By: Lesa J.
Geneau Enterprises
There is definitely pride of ownership with Doug Geneau. It is very refreshing to have a business owner care about getting the job done for a customer. Geneau enterprises went over and above helping me locate and excavate a very old and very oddly-placed septic tank at a cabin I have in escrow. If it wasn't for Doug's can-do attitude, willingness to get a camera ( a service he doesn't usually even offer!) to locate my line and my "lost" septic I wouldn't have an inspection complete in time. I am sure he lost money on my deal, but he delivered what he promised even when the job got hard. Thank you, Doug, thank you Geneau Enterprises I would strongly recommend you to anyone who wants to get the job done right the first time.
By: gdavies
Olsen Paving & Sealcoating
Our business has used Olsen Paving for many years. They are the most efficient asphalt paving company in the Lake Tahoe area! All of the asphalt work that Danny has done for us is textbook perfect and has held up great even with all the weather conditions. Olsen sealcoats our lot every 2 years to keep it looking like new and they even do their own striping. We have worked with the Olsen family a long time and will continue to use them for all our asphalt work, even on our Carson Valley properties.
By: papajoseph
Olsen Paving & Sealcoating
Olsen did a total removal and replacement of our old driveway last year- very professional and informative. They took care of all the TRPA and permits. We just got on the schedule to sealcoat our new driveway this year. I suggest you call early and get on their schedule as they get very busy during the summer. No stress at all when dealing with Danny - would absolutely use Olsen Paving again.
By: cristine.olsen
Olsen Paving & Sealcoating
This company will take care of all your asphalt needs from start to finish. They are reliable and trustworthy. When you hire Olsen you know your job is in great hands.
By: David F.
D & L Paving
Long time working relationship. Great company; great people.David, Tahoe Keys Village
Tips & Advices
Rutting occurs in the wheel tracks of a road and is generally seen when the asphalt isn't thick enough to support traffic.
Edge cracks are caused by weak edges. When there isn't enough support at the edge, the road will begin to stress and crack over time.
Depressions, are caused when the pavement isn't as deep in one area, or the land on which the road was laid is uneven. A slight depression can be fixed with another layer of asphalt.
Transverse cracks run perpendicular to the road's centerline, and can be caused by poor joint construction. Seasonal or daily temperature changes can also contribute to transverse cracks.
Longitudinal cracks are parallel to the road's centerline or the direction the driveway or parking lot was paved. They are caused by poor joint construction or simply aging pavement.

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