By: Samanth Y.
Sam's Cafe
Sam's Cafe is a family friendly restaurant with Sichuan style food prepared as home-style cooking. Let's just say that the food is BANG. Everything from this place was legit. I think the mapo tofu, although a very typical dish was actually my favorite out of the 5 dishes we ordered (mapo tofu, orange chicken, green beans, double cooked pork, honey shrimp). The double cooked pork and the green beans were excellent. I could tell that this place will continue to do well. I suggest the owner hiring more waitress or waiters though. It's almost full during lunch time and one waitress is obviously not able to serve all the guests. But that's acceptable. Go check this place out. It's worth it. You will, however, leave the place smelling like you cooked it all yourself, a big indicator of good food in my opinion.Since the first time, I have ordered delivery and dined in store many times and it has become my favorite chinese restaurant in the loop.
By: jodyhaasvoice
Black Walnut Cafe
My salmon was perfectly cooked, no nasty burned sear marks, thank you very much. Thats just not for me. But THEIR salmon is honestly among the best we've had, and that includes East Coast! It has a light crust and perfect flaking that melts in your mouth. They also happily allowed for me to substitute the orzo pasta for the delicious grilled vegetables from the teriyaki salmon dish.Also, the Black Walnut salad is a crave-worthy meal! We love it there! And though it has changed ownership recently, I can tell very little difference. And if the staff isn't quite as gung-ho or friendly, I have NO problem nicely " cheering them up!" Sometimes those new employees just need a little help from the customers in teaching them the standard of service we expect. Just say it with a smile and enjoy the pot roast!!
By: Danae V.
R J Goodies
Their cupcakes are pretty good, too, but I think their piece de resistance is their frosted sugar cookies. You can order them ahead of time to make sure there are some available which I would highly recommend, because around lunch time they start to disappear and sometimes they run completely out and you won't be able to get them at all, which is a huge disappointment. Fans come in and buy a dozen at a time. They are REALLY good. My mom and I have tried to replicate them but haven't been able to really come close. The cookie and the frosting complement each other perfectly. They come in different shapes around each season or holiday, from flowers to butterflies in the spring, to footballs for football season, to bunnies at Easter, to turkeys for Thanksgiving and so on. LOVE THEM.
By: Adella Z.
R J Goodies
As New York City natives my boyfriend and I were visiting Houston and heard about RJ Goodies from some friends. We are somewhat spoiled being accustomed to NYC bakeries, however, our expectations were EXCEEDED! This place was hands down the BEST bakery we've eaten at. As soon as you walk inside the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, and the staff was extremely pleasant and accommodating. We shared several desserts including the chocolate peanut butter cookie, Texas sheet cake, the vanilla cupcake with butter cream icing, and a brownie. Everything tasted fresh out of the oven, we even ordered some tasty sweets to take back with us to NYC. We cannot wait to come back!!!! Compliments to the bakers
By: Tiera W.
R J Goodies
I've been going to R J Goodies for years now. They have homemade goodies galore... cookies, cakes, pies and brownies. Their sweets are fantastic! I love their lunches too. They always have a special of the day, wonderful soups, etc. I always order the "picnic" which consists of a sandwich of your choice and two sides. I never venture from the chicken salad sandwich, it's my favorite! They don't put nuts or fruit in their chicken salad which I prefer. And if you like fruit, their fruit salad is awesome... it has cantaloupe, honey dew, strawberries, pineapple, apples and a piece of kiwi, very generous and fresh!
By: Edam J.
R J Goodies
I stopped by R J Goodies for the first time yesterday and I was very impressed by how many ready made desserts they had available--cupcakes, sheet cakes, round cakes, cookies, brownies. So much to choose from! I bought a round chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and it was delicious. I did let the cake sit out for a little bit after I got home because I'm not a fan of that cold, refrigerated cake taste but after it "thawed" out a little it was really really good. I would definitely go back and try more of their desserts. And they had a nice dine in area for lunch too.
By: Tarrence M.
R J Goodies
We got my daughter's birthday cake from RJ Goodies and it was amazing! We got the big rectangular cake that feeds 12-16 people and it was only about $30 despite being homemade-level-yummy and custom decorated by request: "Star Wars, but girlie." :) I'm ordering my friend's birthday cake from them too to feed 8 people and it's only costing $14! And like I said, their cakes are so good. I highly recommend vanilla cake with butter cream frosting :) I'm eager to try their restaurant!
By: Naga S.
R J Goodies
RJ Goodies has THE BEST cakes and cupcakes in Houston and beyond. Moist and flavorful and always fresh. The past several birthday parties I have attended as well as casual evenings with friends, the cakes and deserts have been from RJ Goodies and have been a big hit. No crumbs or frosting left on the plates with these delicious deserts. I also highly recommend their lunch salads and rolls. The service is friendly and fast. Clean and welcoming decor.
By: Marlan Z.
R J Goodies
We had a brilliant idea to do these great cupcakes for my daughter's graduation party...until the recipe and icing color flopped the day before the party!!! RJ Goodies was the only bakery in our area willing to fit us in for 120 cupcakes on a days notice! They saved the day with amazing cupcakes in the perfect special mix color...IN OUR CUSTOM CUPCAKE CUPS!!! Thank you RJ Goodies! You've won my business for life!
By: felicia m.
This restaurant was exquisite. It is an amazing wine bar and the decor reflects that when you walk inside. The wine display is everything and more. Then you walk outside and there is an awesome patio for outside dining. Service is incredible and the food is absolutely delicious. I was only visiting, but I will definitely go back and eat at that place. It is amazing.

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