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By: Cheryl Y.
Spokane Powersports, Inc.
Great experience. Very friendly and helpful. Went above and beyond looking for parts. Was a great experience in customer service
By: Isabel N.
AutoNation Toyota Spokane Valley Service Center
NEVER going here again!!!!! Worst place ever!! Takes forever! They talk too much to each other instead of fixing my car! Worst customer service!! This place lost a customer and I'm never recommending this place to anyone ever again! 3 and a half hours of waiting to fix my breaks and I was there 20 mins early for my appointment too!!..... they didn't apologize or even wash my car for taking so long! I'm taking my car somewhere else!
By: Jan C.
Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane
I took my Toyota Camry 2012 in for a oil change and a maintenance prevention check up. they checked everything off as being good ,when I got home there was corrosion all over my battery .I used my windshield wipers approximately a week later and they peeled off .I checked my oil to make sure that was even changed which it was, but I'm not sure if they have done anything else my my respect it's gone .I'm not sure if they did anything to my car my confidence in them is non-existent
By: Adam L.
AutoNation Toyota Spokane Valley Service Center
charged me 100 bucks to tie a piece of string to my radiator, instead of replacing a bracket. I left a message with 2 people, for sales person to call me, 3 hrs. later I called for the 10th time, and he answered the phone, just sitting at desk. He either didn't care or didn't get message. Go Elsewhere!!!
By: Austin C.
Gus Johnson Ford
-5 stars, parents went in for routine maintenance (oil change) on 6.0l diesel you'd think a dealership can handle it. Don't waste your time or money, truck wouldn't start upon trying to leave, tech tried multiple times, started blowing black smoke. Parents will be taking the rig back to the real oil change and maintenance experts jiffy lube!
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By: Natalie S.
Gus Johnson Ford
Gus Johnson Ford is not a dealership from which you want to be purchasing your vehicle – the owner and employees of this dealership are dishonest and do not care in the least about their customers. My daughter is asthmatic and cannot tolerate cigarette smoke, so when looking for a vehicle I make sure that it is non – smoking. After test driving a 2013 Ford Edge I noticed that it had a strong odor in the vehicle, but the salesman assured me that this was just the scent of cleaning solution (that would air out) and that the vehicle had never been smoked in. Since my current car keeps breaking down I decided to purchase this vehicle, against by better judgment. After a couple days, the car sure did air out, leaving only the smell of tobacco behind. Furthermore, my daughter had an asthma attack after spending about 20 minutes in the car, making this vehicle useless to me.After contacting Gus Johnson Ford about this issue they offered me to detail and clean the car interior, which did absolutely nothing about the smell. Then they offered to exchange the Edge for a similar “non-smoking” vehicle, however all except one that they showed me also stank of tobacco. Finally they showed me one Edge (a former Enterprise rental) that was odor free, but then demanded that I pay an additional $6000 since this Edge had 4000 less miles on it, which is laughable since you could drive a rental car that many miles in only a few days (for the cost of $500 or less). Furthermore, I noticed that another Edge that was parked next to one that they showed me had a damaged exterior and when I asked the why Gus Johnson Ford had damaged cars on their lot, the salesman replied that this car was from an insurance auto auction and that they still needed to fix it. So chances are that you will receive a formerly wrecked vehicle if you purchase a used car from Gus Johnson Ford.To add insult to injury, when following the sales manager down the corridor towards Gus Johnson’s office, the sales manager quickly turned with his arm extended around struck my hand in such a manner that the keys of the Edge that I was holding bounced towards him. After the sales manager struck me, the big oaf then proceeded to accuse me, a petite woman, of assaulting him and dialed the police. Instead of acting shocked at this situation the sales team were snickering, and I even overheard one of them make the remark that the sales manager “had mastered that trick”, so it is quite obvious that this is a stunt that Gus Johnson Ford pulls quite often in order to discourage customers from returning damaged vehicles. Given the blatant dishonesty and the utterly reprehensible behavior of the sales staff, it would not be surprising at all if Gus Johnson Ford would sell you a vehicle with other defects that will end up costing you thousands of dollars extra to fix in the long run or could even endanger the life of you family.One final thing that I would like to add is that when I told one of the salesmen that I would post a negative review online about my experience at Gus Johnson Ford, he just laughed and replied that for every bad review that they receive, Gus Johnson Ford will have ten friends or family post fake five star reviews. In hindsight, it is quite obvious that the positive reviews of Gus Johnson Ford have been written by paid shills since most of them are very brief and lack detail or mention specific employees by name, who were probably the ones that actually wrote those reviews. As another reviewer stated, there should be negative five star rating option available specifically for Gus Johnson Ford.
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By: Picky S.
Becker Buick GMC
What a great experience Mickey was the first to respond back me and was honest and professional. I give Becker 5 star rating for the great service.
By: Renee N.
Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane
SERVICE DEPARTMENT! They are slow, rude, and all around lazy. I bought a Subaru Forrester last year and our dealer was awesome. But when it came time to use the oil change service I got, that changed my whole outlook on the company. On three separate occasions I went in for an oil change and sat there for 3 hrs each time. When I would ask about the time, they simply brushed me off and took their sweet ol time. I made opening appointments so I could get things done. They wasted 3 hrs of my day off. If and that's a big if, bought another car there, I would NOT use their service department. I will use my mechanic at Aamco, oil change there, 45 min! And a smile.
By: John R.
John Henry's Auto Sales
Just discussed buying a car from Henry's, a month later when I got back to it and discussed the price, he was honest enough to remind me that we agreed on a price 500$ less then I was saying!! These guys aren't your everyday salesman, they take pride in their work. Appreciate the business.
By: Gene G.
Becker Buick GMC
One of the best places to do any business. Pressure-free environment for car purchases and very friendly service advisers. Loved it. Thank you guys.

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