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972 Tallac Ave Ste B, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

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    Christina S.

    The only reason this place gets a star is because I got a cute sweater from it. First of all, prices for items are posted on a tiny sign hidden behind a hat rack in the store. When you get to the register though, the clerk decides how much your items are based on brand and quality. Huh.

    The actual selection of stuff there is hit or miss. Its pretty much a rummage sale indoors. Thats fine but then again, the pricing seems shady.

    My biggest problem though and the reason I will NEVER come back here is because of the treatment I received here.

    I asked the clerk, an old blond woman where the pricing was for women's tops. She became very irritated and pointed at the tiny sign behind the hat rack and announced, "The sign was obviously there." Ok... I had 4 tops that I was thinking about buying but wasn't sure. She pretty much forced me to be rung up right then and there to 'see how much I would spend.' She rung it up and it was around $20. I hesitated for exactly 2-3 seconds and she got really angry and pushy and asked, "What is the problem?!! I told you how much each item would be!!" I told her before she rung the items up I wasn't sure I was going to buy all the tops. I decided I was only going to take 2 tops so I asked her to take 2 back. She freaked out. She said the register could not be reset and she started making actual huffy noises and said, "This is unbelievable!!" She then proceeded to tell the other lady that worked there about the situation like I was not there. I apologized to her for being a paying customer and that didn't help. The other lady took over and kept apologizing to me about the extremely rude old blond lady throughout the transaction. I left the store without being given a bag and wished the rude lady a nice day. Only kindness could repel the venom of such a hateful human like that.

    Please, please don't go to this store if you do not want to be treated like scum. There are a few other thrift stores in Tahoe and I have been to all of them. Most of them are better with selection but all of them are extremely and stupendously better in customer service. People like that old blond woman should not be in any profession that deals with other humans. She should be in a dark hole somewhere breaking rocks as penance for being such a rancid and insufferable wench.

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    I went here after class all excited to Celebrate the finishing of my midterms, and because my classes run a little later on in the day, I can't always get to the store before they close at 4:00 PM. 4:00 PM is pretty early to close anyway. So I managed to get here at a quarter till four. And as I'm walking in the lady comes out the front door and says to me, uh were closing. And I said oh I thought you closed at four? And she says, well yeah you have five minutes to shop Then. And I said oh, five minutes? I thought there was about it's about quarter towel? And she says I know we're closing. And she says you have five minutes to shop. Again. And I just said you know what lady, I don't need to shop at your store. And I walked away. I just think that, I know employees don't want people in their store after they close which I was not planning on doing I was gonna leave right at four. But if you're open till four let me shop until four. I don't understand why she's being so cranky, probably had a bad day. But I've been in here shopping before, spent money, I've always been very pleasant, and they've been very anxious early before closing time. So you know what, I'm just not to shop here anymore. Just wanted to let you know that they don't have that great customer service and Kishor into that. The stuffing here is my great anyway so it's just not worth it to me to be treated like that.

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