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Le Boeuf Rubbish Removal

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Established in 1971, LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal started out with one man and a dump truck. Serving the local community with a commitment to providing reliable service to our customers at a fair price. LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal is still a family run business with truly professional employees who care about the customers needs and provide quality service.

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  • The Best Trash Hauler in Central Mass

    They are the best around. Courteous and prompt. Added benefit...I can take household trash\nto their yard anytime and their price is good. Just all around nice folks.

  • Run Far Run Fast

    I have experienced horrible service with this company. They pick up when they feel like it even though the barrel has to be out for 6am. The latest pick up was 5pm with no reason for it as the weather was good.\n\nTwo weeks ago our barrel wasn't picked up. I phoned in to complain the next day and was told my barrel was not out according to the driver. The person on the phone was rude and told me that the driver was there first at 6:38am, then 6:30am and then 6:48am. I asked him which time as he had given me three. He said it didn't matter because the barrel wasn't out there. I succumbed and said ""Okay, can my trash get picked up before the next pick up as we're a family of 5"". The reply was no as there were no trucks in the area. I emphasized again how we can't wait to Wednesday and the attitude was ""well, if we're picking up or dropping barrels off one of our guys might be able to pick up the bags as long as the barrel is at the top of the driveway"". I said forget it as our driveway is huge with a steep hill.\n\nFast forward to today. I called to cancel my service, to go with a competitor. I spoke with ""Larry"" and he was nice until he asked why I was canceling. I was honest and said I shopped around and got a better rate. His attitude changed and became condescending. He informed me I was in a 60 month contract and that the penalty for ""breaking the contract"" was $360! (I am a renter and my lease only lasts a year.) He told me it was in huge bold letters that it was 5 years. This infuriated me and I told him I would not have agreed to such terms. I asked again ""So the penalty is about $400?"" He torts back ""No, its $360"" in which I replied ""I rounded up like I was taught in school"". Larry then says in a condescending tone ""Well, if you want to send an extra $40 you can."" I proceeded to tell him to send a copy of the so called contract as I want to see it for myself. In the end I hung up on him as he found great pleasure in the fact I was furious.\n\nStay away from these people and tell everyone you know too!\n\n\n\n

  • Will rip you off, Worst customer service

    If I could rate a zero I would. Do not sign a contract with Le Boeuf. Even if you move out of state you are bound to the contract. They sued a little old lady who went to a nursing home for the remainder of her contract. Do yourself a favor and choose a different trash hauler!!!

  • Why are they so rude to their customers?
    Ru lee

    I have had to call a few times with a couple different issues. The man who answers the phone first thing in the morning is a rude jerk. Really, its like he is above being polite to their customers. Then, once I called later in the day and got a woman on the phone. I thought great, dont have to deal with that jerk. No, I was wrong, she was just as rude. I am getting a different service but checking around with other people first as to not pay my hard earned money to a company that does not give a crap about their customers. Anyone with a good rubbish pick up service in Sturbridge?

  • Cost efficient and reliable pick-up

    Since 2006 we have a yearly paid in advance, every other week service which is reliable and early. The cost is far less than Central Mass. We have had no problem with garbage left behind. Also, the company separates the recycled materials which is a time saver for us.

  • THEY SUED ME!!!!!!!!!!

    After 2yrs of bad service, charged for extra invisible bags at curbside, getting yelled at on the phone by the office clown, I moved to Florida. I called to get some of my $$ back & was told that the small print on the contract states that I will pay them for 5 yrs of service, even if I don't need it. I sent them proof that I lived in FL. & the clown said ""see ya in court!"" They sued and won as I was living & working in Fl and couldn't fly back at that time. VERY BAD BUSINESS MEN, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS!! If I moved more than 25 mi from a gym I could void my contract, but moving 1300 mi away and I still have to pay for trash removal, how shocking!!! At least the owner is made of what he collects...TRASH.

  • Trash company for trash collection
    Bald Paul

    My wife signed us up for trash collection on the promise of a lower rate than what we were paying. What a mistake! They have messed up our bills everytime, adding charges that she was told would be waived for the first year. She calls the office and gets it ""straightened out"" and 2 weeks later we get past due notices and threats of interruption of service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! I would rather eat my trash than have to deal with them.

  • Terrible

    Worst service, rude ignorant customer service. Stay away use anyone else

  • I need an alternative

    I wish I could give zero stars, but 1 is as low as it goes. The guy who answers the phone for them is an absolute moron. My trash has been sitting at the end of my driveway since Monday because LeBoeuf deemed the roads to be ""impassable"". Fair enough- so come out on Tuesday- that's what they do when a holiday falls on a Monday. Instead, the dope on the other end of the line tells me that they won't be out again until next Monday. I pay to have my trash picked up EVERY week- does that mean I will see a credit on my bill? Nope. Genius on the phone tells me ""There are some months that have five weeks in them but we don't charge you extra for that month"". Nice. \n\nDoes anyone know of any other trash companies serving the Sturbridge/Fiskdale area?

  • Awful Customer Service

    I have used this rubbish removal service for a few years now. Last year, after a storm, I was told that the driver could not see the rubbish bin at the end of my driveway, which was a complete lie. It was in the same spot as always and was even shovelled out for them so they could do the pick up. Of course, they never came to get it until my next scheduled pick-up and were not too nice when I called regarding the missed pick-up. A few months back I called about recycling, which they don't do in my town. I was told by Eric that they had a truck and would be starting in Jan, 2011 at no additional cost. So I chose to remain with the company. I called back to begin this service and was told by Eric that now they cannot start until February. So as I was trying to have a conversation with him he immediately became defensive and started yelling at me that it's not his fault the truck isn't ready, as it is he has to pay to take my trash because they don't charge for recycling, blah, blah, blah. He was so rude, so I felt I had not choice but to cancel their services. Just awful customer service!!! I am going with Casella, they've got to be better than LeBoeuf.

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