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By: Lizz S.
Ashley HomeStore
Shopping at Ashley Furniture has been a roller coaster. After we had selected a sofa and paid for it, it was two weeks before they were available to deliver it at a time when we were home. When it was finally delivered a piece was defective and had to be sent back. We had arraigned for a Saturday delivery, but it somehow got scheduled for Sunday afternoon. My mother in law passed away this Thursday and her funeral is in our scheduled delivery time. We called the customer service line and after being on hold for 14 minutes and 48 seconds before talking to an actual human were told we couldn't adjust the delivery on such a short notice. We then called the store and explained our situation. Annemarie did not hesitate to rework the delivery truck schedule for this Sunday, so we would have the first morning delivery and eliminate some of the stress we had experienced this week. Annemarie is an example of what customer service and human kindness should be.

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