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By: Ashley K.
Kids 'R' Kids
This daycare claims to be a learning center however that is certainly not the case. This facility lacks the proper leadership to run a well organized establishment. They are understaffed because they don't want to pay the workers for their time. They do not provide any consistency for the kids. The teachers are constantly being switched out. Most of the semi good teachers work half of the day and don't communicate with the afternoon teachers so neither one can account for anything done with your child while they were away. There is a single point of failure with in the management and they lack the proper leadership and guidance to provide quality childcare. Everything goes through the director however she is hardly ever there. She doesn't come in until 10am and leaves by 5pm which makes it nearly impossible to get information or express concerns when picking up or dropping off my child. On top of that she is constantly on vacation or "working from home". They claim to follow a strict curriculum but they don't even do half of the things that are on the curriculum that is posted in each classroom. They put out information on upcoming events at the last minute. They are constantly requesting money for something. They announced picture day and requested that we prepay without even knowing what the finished product would be. I was under the impression that a professional photographer would be taking them so I took a chance. I later found out the the director took the pictures and they looked like something I could have taken myself. The director and the "management team" are family friends which is reflected in their lackadaisical attitudes. In my opinion it is ran like a small back yard cult daycare rather than a professional reputable child care facility. This facility gives the Kids R Kids brand a bad name. I'd like to think that I'm not asking too much by expecting them to provide the quality child care that they speak about on their website and in the handouts. The only good things about this daycare are that they have cameras and a man that goes to each class on a weekly basis and plays music. Oh and there are a few good teachers that love what they do and it shows.
By: mbarrera5
Giggles and Giggles Child Care
My children attend Giggles and Giggles all 5 of them. They range from the ages of 4 to 11 and let me tell you that they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this daycare. I have enrolled them in other daycares in the past and have disliked the staff, atmosphere and the learning processes they have. At giggles and giggles my 4yr old knows his vowels, abc, counts up to 40, can count to 20 in Spanish and knows many words in Spanish as well as sight words, his birthday, days of the week and months of the year which is good for his start in pre-k later this year. I have 4 schooler’s and every day they come home happy and ready to tell me how their day was at the daycare and school they love that the teachers assist and encourage that their school work is done at the daycare so that they can relax and enjoy their evening once home. Ms. Michelle is the sweetest person that I have met and the kids just ADORE her. I feel that I can address any situation with Michelle and that it is handled and taken care of from issues with my kids to financial issues that may arise from time to time. Michelle is very understanding to an extent of course she still has a business to run. I love the fact that Michelle and her staff offer Parents night out once a month and believe me I am very comfortable with leaving my children with her for the evening as I have taken advantage of this on many occasions to have time to enjoy some me time. I would recommend anyone to this daycare as it is a loving and very great learning establishment.
By: jonevans
Teach-A-Tot Child Development Center
We have used Teach-A-Tot for a year now and our baby loves going there. Every time I walk through the door there is someone there to greet me and they are always friendly. They are also reasonably priced.I have read other comments and don't get some of them. They follow all regulations if not we would be out the door. As far as the comment that they only tell you negative comments about your kid well... as a teacher that is what parents hear they tend only hear negative. We have been told good and bad. One of the best things they told my wife is that babies don't walk until both parents see it. Even though I am pretty sure she walked long before either one of us saw her do it but that made us feel special. Also we are first time parents and if you have a question the people can help. With little things like when we needed to start getting off of bottle. Next about the crackers, that's just ridiculous. They have been fed more that crackers and water for snacks I have seen it. If one day they have crackers oh well. They are kids and I do believe that kids eat crackers. I hope this is helpful. We have moved recently and Teach-A-Tot is not the closest place to us but we still use them because they are who we are comfortable with and they are who we trust with our child.
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By: Michael - fallon M.
The Learning Experience
The first day I walked in to TLE Spring- Louetta, "I knew this was my daycare!"I felt scared to enroll my daughter Allyson at yet another daycare, but when I met Miss Morgan and Warren I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed and at home. Miss Morgan walked me through the daycare within the same hour and I was very impressed! This daycare is the cleanest and well managed daycare in Houston.Now we have been at TLE for 4 months going on 5 and loving it!!Mrs Rhoda is Allyson's teacher and she is AWESOME!! She takes care of my baby like she is her own and Iove her :) for that!! She is great!! Allyson loves her too.Mrs. Alba is wonderful too... She is so funny and very nice and makes Allyson laugh.We love everyone at TLE Spring Louetta! And Miss Jessica and Fabiola!,We love our new director Mrs Destini, she is the perfect person to complete TLE.I look forward to many years at TLE Spring- Louetta. I know my Allyson will be very happy!Much TLC @ TLE Spring - Louetta Fallon M.
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By: Denise S.
Greengate Academy
I attended Greengate Academy when I was a child. I have wonderful memories of my time spent there, in both the daycare and the private school. When I went to high school I returned to Greengate where I had the good fortune to work after school in the homework room helping kids with their homework. Now I am a parent of a beautiful little girl and I teach in the local school district. I have returned to Greengate Academy. Once again I was greeted by Miss Denise my Kindergarten teacher and director of the daycare. Many of the same teachers are still there. The warm nurturing atmosphere is still there. My child loves her teachers and her school. In a time where everything is always changing it us a gift from God to be able to find people and a school that still care and put the education and welfare of your child as their primary concern. If you are interested in a quality daycare and education for your child do your family a favor and visit Grrengate Academy.
By: shsugirly
Greengate Academy
if you want your child to run around like a wild animal with no supervision then this is the place for them. they had too many teenager or early 20 year old teachers that did not watch the kids. very unorganized. all the kids are in one huge room. not separated by ages. they let kids dance on a stage with radio playing inappropriate rap music. I've seen kids get hurt and be brushed off my older teacher. my child had items stolen more than once. anybody can walk in and get your child as this happened to me even though they were on list to get my child no one stopped them or asked to see I.D and just let my child leave with this person that never been there. I of course took my child out. the rates are way cheaper but you get what you pay for. I know someone still there who says they suppose to have someone at front door now since receiving complaints of ANYBODY just walking in and no one being in the front.
By: lynnschanes
Giggles and Giggles Child Care
I have three kids that attend Giggles & Giggles and my family and I love it. My children have been there with Ms Michelle for two years and they have learned so much. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she knows her vowels, how to count up to 25-30 in Spanish, She knows her birthday and she knows the months of year and Days of the week.I was so excited when she came home saying her vowels and counting in Spanish. She has come along way and so have my other children there. Ms Michelle is a very sweet and understanding person that listens and addresses all concerns. My children love her and her staff. We are pleased with her services and the quality care that they are providing for our children. I would recommend this daycare to everyone I know looking for child care.
By: tdtcoleman
Giggles and Giggles Child Care
My daughter attends Giggles and Giggles and she is learning so much. She starts Kindergarten in the fall and will be well ahead of where she should be. She is developing very well and I know this is because of the partnership my husband and I have with Giggles & Giggles. She also gets the opportunity to take dance and/or karate at the facility for a minimal charge. Once a month, they host a parents' night out where you can leave your child over night and pick them up the next morning. The teachers/director are hands on and make sure that your child is developing. There are so many great things about G and G. I would recommend this childcare facility to other families.
By: cdcdcd
Teach-A-Tot Child Development Center
My daughter went here for a year and a half. It was her first school and was lucky to have Mrs. Terri as her teacher. I have NO complaints about her teacher. However, the food they serve is very fattening, they raised tuition from $150/week to $180/week without notice, and the woman at the front, also Miss Terri, is money hungry. I always felt she was charging me too much and making excuses for why I owed that. We left the facility because of her greediness. It was very painful to leave her teacher and the only school she has ever known. However, paying $180/week at that school is NOT worth it. There are much better schools for the same price within 5 miles.
By: Shannon D.
Teach-A-Tot Child Development Center
I absolutely love this daycare! I attended Teach-A-Tot beginning at age 5 and I have many fun and fond memories of field trips, crafts, and good friends. Since my experience was so positive, I decided to enroll my daughter here when I needed child care services. My daughter has attended Teach-A-Tot since she was an infant (and she is now 7). My daughter loves going to daycare since her teachers care about her so much.On a side note, my daughter did go through the preschool program here, and was ready for school and even excelled in Kinder because of such a good foundation.I have only positive things to say, and I would recommend this center.

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