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By: Larry C.
Hometeam Inspection Service
Home Team was on time for the appointment. They did a thorough inspection and then explained what they had found that they felt needed to be addressed to the seller. The report was emailed to us the following day and we were able to address the issues with the Seller and get confirmation from them that they would take care of our items. I would highly recommend Home Team Inspection Service to friends or relatives that are in need of an inspection on their home or future purchase. Price was priced fairly. I will use them again when needed
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By: Jennifer W.
Redi Contracting
Brent and the team at Redi Contracting are fantastic, and did a wonderful job repairing all of our windstorm damage. Brent even met with the insurance inspectors, and helped us navigate the process. He was so reliable and did everything he told us that he would do, with excellent results. We were nervous about having to find a contractor, but we are so relieved that we found and hired Brent! My barn and home look better AFTER the repairs than they ever looked before, and I am a very happy customer!
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By: Armor B.
Hometeam Inspection Service
You can't go wrong with this Inspection Service! FRIENDLY AND PROFESSIONAL..... VERY COMPREHENSIVE! I have contracted with them twice.... each time I have been completely satisfied with their service!
By: Kirstenmarie H.
Hometeam Inspection Service
On time, very professional and communicative as well, very nice company!!! I would highly recommend this company to friends and family.
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By: Roberta M.
Hometeam Inspection Service
The two men completed the inspection efficiently and in remarkable time. Both were very nice, I have nothing but good to say.
By: pennynl4
"AAA Best" Home Inspection
He's been in business a long time . His job was very good. I will always use him from now on ! Prices are fair too !
By: william.eilers.9
Frank Gurney Inc
Frank Gurney is the place to be. Long hours, good money. A company that cares about their people.
By: marklml
"AAA Best" Home Inspection
By: marklml
"AAA Best" Home Inspection
The best job I have ever had !
Tips & Advices
A fingerprint card is the physical card your fingers are rolled over to leave a print on after they have been inked. It is the official record of your prints. There are electronic versions done via electronic fingerprinting.
In many fields of work, employers are actually required to conduct fingerprint background checks of prospective employee. Examples would be governmental agencies, teachers, aircraft and weapons design, manufacture and jobs that work with sensitive or classified information. In some cases, background checks are not required by law, but are done for the safety of the company and its customers. The higher the risk or trust factor, the higher the likelihood of a fingerprint background check.
In electronic fingerprinting, your hand or palm is placed over a scanning device and the images are scanned, uploaded, and saved.
Review the state-issued handbook to make sure you qualify, complete the application, and get fingerprinted. Laws and requirements vary by state.
Federal agencies like the FBI and Department of Justice provide fingerprinting services. Private companies also provide fingerprinting services.

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