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By: Tina H.
Grimaldi's Pizza
OUTRAGEOUS PRICES!! Be prepared to pay high prices for mediocre pizza. I ordered the smallest garden personal pizza they had and their house salad and it cost $25!!! (No drink) for this ridiculous price I could of had a nice prime rib dinner somewhere! The only redeeming quality is our waitress was super nice and awesome.
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By: Noon H.
Pizza Plus
Every time I order from this location they screw up my order, their employees are rude and they never deliver on time my food was 2hours late tonight I will never come back to this location ever again
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By: Angela M.
Pizza Plus
This Pizza Hut is the worst place order online get wrong order call manager send out missed item of wings bone in 24 2nd delivery driver try to tell me I have to pay again. This is the worst place last time I called and messed up order then this has happen 5 times. On phone trying to get a hold of manager again to get corporate number on hold for 12 min this is a joke.
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By: Donna S.
Grimaldi's Pizza
Love the wite pizza! Nice to have pizza with great taste on thin crust. Feels like a good meal rather than a lump of dough sitting in my stomach. Great
By: Megan P.
Pizza Plus
I hate this place. First of all they have really slow service. Second of all I was trying to order on the phone and the person said that it would be about an hour and I said could I call her back because I wanted to check with the rest of my family. So I never called them back because we had found another place that could split that time in half. But an hour later the person came and delivered. I was furious . I never want to go there again.
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By: Tolini K.
Pizza Plus
Tonight we ordered pizza and wings, and a damn ant was crawling in our box and they forgot our mild sauce. We called them right away and they were acting like we were liars, we sent them a picture, we took MANY of them cause we knew they would think we were kidding with them. But no, were hungry & we ain't got time for that crap. Then, they tried to say our order wasn't in the system. They said the name our order was under didn't exist & the number we called them off was never called! Like seriously?! You just had a delivery boy come & give us this pizza. FINALLY.. after all that drama, we had to call them back & demand a new pizza which they should've gave to us when we first called.. Still though, so much BS. NEVER GOING BACK.
By: Ted B.
Round Table Pizza
Best pizza by far! Glad they have never changed their recipe for pepperoni pizza. The staff at this store are super nice and treat you like a welcome family member. The owners chose well when selecting this staff. Good food and service is hard to come by. Kudos to this Round Table store.
By: dickley
Little Caesars Pizza
Good $5 pizzas. try it, you'll like it.
By: hanley.wong
Pizza Factory
we went there on Saturday for the first time and ordered the Wolf Pack on thin crust with white garlic sauce. We loved it! For the serious carnevour as there are 6 different meats cutup into manageable pieces. Next time will try alfredo sauce as garlic was great but lingered. so much meat that I couldn't see the crust. Toppings were towering about 2-3 inches. Other patrons raved about other offerings as well
By: mik1review
Boulevard Pizza
I loved Shakey's pizza when it was around and when I heard that Boulevard Pizza used the same recipe as them there was no question about it, we were going. I couldn't wait. We got there and the place was pretty full but not packed, still plenty of tables left. I gave them my order and found that I was hit with a severe case of sticker shock, I ordered 1 large pepperoni and sausage pizza and 1 medium combo pizza and 1 order of mozzarella sticks and 3 regular drinks. Over $50.00. Well that right there definitely wasn't Shakeys. So after paying for it we found a seat and the wait began. Still excited at this point that I was about ready to have the taste of Shakeys again. After about twenty minutes my son went to ask about the mozzarella sticks and he was told that they would come out with the pizza not before, hmmmm!!!! So we waited some more. After twenty more minutes, I went up to ask about the pizza or anything that could be ready, they said in about 10 more minutes. Okay, not happy at this point. Finally after 15 minutes they brought out the cheese sticks and the Pepperoni and sausage pizza but the combo was not ready yet. so we waited some more. About 15 - 20 minutes later the second pizza came out. Okay, now that the first pizza was pretty cool from waiting for the second pizza we were finally going to be able to find out if the pizza tasted as great as we were hoping. Close, but not perfect. It was good, it won't say that it tasted bad at all but it wasn't Shakey's all the way, at least for the the pepperoni and sausage, that was the one I ate. As far as the combo, from what my boyfriend said, he didn't like that one at all, neither did my Mom. I was just very disappointed. Maybe because of the cost and the way too long of wait but it just wasn't all the hype. So if want pizza that is okay, and want to pay too much for it and have to wait an extremely long time when the place isn't completely full then I definitely recommend this place.

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