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By: klsullivan
The Smile Designer
I needed to replace my upper dentures and have all my bottoms pulled and get bottom dentures. My Mother recently had her uppers replaced at the Smile designer and was very please so I decided to go there. First impression was great. The facility is absolutely beautiful. The staff was friendly and very attentive. One of the forms I had to fill out asked “How important is your smile to you” on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest. I put a 4. I have always had bad teeth. I never showed my teeth when I smiled. I’m in my mid-fifties and was used to not smiling big so it wasn’t very important. I just wanted my teeth pulled so I would not be in pain anymore and dentures that would allow me to eat everything I wanted to.I had several appointments over a four month period. Dr. Idriss is amazing. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Her staff is great. Each one of them makes you fill so comfortable from the time you walk into the door to the time you leave. I have my new teeth and they are beautiful. I get so many compliments and just can’t stop smiling. So if I could fill out the questionnaire again I would rate the importance of my smile a ten. I actually miss seeing Dr. Idriss and her staff. I would recommend them to everyone. No need to be afraid of the dentist if you go to the Smile Designer.
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By: Laria W.
Friend-Ly Dentists
Best dentist I have been to since I was a little kid. They are a wonderful team of compassionate caring people. The ladies in the reception area watched my kids the whole time I was back there and treated them like their own. The office is very clean and welcoming and use high-tech machines/instruments. The Doctors are awesome and really care, they show you everything that is wrong and talk to you about it to put a plan together that works best for you. They are not pushy nor try to oversell and very affordable considering. They offer refreshments and also have an X-Box 360 Kinect, which my kids love, all rooms have flat screen TV and can watch movies while in the chair. Also my husband had to have an emergency root canal and they got him in 30 mins after calling and completed the work. I have always dreaded going to the dentist as do a lot of people, but going here makes it so much easier knowing that you will receive great care with wonderful people who treat you like family!! Highly recommend this place to all ages.
By: Larry K.
Friend-Ly Dentists
We received a mailer from this practice a few months back for new patients. I was hesitant to give them a try as they were right around the corner from my home and had not be open long. We were VERY surprised. The staff was very friendly and customer service was even better. Dr. Nguyen was great. She went out of her way to explain everything. When I called, they were able to get me in the next day for my cleaning. I was so impressed, I made my partner go to get his teeth cleaned the next day.Neither my partner nor I have insurance. That was not a problem. The prices were very fair! So fair in fact, we plan on going back in 6 months for another cleaning instead of waiting years down the road to justify the expense.We HIGHLY recommend this dentist to anyone that is tired of overpaying for a dentist and having poor service like we have had in the past.
By: Michael B.
Dr. Emily E. Graham & Associates
Dr. Emily Graham and her staff are incredible! From the moment I arrived I was greeted professionally and with a very sympathetic touch. I was in need of significant dental work and had put the process off far too long. From the receptionist, to the dental hygienist to Dr. Graham herself they made what I thought would be a agonizing experience into first class treatment. They recommended Lumineers which I was unfamiliar with to correct several damaged teeth which I was terribly self conscientiousness of. They took the time to educate me about the benefits, costs and rewards. By the end of the second visit I had a new smile and couldn't be happier. I would strongly recommend her to friends, family and anyone who feels that they should get five star VIP service from their dentist!
By: joselopez7279
Royalty Dental Associates
I've been to a lot of dentists over the years. Dr. Farajnejad and her staff are amazing! I had been a patient of hers for years and I finally decided to leave a review! No one else that matches the quality, professionalism, knowledge and kindness that are demonstrated by the team at Royalty Dental Associates. The office has more of a feeling of a spa rather than a dentist's office, It's very clean and calming. I used to hate going to my regular check-ups, but that is a thing of the past. If you're looking for a dentist you can not choose a better team than Dr. Farajnejad and her staff.
By: Sam B.
Royalty Dental Associates
Dr Farajnejad is excellent, she spent lots of time with me determining any problems I was feeling, and made some good recommendations. she is a great person and truly cares about her patients. I visited her a few more times after my veneers to do more adjustments and she worked with me to get it right. If you looking for a dentist who will actually listen to you, offer her opinion yet patient has final say, then call her office. I have been to dentists before and they always seem to just be doing a "job". Dr. Farajnejad is passionate and extremely friendly.
By: Jade S.
Parke Dentistry
Drs. Parke and Rogers and their staff are great -- very professional and accommodating. I have been seeing them for almost a year. On a Thursday evening and two days before leaving for Disney World for a week, my tooth chipped. I called their office, was given a personal phone number (not an answering service) and Dr. Rogers called me within 10 minutes and came in on Saturday and temporarily fixed my tooth and put me at ease. I drive 180 miles just to see them and this is a testament on how Drs. Parke and Rogers and their staff treat their patients.
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By: Cathy G.
Friend-Ly Dentists
I just found the best dentist at Friend -Ly-Dentist. :) the whole staff was so friendly & caring. I'm a big coward when it comes to going but they put me at ease & they don't tell u that u need anything extra done if u don't. :) my last dentist was a nightmare she said that I needed so much work done that it was going to cost thousands of dollars but at Friend -Ly-Dentist it was under 300.00 that's with x-rays & exam. :) now I look forward to my 6 months checkup. :) give them a try they're wonderful. :)
By: texaslife
Gentle Dental Care
Staff is very nice. Some a bit too talkative, but overall they are very kind, attentive and helpful. A+++ for the staff.Here's the rub...I did not care for the treatment I received from Dr. Le. She just isn't professional during treatment: watching the TV screen, talking to assistants about personal life, and not being thorough or careful enough with her procedures. My previously pain-free teeth have been in constant pain since my visit, and a follow-up visit to Dr. Le was of no help. Please be careful who you trust. I'm searching for a new dentist.
By: Cindy R.
Teresa Maria Scott, DDS
Dr. Scott was amazing! I had an infected tooth with lots of pain. Her office was able to work around their full schedule to get me in. The system Dr. Scott used to administer the numbing medicine into my gums was great. It did not hurt at all. She was also more knowledgeable about the relationship between holistic care and dentistry than any other dentist I have ever been to. I was so pleased with her work, her practice, and her principles that she will now be our family dentist. I highly recommend Dr. Teresa Scott.
Tips & Advices
This depends on the prosthetic.
  • Dental implants, when cared for properly, can last a lifetime.
  • Crowns typically last between 10-15 years.
  • Resin-bonded bridges typically last between seven  and 10 years. Tooth-supported fixed bridges generally wear out faster than this.
  • Removable partial dentures typically last around 15 years.
  • Complete dentures typically last between five and six years.
The entire process for adding dental implants could take as long as eight months. There are three phases:
  • Phase 1: Grafting. This may take between three and six  months.
  • Phase 2: Artificial root placement. This may take one to two  hours to complete and will take between three and six  months to heal.
  • Phase 3: Crown placement. This is usually done over the course of two visits, two weeks apart.
One dental implant typically costs $1,000-$3,000. However, the abutment (a connector added onto the top of a dental implant) and crown can add $500-$3,000. Multiple dental implants may cost $3,000-$30,000. A full set of implant dentures may cost as much as $90,000, though the average is around $34,000.
A dental implant is a titanium post shaped like a natural tooth's root that is surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gums. These posts allow dentists to secure a replacement tooth or bridge in the correct position.
Maxillofacial prosthesis is a subspecialty of prosthodontics. A maxillofacial prosthesis is meant to rehabilitate patients who have defects or disabilities due to trauma, disease, or those that a patient is has from birth. The prosthesis is designed to replace parts of the bone or tissue that are missing, or to help restore functions of the mouth, such as swallowing, chewing, or speaking. Other prostheses are created to protect the face during radiation therapy. Dentists that work with maxillofacial prostheses often collaborate closely with ear, nose, and throat doctors.

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