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By: 1unknown9
Don's Trash Co Inc
Horrible trash service. When my payment period is up, I am switching my service back to All Trash Service. Don's trash is selective about what trash they pick up. I should have to come home from work and see that all of my trash wasn't picked up because they don't take certain items. Are you kidding me....Trash is trash! It's not like I was setting out hazardous material. It was only wood! The previous comment was right when they stated that all the company cares about is getting their money. The office personnel displays terrible customer service and has from the first day I called to establish service.
By: Erica G.
Don's Trash Co Inc
NEVER HAVE I BEEN SO INSULTED...I do not ever write negative reviews, but this was too immature and unprofessional not to share.The staff working at the Don's location on Ray Road have absolutely no concern for customer satisfaction. According to their hours, they close at 3:30p. I unfortunately was running late, but arrived at 3:28 to JUST drop off my monthly trash payment. The "open" sign was already turned off, but I could see people still inside. Even though (according to my clock) they closed early, I figured I would wait until they left to ask them about a drop box that I could leave my payment in. I shortly realized that all of the employees snuck out of the back of the building LITERALLY to avoid any interaction with me. The lady that works the front desk finally came out of the front of the building and locked the doors. When I POLITELY tried getting her attention saying, "Ma'am? Excuse me, ma'am." She blatantly ignored me and I saw her roll her eyes. I continued and said, "I'm sorry. I'm just trying to leave a trash payment. Do you have a drop--" But she cut me off and just shook her head and said "WE'RE CLOSED!" Then she turned and walked off continuing to shake her head at me.The other people working there got in their cars and started laughing and driving off, again making sure to not even acknowledge my presence.I completely understand closing on time and working strenuous hours. As a Soldier, we work 10-15 hour days easily and yet, I would STILL never speak to someone like this ESPECIALLY if they were one of my loyal customers. I will be speaking to Anderson Creek Club about this and canceling our service. I would rather spend an extra 15 minutes out of my already busy day to take my trash to the dump for FREE than to pay $17.50 a month to have speak (or BE COMPLETELY IGNORED) by these completely unprofessional people.
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By: Shawn and katie D.
Don's Trash Co Inc
Canceling our service. I cant even...just Down right Rude and arrogant . I mean come on people, your picking up our trash. you don't have to come in a suit and tie but a little manners goes a long way. and the people in the office, don't even et me started. I'm taking our trash to the dump now. the lady there was extremely nice and informative unlike dons trash!
By: Charlyn L.
Don's Trash Co Inc
I think they are wonderful. If I forget to put my garbage out, they let me the next cycle. They let me pay in advance and credit it me if I am a little late, cause I usually always pay on time, but sometimes since I pay early I forget!
By: Dewayne-tonya W.
Don's Trash Co Inc
Don's Trash company has the worst costumer service I have ever experienced! I called the office to resolve an issue, the lady at the desk quickly handed the phone to Don himself who continued to insult me and lie about having a drop box. Needless to say I will not be using their service ever again and would encourage anyone who is thinking about it to look elsewhere.
By: Vernon C.
Don's Trash Co Inc
Horrible business. They do not care about customer service. They are horrible people to deal with. They do not communicate adjusted pickup days. They will not prorate your bill for days they do not pickup. They have been known to not pickup on regular pickup days. The woman you call to ask questions to or complain about service has no regard for customer loyalty. Don's Trash only cares about one thing... Money. What a poor way to run a business.
By: Lori L.
Don's Trash Co Inc
They show up most of the time, but are rough with your trash cans, will toss the lids into their truck and or throw your plastic cans breaking the handles. The building smells like smoke if you have to go in and pay a bill - but there is not a lot of options here in Harnett County and we have had better luck with them then the other main company in this area.
By: pam.larsen.5
Don's Trash Co Inc
They are very good at trash .... always hauling off everything. I agree with the other post ... they are not good at letting you know what their "two-week" schedule is for recycle ... they miss weeks, pick up when you do not expect it, etc. They use to mail you a schedule but have not for many months. Pick it up, Don's!!!!!!!!
By: ratin4you
Don's Trash Co Inc
While I was initially satisfied with the service I always found it a bit annoying they only take recycling 2 days a month. So if there s extra weeks in between you re stuck with a pile of recycling. In less than two months of service they missed a recycling pick up (through no fault of mine) but merely told me to wait another two weeks or throw it away with the trash. Very dissatisfied with the customer service. Switching to a different service after this month.
Tips & Advices
The cost of trash pickup often depends on the size of the garbage container and whether the service is being handled by the city or a private company. The monthly rate for weekly pickup of a 48- gallon garbage container can run around $20 if this service is handled by a local municipality, while pickup for a 96-gallon cart can cost roughly $22. Rates are often higher when working with a private company.
A compost cart is used for the pickup of compostable items. The list of compostable items includes yard debris, such as branches and plant trimmings; a wide variety of food products, including everything from baked goods to poultry to fruits, grains, and sauces; non-recyclable paper products such as used paper plates and cups; and miscellaneous items, such as cotton balls, hair, and wooden toothpicks.
Trash should always be placed in a trash container when possible. However, if you have more trash than you're able to fit into your trash container, some trash pickup companies will accept the trash if it is bagged and placed next to the full container. Many trash pickup companies will accept up to five extra bags at no charge.
The most common residential trash container size is 96 gallons. A 96-gallon container is large enough to meet the needs of the average family, and it's generally able to handle weekly collection cycles without overflow. This is the largest residential trash container that a garbage truck's automated side loader can accommodate.
Paint cans should not be placed in regular trash bins. Paint and paint thinners can be hazardous to the environment, and these items require special handling when it comes to disposal. If you have paint cans that need to be disposed off, call your trash pickup company to make special arrangement to have them removed.

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