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By: Romeo G.
Gulf-Tex Management Inc
I would not recommend anyone doing business with this management company. We found black mold in the air ducts of our rent house and my children kept getting sick. We contacted the management company asking for a course of action. We were instructed to go ahead and have the ducts replaced/service and to submit all receipts. A year later we still have not been reimbursed and now being told that they did not authorize the service. This would suggest not only do they not want to reimburse us but would rather having us live in an uninhabitable rent home breathing in mold. This business practice is unacceptable and rents should beware of the living conditions they are providing.
By: Lisawil H.
Forest Point Sales
I love how they are prompt and professional in bringing you upstairs and starting with the snacks. Food was very good but it was all about the service.
By: Dylan W.
Residential Leasing & Management Corp.
Management overlooked my rent check, which arrived on time - due to their oversight I have been charged a hefty late fee, and am being served with a 3 day to vacate notice.Amazingly bad customer service, and unparalleled negligence with complete disregard for the feelings of their tenants.Not even a phone call. Awful to do business with.
By: Charparral S.
C M C Chaparral Management
There is absolutely no benefit to the extra fees we pay to Charparral Management. People who work for them are rude and dismissive when confronted with problems regarding their service. I liken this company to a leech. All take and no give.
By: Abcde F.
C M C Chaparral Management
Not sure how Chaparral Management Company (CMC) managed to get 5 stars in some reviews. Likely a plant to skew the rating. This company is a typical HOA parasite. We get it that HOA's interests isn't for the homeowner's benefit but there is some expectation of value however low that may be. In the case of CMC there is no value added. All associations managed by this CMC need to kick them out and hire someone else. We live in Champions Woods and CMC's ghetto mentality clearly reflects their disconnect with their rate payers. We have low expectations and understand that if CMC is not brain dead, they will be designing rockets. However, even low expectations seem to be too much of a stretch. If most of us can afford to pay property and school taxes and HOA fees, what makes CMC think the occasional missed mowing equates to being negligent? That we're busy but we will pick up our wind blown waste cans despite the CMC agent's opposing view? That we understand CMC lacks common sense and its preference to constantly validate that premise. Is the notion of proposing better general maintenance and efficient watering devices for common areas to show fiduciary duty so alien? Is better customer relationship in lieu of sending justifiably petty violation notices as a pretense of job performance a harder thing to do? If CMC is so busy that answering the phone and returning a phone call is tedious, maybe it's time to amend the charter, impose a Service Level Agreement or get the HOA board to fire them? I could go on and on as CMC makes Comcast look like the genius of customer service.If you are reading this and you are a homeowner, rally and get your lazy HOA board to boot CMC. Change inevitably is good. Like they say: between the devil you know and devil you don't, pick the one you haven't seen before. If you are CMC, you need to understand you can change your business model. Strong arm tactics only work if you're running a prison camp. Maybe we need a twitter hash tag #ChaparralSucks. At least we can have some laughs for money we spend without getting value.
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By: Magann E.
C M C Chaparral Management
Horrible company. Avoid at all costs. Known only for harassment and frivolous complaints, there is no actual positive results of their existence.
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By: jude248
Summit Rental Management
We are renting a home from them now. When we moved in the old lady told us she would have the yard mowed prior to us moving in., Never done. Lock box was never removed. We ask them to remove it never done. Ask them to have the house cleaned and carpet cleaned. Never done. Asked them to touch up the paint in certain areas. Never done. Garage was filthy we had to clean. Sinks and bath tub were never cleaned. Air filters were never replaced. Whoever cleaned here was blind. They have never ask us about the lock box. My husband had to remove the knob to take it off. The owner is wasting her money on these folks. They never disclosed the train track behind the house either. Blows the horn all night long. Dog hair was also all over the stair well. The neighbors next door are Cra-Cra. I heard them banjo's playing when we pulled up. Husband came over while my husband was sitting on the porch all pilled out or something. He started taking crazy. All the neighbors say they are trouble makers. Beware of this company..... They should have guns and a mask. House is not worth 1.675.00
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By: Michelle C.
Fellwock Real Estate Group
Terri & Jon aer is a great realtor. But nothing ever really gets accomplished much in my opinion with the guy named Justin. Idk.. That's just me..
By: Joyce A.
Residential Leasing & Management Corp.
This company has been a real help in the past, and I’d recommend them wholeheartedly! The team at Residential Leasing Management are professional and have always been prompt with addressing problems with tenants as soon as they arise. They’ve saved me from the hassle and expense of nonpaying tenants!
By: Christina H.
Residential Leasing & Management Corp.
I’d recommend Residential Leasing to anyone who is short on time, and looking for a property management company to help make life easier. Matt Griffin has years of experience in property management –and it shows. Their knowledge is something that I haven’t found with other property management companies here in Houston.

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