $90 an hour. The cost ranges from $60- $130 an hour. Some counselors offer package deals and might take insurance.
The length of relationship counseling varies depending on the therapist’s technique, and the couple’s goals and needs. But some couples may see improvement after a few sessions.
The 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act requires coverage of counseling services to be equal to physical health coverage. Check with your employers’ plan benefits or as your HR representative or insurance company directly.
Pre-divorce counseling is required in some states, while others have bills pending making it a requirement of divorce proceedings.

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