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By: Shayleen S.
Wick-Mullins Property Management
Absolutely terrible! stay away! I am a current tenant and every time I call them to fix something, it takes me days to get ahold of them because they never answer the phone and never return voicemails. Then they either say it is not their responsibility to fix the issue, or they take days or even weeks to get it fixed. They are quick to collect rent but not keep up their end of the deal!
By: bj.stephanie.cobb
Wick-Mullins Property Management
We were so happy with the service we received from Wickmullins property management. They are very professional and efficient!
By: Derek B.
Wick-Mullins Property Management
I am a tenant in a home that is managed by Wick Mullins now and wanted to let anyone and everyone know to stay away. In the beginning of the lease they were almost impossible to work with to get the lease secured but finally did and move in date they told me the keys would be hidden outside on property... they were not. sat in the driveway with movers and moving truck that was being paid by the hour to wait until the keys were delivered. not a huge deal and we got past that quickly. a few months into the lease we had a water leak in the home so I submitted an emergency maintenance request through the website (they told me if I were to call or email or any other form of communication the request would not go thru). I got confirmation from Wick Mullins a few days later.... and finally a call from a plumber 10 days later! by that time I was able to locate the leak and fix it myself but not before there was water damage done to the home. Still not sure if the owner of the home was made aware of this or not. The lack of communication from this company is unacceptable. now that our lease is coming to an end, they offer an extension to the lease, they offer a great package that could work for me more than 30 days before end of lease so we can get things sorted out and I get a call 15 days before the lease ends and they are now saying the terms we discussed will not be acceptable and still requiring me to give a 30 day move out notice. This has been frustrating for me as a tenant but I cannot imagine what the owner of the home is going thru working with these people. I am in the real estate industry so I know what goes into managing a property, leasing a property, and in general, what it takes to keep clients happy. this is not how you do it. Please avoid Wick Mullins what ever you do!!!
By: nycgirl26
Wick-Mullins Property Management
Is it possible to leave negative stars? They owe me stars. I wish online reviews had been available years ago when I signed a contract with these people to manage our property. I am thankful that others have left the details for you of the horrors with this company. Because I know, if I start to think about my experiences with them, that my blood will boil and I will literally have to stop, open a bottle of wine and breathe deep praying for inner peace. Yes they are that bad. I don't know how they continue to exist. My advice to you. Google _ how to manage my own property_ and take the chance. You can do no worse than doing business with these people. And if you are considering selling a house using Sue or Eddie, and you happen upon these reviews of their property management company. Run...RUN !!!!!!!! The mismanagement of that company comes from the top!
By: kromik
Wick-Mullins Property Management
Don't walk away, RUN AWAY from these people! I too had them manage a property when I was out of town. Then when I was decided to sell and the current tenants wanted to buy it, Sue Wick demanded the full 6% commission, as both buyer's and sellers' representatives! (As if she really did both jobs!) See, they had me sign lots of papers at the time of the management arrangement, one of which said that they would act as Intermediaries should this event take place. Not knowing anything about real estate, I just signed away, thinking it part of the normal property management paperwork. Now a licensed real estate agent, I can tell you their treatment of their client was deplorable. I asked if they could reduce the commission to 4 or even 5% since there was NO marketing involved, no showing, no work of ANY kind done to sell the house, but they Sue wouldn't hear of it. (Most companies that act as Intermediaries recognize the conflict of interest here and either find an outside rep for one party or at the very least reduce the commission to 4% total.) These are nasty, mean people that don't care about anything buy money. No company worth anything does business this way. You have been warned. Note the comments, the same tale, different victims again and again. Don't be next.
By: mazinggrace
Wick-Mullins Property Management
My husband and I decided to work with Wick-Mullins Property Management Company in September of 2011. When meeting the company they relieved us of our worries about renting our home out while living in another state. We moved out December 2nd 2011 and our property was leased on January 11th, 2012. Things went okay, that was until May, 2012 when our tenant was not paying rent anymore. They told us to give her a chance to catch up and we did but she never paid any of her behind rent and she was there until June 20th, 2012. ON top of the fact that she had dogs there, even if it was short term and never paid the deposit and the tenant ruined the new carpet (replaced Dec 2011) in 3 of the rooms. We had them file for an eviction and the tenant moved out before anything was final. However come to find out they never filed the paperwork but they sure did charge us for it. When we received our deposit from the tenant they deducted the management fee. Which I think is wrong considering we did not collect rent. Through this whole process we found out that the tenant they leased to had no JOB! They clearly stated that they would not rent to anyone who does not have a job, and they did - WHY because their property manager knew the tenant. He admitted to me on the phone that he knew her, she was the sister of a good friend he had while growing up. Words cannot describe how angry I am at this company for all the wrongs they did us while renting the home. The tenant was there for less than 4 months and they did not want to rebate me any of the commission, any fees. When I told them I was going to just sell the house on a short sale because we were losing too much money the property manager told me I could still rent it out. He said stop paying the mortgage and proceed with a short sale, I did not need to let the new tenants know anything and I just did not have to pay my mortgage company I could just pocket the money. SERIOUSLY! He told me it was not illegal, WHAT! If it is not illegal and I am sure that it is somewhere, somehow it is immoral to tell some to do such a thing.
Tips & Advices
  • Cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Alarms
  • Smoke, CO2, and flood detectors
  • Flashlights
  • Panic buttons
  • Door and window stoppers
  • Spot lights/floodlights
  • Etched window glass
  • Combination safe
  • reinforced locks
  • Placing signs and sticker for security systems outside home
  • Personal safety items (firearms, stun guns, pepper spray, batons, etc.)
No, it is possible to install a home alarm system yourself. Some systems are specifically designed to be installed by homeowners. These systems are often cheaper and more customizable. However some systems require the expertise of a professional and installation should be left up to them to avoid making any errors. Review the specifications of the system and/or contact the manufacturer if you are unsure about its installation requirements.
  • Easy and inexpensive to install and does not require any drilling or modification of the home.
  • Does not require a landline.
  • Can be taken from one home to another during change of residence.
  • Can be combined with a hardwired system.
  • No need to change any batteries, as with wireless systems
  • No interference from other signals
  • All hardwired systems run on essentially the same technology so products and services from different companies will be compatible with each other.
  • If moving to a home with a hardwired system already installed, you can save money by bypassing installation costs.
  • New security equipment for these systems is less expensive than for wireless systems.
  • Can be combined with a wireless system
  • Hardwired: A system that uses cables to connect all sensors to a central control panel within your home. The cables are usually installed within the walls or floorboards of your home. The control panel then uses your home’s landline connection to call for assistance (police, fire, medic).
  • Wireless: A system which uses wireless technology (wi-fi) to connect all sensors to your home’s central control panel. The panel uses the established network to communicate with the outside for assistance.
  • A combination of hardwired and wireless: Custom systems can be configured to have a home totally hardwired and equipped with wireless outside communication (no landline), or have a totally wireless home and hardwired outside communication.

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