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By: anonymouslyme
Pizza Hut
I have to admit, that one day I went there on my lunch break and I wasn't greeted. One employee was running around trying to do everything alone. When asked for help, it took awhile for someone to come out. Finally when they did, they helped her and my pick up order was getting cold. They were not rude at all. I understand in the fast food business it be like that sometime. My food is always correct. I eat there at least once a week for lunch. I always pick up so I can't comment on delivery. I would reccomend it. The dinning room appears to be clean.
By: jenbilo28
Andy's Pizza And Subs
This is the only place open 7days a week. FREE DELIVERY if you order $5.00 or more! They have the largest menu. rib/chicken dinners, pizza, pizza rolls-fresh baked upon ordering, subs, sanwich's, a huge appitizer list and great deserts. it doesnt matter what time i get off work, they are there. being open until midnite during the week and 1am on weekends, and bringing it right to my door FAST, is the best convience a girl could ask for.thanks andy's!jennifer-southgate
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By: Reptilesrus M.
Crusty's Pizza
Well out of 10 times of my family ordering food from there I had 4 times they didnt bring all of my items, 3 wrong pizza's, and 2 times just didn't bring my pop's ( 1 time didn't even bring it back to me) . Horrible customer service. The manager is either really bad or just ovef worked and under staffed. They need more employees. Other wise pretty good food when you do get it, I really think its understaffed.
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By: Travis C.
Old Chicago Pasta & Pizza
Decided to try Old Chicago after years of wanting to try it. Glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered the Chicago Thick pizza and it was delicious. My fiancé ordered the spaghetti and she had no complaints. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because the buffalo wings weren't actually buffalo. They just use Red Hot. But nonetheless it was a pleasant experience.
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By: mr_bobbin
Happy's Pizza
We ordered a large supreme deep dish, stuffed cheese bread and 10 hot wings. The best pizza I've had as far back as I can remember, Detroiters ill even say better than jets... amazing, fast and super friendly service. The girl at the counter was helpful and extremely cute and polite. I'll be back again and again sat
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By: stefania_n2000
Jet's Pizza
great service great people I have called and asked for what deals they had never had any bad service from them love dealing with this place for food for my family!
By: Michelle C.
Andy's Pizza And Subs
I order there about 50 times a year. They are usually great but the last three times were terrible. I will not order from there again.
By: Megan M.
Andy's Pizza And Subs
I put somethig in the delivery instructions and the delivery man did not do what I requested. Other than that the food is good.
By: Honeychild L.
Happy's Pizza
Ribs ARE TENDER EVERY TIME ! : ) ! Delivery was fast ! I Love the sauce, Best ribs I've ever had!
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By: Tonya M.
Andy's Pizza And Subs
Average food. Always open late. ALWAYS get delivery wrong. Its so annoying but they are fast when im hungry.

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