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By: Jacelyn C.
Pigalle Salon & MedSpa
I have been a client of Pigalle Salon and MedSpa since March 2014 and have been extremely pleased with all of the services that I received, from head to toe. The staff at Pigalle are very welcoming and proessional, and the owner Irina Miaskinova is an incredible colorist and stylist. Her attention to detail and deep knowledge of color is unsurpassed in this industry. In my most recent visit, Irina corrected an extremely poor highlighting and color job performed by an out-of-state colorist, and the results were remarkable. Irina was able to correct the overly processed 'straw blonde" base color, with 2-3 different highlights, with a beautiful cool, ash blonde with beautiful highlights and low lights, I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend Pigalle Salon!
By: Sharron G.
Pigalle Salon & MedSpa
The salon is beautiful and everyone is so friendly. Very clean as well. I came in for a facial. Marjan introduced herself and she was so professional. She walked me through the whole process and listened to my concerns. She told me what to expect and then gave me tips to maintain healthy skin. Since then I have came back for three more facials with her and she recently did my eyelash extensions. I loved the end result. I have very sensitive eyes. She had so much patience and let my eyes rest in between applying the lashes so they wouldn't turn as red as they normally would. I'm very pleased with all of my visits and extremely grateful I met her!
By: Adrian S.
I recently have visited Hairshion for a hair appointment. I had very little wait time and my stylist, Rodney, was prompt in welcoming and getting to know me and what I would like done with my hair. The atmosphere, though simple, was perfect for a salon. In addition, their prices are very reasonable for the services they provide for the customer. I also felt very comfortable with him doing my hair as he reassured me that he has been doing hair for over 30 years. I could see that every other customer was content and happy when I was there while they were getting their hair done. I will definitely be going back to Hairshion often.
By: Juli E.
Pigalle Salon & MedSpa
How do I explain how amazing this place is? Let me first say Ana has hands from Heaven. She gave me a pregnancy massage that was out of this world. And Ina is an expert at nails. The last time I was there, I went to sleep in the pedicure chair and woke up to gorgeous freehand rhinestone designs on my toes! This salon is both professional and innovative and I have to say that I enjoy going there just to look at what the girls are wearing. They are always well put together and fashionable. It makes me feel fashionable too! Great place. Love them!
By: Forest L.
Pigalle Salon & MedSpa
This little hidden gem has been here at least 10 years they told me. It offers so many different services. The staff I encountered were super friendly and welcoming. I called in the morning needing a quick blow out. They found me an appointment this same afternoon and I couldn't be more pleased. Grace is so sweet. She was very attentive and constantly checked in to be sure we were on the same page. She always asked before she did anything to my hair. I'll be returning here in the future!
By: carla.dodd.37
R Family Dining Restaurant
Was pleasantly surprised when I stopped for breakfast. First of all, I'm incredibly picky about breakfasts, especially coffee, and this coffee was outstanding. The servers are very attentive, the food is good, and you don't go away hungry. The owner has come back to the area and used to have my favorite family diner near where I live, so when I'm in the area where R Family Dining is, I will stop. His food has always been good.
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By: Tonya T.
The Weave Shop Plus Southfield - 12
I went to the Southfield location as a walk in and was a bit skeptical. My fears were quickly put to rest by the ladies in the salon. Great service, customer service and very clean environment. The shop prices are on the high end but the service is well worth it. The recommendation I would majes is to schedule a appointment for faster service. I would definitely go back soon.
By: karen4500
K Salon
I came in with a disaster asking for color correction. The owner took time with me and calmed me down. I love my blond color now. When I tried to do it myself it didn't look good but she put the right color on my hair and it matches up to my skin well. Thankyou, thankyou so much Claudia. I loooooove my haircolor and fringe cut. I will definetely be back soon.
By: behonest11
Hommus Express
If you're expecting your food to actually be prepared fresh, this is the wrong place to come. I visited this place when it first opened and haven't been back since. I immediately lost my appetite when I watched how my food was prepared. The microwave is this restaurant's best friend. Curious to see how lono they stay in business. Maybe other locations are better.
By: Nicole D.
The Weave Shop Plus Southfield - 12
I have gone to this location for approx 6 months. The ladies are always friendly and helpful. Although I feel the price is at a premium the environment and friendly service is well worth it. I purchased very cheap hair (on a budget) and it stayed in! I maintained the hair for more than 6 weeks. Thank you ladies - GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
Tips & Advices
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