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By: guest1928
Leque Nail Spa
I've been using this salon for 6 months, but I will no longer. The nail tech I used last night was rude and continually bad-mouthed me in my face to another tech because I would not allow her to do a full set, only a fill due to my time constraints. I told her I would have to come back on a weekend when I had more time to do a full set. Even though she spoke in Vietnamese to the other tech, I knew she was talking about me because she had already developed "an attitude" by tossing things around and constantly telling me over and over that I needed a full set, and she kept pointing down at my nails while talking to the other tech. So it was all very obvious. Then when I told her thank you, that she had done a good job, she laughed at me. I left in disbelief and was angry at myself for tipping her. I should not have tipped to let her know that was not the way to treat customers. I am 62 yrs old and have been wearing acrylic nails for over 35 years and have never been treated that way.
By: thetruth00
Studio L
I have been going to this salon for over a year now and have never encountered any problems with any of the stylists or have even seen them act like brats. Most of the people I see who come in there that seem to have the problems, are the ones who have problems themselves. BUT every time I see a conflict, the stylist is always the ones to keep their cool. Unlike the customers who like to raise hell. Also, they do not over charge. If you get quoted something, (which does mean an estimate) and with something you want to add on or even something you forgot to tell them on the phone, of course they will charge you more!! Before you agree with the negative people, sit back and think about how out of line some of them sound. Studio L is an amazing place! And anyone who passes up the opportunity to go there is making a mistake.
By: skl01_20
Studio L
The service here is AMAZING! I get my hair done here every time WITHOUT question! All of the stylists are amazing and very talented! Prices are great, expecially for the talent/experience that the stylists have. The owner is always there to attend to the salon and always has a positive attitude in everything that she does. I have gone to other salons in the past and went home crying because I didn't get the service I expected. This salon is by far the best one in The Woodlands/Spring area! Since the stylists are all INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS they all have different prices depending on the service, but not one is over priced at any means. All in all I would give this salon an A++ (:
By: cindyloves999
mod nail spa
I went in on a Saturday afternoon with my friend and actually got to use my new Mod Nail Spa gift card it’s awesome. And I don’t have to wait long for service. They has Larges polish collection assortment of magazines, and interior/staff to serve many clients at once. The place is Bright and clean. The utensils are sterilized in the purple light box (I know all the technical name). They always used brand new tools on me, but I guess that's very rare at other nail salon place.\\r \\r Staff were friendly and very accommodating. I was very pleased with the results and LOVED the chair massage, love the service and love the stuff.
By: spring_gurl
Central Nail & Spa
This place know what they're doing! They actually went to beauty college instead of buying their license unlike other nail techs. Generally I am very rough with my hands and my shellac only lasted for 1 weeks but here my nails lasted for 3 weeks! It could of lasted 4 weeks but my nails grew out so I needed to have them redone. I would recommend this place to anybody that is on a budget but want their nails lasting until your next pay day! Their shellac is the cheapest! Only $25!
By: lisa77386
mod nail spa
After struggling to find a good nail salon in the North Houston/ Spring TX area, I found Mod Nail Spa. I have been going there for biweekly manicures for the last year. It is a great nail salon! It is very clean and organized. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I usually ask for Tiffani or Tina to do my manicures and Pedicure I ask for Wendy, but all the employees are great. They also give excellent Service and also service wine. I highly recommend Mod Nail Spa.
By: Maya C.
Nails Of America 2
First of all I went into the salon hoping that they would help me fix a horrible job from a different nail shop in the area. They were very accommodating and explained what my options were before starting any services. Next, the atmosphere sooooooo nice and relaxing. The girl hooked me up!!!!!! She did a great job and had me looking fabulous in no time! My suggestion make an appointment because they are quite busy but even if you have to wait it's so worth it!!!
By: Cheryl H.
Nails Of America 2
Hands down the best manicure you will ever get. No matter who you go see, everyone knows what they are doing. They are incredible, and when thye have an idea for your nails: trust them. They are going to be right.The prices are reasonable considering the amount of work the women do. They are always working to give you the best manicure and the best experience... new friends! new friends! Amazing place, very clean, and even more amazing people.
By: Kristie R.
Le Monde Nails
Christina does a very good job on my nails all the time! I have never been disappointed and I am a person who is picky when it comes to getting my nails done. She takes her time!! The only down side is the pedicures are not the best though. I have gotten my pedicure done there and won't again, but my nails I get done there every two weeks.
By: Jordan D.
Nails Of America 2
I have been getting my nails done for a long time but my nails have never looked so good! I'm a little particular about how I like my nails. Short, clean and natural looking. The girl nailed it. She knows what she's doing and for the price, you can't beat it. I found my new nail salon!*hint* you should make an appointment ahead of time.

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