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By: mike.c.ricci
R .C Schwartz & Associates Inc
I signed up to YP just to provide a more accurate review than the post . To put it simply, R C Schwartz & Associates are the best people I have leased from in Spokane. I rented an apartment from them and they fully kept to the agreements in the lease, were always timely and kind about addressing issues that occurred, and demonstrated reliability in my opinion by having an actual office (a personal preference). We treated their apartment nicely and in response they treated us nicely. We did the final requested rug cleaning as requested and provided them with a real receipt (in addition to the clear results of the cleaning). In response to all of this we got our deposit back in full! (if I could bold that last statement I would). Truth is for those out there who are trying to get a more thorough idea of R C Schwartz & Assoc before they rent with them: from my personal experience they are not slumlords, they are good honest people.
By: jason.krauss.3
Lilac City Real Estate, LLC
We listed our home with Jim in 3/2013. Jim was very professional in helping us determine the right listing price, and patient with us as we had a lot of questions about selling a home, and buying a new one. Our home sold in just five days, and thanks to Jim's negotiation skills, we received the asking price. Jim was also extremely helpful in purchasing our new home. Guiding us on how to choose the right lender for a loan, guiding us to build a short list of homes to view, and negotiating the deal we wanted on the new home we purchased. Probably what I appreciated most is Jim's attention to detail, his expertise in the process, and his outstanding communication with us. We never felt left in the dark; Jim gave us constant updates through the sale and purchase process, and was always prompt in returning phone calls and emails. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone in the market to buy and/or sell real estate.
By: lisafromcouleedam
Lilac City Real Estate, LLC
In Sept. 2012, I contacted Jim Grapes at Lilac City Real Estate about finding a rental. He suggested applying for a loan to buy a home; he put me in touch with Jeff Schutz at Sterling home loans. I thought, "I could give it a shot, there's no harm in trying." I picked up the keys to my house on Wed. March 6, 2013. This was a journey; Jeff, Jim and I all worked diligently, gathering verifications and financial history and submitting the necessary paperwork. Was it worth it? Yes it was. Instead of paying rent, I'm building equity; I live in a great neighborhood, in one of the nicest cities in the country. Instead of being a renter, I'm an owner. It makes a difference in your self-esteem, your attitude and your outlook on life. I'm so lucky to have found Jim. I have a home of my own now. Thanks Jim.
By: Ella C.
Community Housing and Development
I would like to thank all the staff for all that they do, they all go above and beyond for everyone. As long as your wanting and willing to change your old ways of life they will help place you in the right places and programs that will help you to live a drug free and alcohol free life. They give us all the tools we need to do this we have to do the rest! They care and you'll feel it. They are not like other places that make you feel like your just a pay check , for them the pay check is just a bonus! I love them all ! Oh YES, The food is the best,thank you Larry!!Thank youEric Deno, Justin, Marie, Terry, Betty, Leena, RayRay, janetta(Dusty), Lisa, Sharie,CathrineThank you everyone
By: dunby98321
Lilac City Real Estate, LLC
Jim was an awesome real estate agent to work with. He was always patient through my hunt for a house and was always full of little bits of information about heating systems and wiring and a gamut of other topics regarding housing and construction. In the end, he ended up finding the one that I finally purchased! At no point in time did I feel pressured into making an offer, or felt like I wasn't in control. He knew when to play hardball and when to roll along with sellers. I'd highly recommend him!
By: rayeznhell
Lilac City Real Estate, LLC
I recently bought the home I could only dream about! Jim Grapes took his time and helped me with the entire buying process. He answered ALL my questions, and if he didn't know them, he found them for me. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone I know. His calm, professional, and knowledgeable demeanor would work well with even the hardest of individuals. He cares about what he is doing, and wants you to be happy every step along the way. Thanks JIM!!!!
By: adammurphy22
Lilac City Real Estate, LLC
Working with Jim Grapes for the purchase of my house was a great experience. I think that buying a house is going to be a little bit stressful every time and I appreciated Jim’s honest and calm demeanor. We had some complications and Jim did a great job with communication and availability. He was quick to return phone calls and emails and was there for us on short notice when we needed. I can say I would recommend Jim anytime anyone asked.
By: Marie P.
Arthritis Northwest
I have been a patient here for 7 years and never, ever had a bad experience. My RA has been managed wonderfully, both by Dr. Mueller and Dr. Valley. In fact, it has gone into remission. In bad times I was able to get in quickly to receive needed steroid injections into affected joints. I would fly back here for appointments even if I moved away!Marie Pavelka,
By: nickro
Lilac City Real Estate, LLC
You can have a realtor sell you a home, or you can hire a professional who will coach you through the entire process and give you expert advice. Jim with Lilac City Real Estate is definitely the latter. His experience, coaching, and attention to detail were invaluable to our home search and eventual purchase. Have never had a better experience!
By: dustin.gebhardt.75
Lilac City Real Estate, LLC
I worked closly with Jim, he made the process smooth, easy and a pleasure. He was very patient with me changing my mind every three days. I did end up with the house I wanted, in the neighborhood I wanted for the price I wanted. You are awesome Jim! Thanks again

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