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By: karrie.oconnor.7
Best Buy
I will be updating my review and hope ti be able to give 5 stars! So far tho not a great experience, the 2 stars are inly because the main geek squad guy is very nice,he made my kids laugh and made me feel much better about having to leave my computer there, we took in 2, paid the 200.00 for a year service, however its been 6 days and it seems they have no idea what is going on and I am loosing money each day I have to go without it. My computer was running pretty good I inly took it in to have the brightness fixed and to change a couple programs now I have recived 2 calls 1 saying it is my wireless and has to be sent iut to get fixed ( really!!!) Wireless worked when I took it in...a second call saying my hard drive is bad??!! 6 days and still no clear answer. Not to mention I do not think anything was dine to the mac we took in! I can not download the antivirus which I would have thought they would have done while it was there. I hope to be Ble to update a happier review because so far not so good. :(
By: Chuck H.
Computer Butler @ Towne Square Mall
THIS BUSINESS IS NOT CLOSED!!!!!! The Computer Butler is doing very well here at the Mall and has many loyal customers, and you can be one of them, stop by or give Walter a call today.

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