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By: echristine729
Honest 1 Auto Care
At a young age was given a great opportunity and at an entry level position with little knowledge and close to no experience in the painting industry at all became a part of a company and aside the great perks the job offered Eric Dokey my boss, was more than that. I can say from many years of working for D & D Painting and knowing Eric that he and his painting skills are professional and he by nature gives more than he gets in return. I have known Eric for 10 years plus and if I were to give him a call in need of or looking for work, he would give me work if he has it. The customer is always right. Everyone has problems, some more than other, and to honest I have bent over backwards for customers! Sadly some customers can’t be pleased and you can only do your best. If you want a great job and guaranteed work for more than two years? Eric Dokey will make it happen! I see a glass that’s half full...not half empty. Don't knock it till you have tried it and never judge a book by its cover and especially not from hear say.
By: jamess536
Honest 1 Auto Care
I called on a Friday around noon to Honest-1. They told me they could order the parts and have them ready by the time I got there AND THEY DID WHAT THEY SAID. When I arrive around 12:45, they were load with cars but I was in and out in less than an hour. I was surprised at the fast repair time. The person who checked me in for service was courteous and professional. Now I live in Palm Coast. To take my Honda to a dealership would've been a farther drive and I would've needed an appointment. And it would've taken much, much longer. My first time experience with Honest-1has impressed me enough to return to them in the future.
By: whalebeacon
Honest 1 Auto Care
When I visited them I thought that I'd be just another number. I thought the worse and got the best. They are by far the best crew I've experienced. By far the best mechanics that I've had to work with and I'm very mechanically inclined. The waiting room is very nice with comfortable seating, TV, a window to let you peek at your car. The prices seem high to me but the results are the best. I'd recommend this place to all my family and friends.
By: larry343
Honest 1 Auto Care
I was very impressed by how courteous and professional everyone was, from the time I made the appointment, until I picked the car. Heather (the owner), Shawn, and Rick were great, and I was very impressed with the service that I received. Heather even gave me a ride to my office. The prices were fair, and I liked being able to use the $25.00 Angie's List coupon. I would recommend them to anyone, and will definitely return for future service.
By: theodoree286
Honest 1 Auto Care
Took the car in because of loss of power and knocking sound. Turns out the knock was from the bottom end, and the repair was not worth the value of the car. They kept in constant contact with me, and would not perform any repairs without my approval. I have used them in the past and they are entirely above board! Additionally, they have a pick-up and drop-off service. Further, they offer a military discount. Great folks!
By: l.m.matott
Big Tree Automotive
I've written poems for a lot of people, but never my mechanic. I was so afraid to drive my jeep, for months, having spent hundreds of dollars. Finally, I took it to Wayne, & within a day, for MUCH LESS than I thought, It was FIXED! I am recomending this place to EVERYONE I know!!! If you"d like to read the poem, (Jeep Cherokee Blues, A.K.A. , Ode To My Mechanic), Go see Wayne, Im sure he'll have a copy!
By: Stevenn N.
Honest 1 Auto Care
"I've been taking my older car here for service for a few years now. They've always explained all issues so I can understand them and done everything they can to help keep my ol' car running. Their pricing is competitive and their staff is friendly and caring. Their shop has always been clean with nice amenities for customers.I've recommended Honest One many times and will continue to recommend them."
By: magnuss433
Honest 1 Auto Care
We are HUGE fans of JB Factory Carpets. Next year when we are looking for carpet again, we will start out at your business and expect we will need to look no further. We will continue to tell our friends about our satisfaction with JB from the sales, product quality, and installation process. We thought you would like to know about our positive experience.
By: amarii844
Honest 1 Auto Care
This is my first time here. I had gone to another repair service center for years till they changed managers and all the time and money I had spent with them did not equate into customer satisfatction. H1 more than beat the price of my existing repair center and did what they promised. I will return again for future repairs. Thank you.
By: franciscoo441
Honest 1 Auto Care
The car was overheating and the air conditioner was blowing bearly cool to warm air. I took it to them and they looked at it immediately. The cooling fans weren't working. Unfortunately on the Nissan Quest, the fans are built into a single unit and the entire unit had to be replaced. The radiator had to be taken out to replace it.
Tips & Advices
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