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By: Amanda F.
Karate Masters Inc
Karate Masters has been the best decision my husband and I have made for my son. He joined last year at 4 years of age. In a year's time, he participated in 3 tournaments and blew the judges out of the water. We learned martial arts wasn't just for fun and learning skills. It has taught him integrity, respect, concentration, perseverance, self control, and above all he is passionate. And that is what makes Karate Masters a great martial arts school. It is rare for a child his age to find something to be passionate about. The instructors are amazing and show love, patience, and dedication for each child. They teach the skill sets needed for the foundation of karate, self defense, and safety such as stranger danger. They help our son want to succeed and earn each and every belt. I would highly recommend Karate Masters to anyone who would consider karate as beginners or even those with experience. It is a one of a kind place.
By: khwilson1
Karate Masters Inc
If you are looking for a great family atmosphere where you and your kids will learn karate, this is the place. Very family oriented and activities throughout the year, i.e., Trunk or Treat at Halloween, end-of-summer pool party, self-defense classes, numerous summer camps with more than just karate, etc. They care about their students and have a sincere interest in seeing them succeed. They also run a special where you can try it (a month, I believe) and get a uniform, all for not much more than the uniform itself costs! And they are also the regional directors for several states as well so they know their stuff! You really can't go wrong! BTW, my 6 YO has been taking instruction for 2 years and really enjoys it. I've seen an improvement in his focus (as much as you can in a six-year old) and his self-confidence!
By: Andreina A.
Karate Masters Inc
I have been training at karate masters for about 15 years and it has been amazing. I learned to be more confident in what I can do over the years and karate is what helped me. Both Master Sharpes are amazing instructors who know how to help you and teach very well. The atmosphere of the karate studio when you walk in is a family welcome. All smiles and asking how they can help you.
By: christian.clawson.31
Karate Masters Inc
We have been very happy to have joined karate masters with my 6 yo! The owners/instructors invest in each of their students and lead them kindly toward discipline and excellence. It is evident that they love what they do and they take the art of karate seriously. This is a great avenue for my child to build confidence, focus and discipline!
By: love1111
Elite Eagle Taekwondo
This Taekwondo is absolutely the best martial arts school I've ever sent my kids to. The masters here are very educated and well trained in Taekwondo, and they are very professional unlike other Taekwondo schools. My kids enjoy taking classes here because they balance between serious training and fun environment for children.
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By: Robin O.
Unified Tae Kwon-Do
Grand Masterpark is amazing! He is not only one of the best teachers I have ever seen his martial arts and style are incredible. His school is very affordable and easy to get to. I highly recommend him and his school to anyone who is able to attend. Get your black belt now through him
By: ross.nix
Woodlands White Tigers
Master Seo is an awesome TKD instructor. Every day you can see the joy he has doing what he does, and that joy transfers to his students! He works his students hard and they have so much fun they don't realize they just got a world class workout!

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