By: viennatx11
Cowtown Sushi
We went on a Saturday night and were the only customers. We were told it was because of the game. The waterfall, flowers on the tables , the quiet music, the comfortable chairs, and the oh so attention wait staff had us feeling very nice indeed. We ordered California Roll with masago, 4 super white tuna, 2 yellowtail tuna, they didn't have flounder so we ordered 2 red snapper and and 2 tuna. Having eaten sushi all over the country for over 30 years and in Southlake at Sushi Sam for nearly 15 years (recently at the wonderful Sushi Zen in Southlake) I know what I like. Sushi soaked in sauces is not my idea of sushi. The super white tuna had the flavor of liquid smoke flavor and soy sauce and was topped with a sliver of avocado and what appeared to be jalapeno pepper. The red snapper had a sweet sauce and the yellowtail had some dollops of yellow and red on top... maybe reversed. Weird. We were thrilled to see that the tuna looked bare...it was the farthest from us, so we ate the other sushi first. Having been disappointed with the sushi by this time, I decided to eat my tuna first and was disappointed with the flavor; not sure if it was a little stale or freezer burned. Couldn't pinpoint the problem. Suffice it to say, it wasn't fresh tasting at all. I looked over to my friend who made a face. She said pretty much what I was thinking...not good. We both began to wonder if there might have been a method to their madness. Is it possible to camouflage the freshness with a lot of extra flavors or was the intention simply to be creative, knowing that some people who eat sushi need to drown out the flavor with soy sauce. Neither of us use soy sauce, enjoying the flavor of the fish, without added flavors. We mentioned when we first began eating that we didn't like all the sauces on our sushi and were told that this is the way that they do it and that the next time we should ask for no sauces. At least at Sushi Sam, when they added lemon onto our Sushi, they were gracious to bring us new sushi that had no lemon flavor on it. Well, you guessed it...we have no intention of returning. just a little to weird for our taste.
By: mike.rader.35
Sushi Zen
Best sushi lunch special s in the metro. 2 for 1 sushi.

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