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By: Ben J.
Choices Recovery
I want to post an honest, in-depth, all enveloping review of my thoughts and opinions about Choices Recovery. This treatment center is incredibly effective, and they did things for my recovery that no other program has ever been able to accomplish. Choices Recovery approaches addiction treatment very differently from what I've experienced from other treatment centers. This rehabilitation program approaches addiction not like a disease, but literally like a choice. A choice that you have been compulsively making for several years possibly, but when all the cards on the table, A choice nevertheless. Choices Recovery delivers excellence in recovery options, and the facility is truly helpful in how they service people.One of the things that I really noticed about Choices Recovery that really shows the difference of this program is how open ended they are. By this I mean that you can actually pick and choose what treatment methods you take at the center and which ones you do not. You can literally focus on certain areas of treatment and avoid other ones, if you feel that they will not be workable for you. I like that this treatment center gives each individual client say in their recovery and how they will go about it.Another thing that I really liked about Choices Recovery was the fact that the staff members who work there are totally focused and direct about helping people triumph over addiction. That was just incredible to me. I never thought that I would find a treatment center where the people who work there were just as focused on getting me off of my addiction as I was! That was really something special. Another thing about this treatment center that really makes them stand out for me was how well everyone understood substance abuse. A lot of the people who work there are stably in recovery themselves, so they know exactly what their clients are going through and how to help them. Too many times I have gone to treatment centers were the people who work there, bless their hearts, really wanted to help me but didn't really know how to help me if you know what I mean. Choices Recovery has a good, complement of staff members who, either they have experienced addiction themselves, or they have been working in the industry of rehabilitation long enough to really know how to help people. I don't believe that you have to be in recovery yourself to work at a rehab, but it certainly does seem to help. The individuals on staff at this treatment center who were not in recovery themselves had a heck of a lot of experience and really knew what they were talking about. It is my personal opinion that the people who work at this treatment center are the most skilled individuals who I have ever seen in a recovery center.The people who designed choices recovery really did get something right. They knew exactly what people would need. From the perspective of the facility itself, the treatment center at Choices Recovery is actually very comfortable, and very well put together. It's not that excessive or overly luxurious, but it is quite comfortable, cozy, and pleasant. I really appreciated that. The beds were comfortable, the food was good and consistent, and the people who ran the place really knew how to make you feel at home.I am quite certain that Choices Recovery, with the excellent combination of the different treatment methods they were able to use, was the one program that gave me the best chance that I could get of triumphing over addiction. This treatment center was truly effective for me and taught me a lot of things. I don't think I would have been able to beat my alcoholism had it not been for them. I was doing a pretty good job with the other addictions, and I was just about clean, but I just could not get rid of alcoholism. Choices Recovery finally gave me the freedom that I have been looking for all along. Thanks to them, I know I will be clean and sober for life. I hope that Choices Recovery goes on to keep helping.
By: Jason A.
Choices Recovery
I wanted to say a few words here about Choices Recovery. This is a truly excellent treatment center and I believe that they deserve some good recognition. I personally feel as though this treatment center is responsible for my son being alive today. I'm not so sure that he would be with us if it weren't for this program. This treatment center really went the extra mile to help my son to save him from the cruel effects of drugs and alcohol.Real quickly here I will just try to summarize the key points about this treatment center that I found to be really important that made it stand out amongst all of the others that we have dealt with in the past. Unfortunately, this is not my son’s first rodeo as far as going to rehabilitation centers goes. He has been to multiple treatments centers in the past. However, this treatment center seemed to have a very different effect on him, and I will summarize the three key things about this program that I feel made this treatment center the one that created sobriety for him when the other treatment centers could not do so.First of all, the staff members at this treatment center were definitely different from what we are used to. Most people get into working at a rehab program simply because it is good work, and pays well, and offers long hours. Not at Choices Recovery. That is not their only motivation. This treatment center obviously is really trying to help people beat drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good. That aspect is really admirable. I can definitely say with confidence that the people who work at Choices are more motivated to help people than any other treatment center we have gone to in the past. And there have been many!Moving forward, the next factor that we noticed about this treatment centers is that they offer a results based, evidence-based, open ended type of recovery program. What that essentially means is that, while most treatment centers only offer an extract, cut and dried, cookie-cutter 28 day program, Choices Recovery operates their length of time of their treatment based off of the results based, evidence based approach. What this means is that people can stay there essentially as long as they need to. My son had only gone 28 days at all of his previous treatment centers, but he stayed at this program for almost 2 months. This extra time as well I feel gave him the strength that he needed to create a more permanent recovery.Last but not least, the sheer quality of this treatment center was totally unmatched. Choices Recovery offers what is called a multi modality treatment approach. What this means is that they offer multiple different approaches to recovery to assess their clients and to create full and un shakable sobriety. They use all of these different approaches because the truth is there is no such thing as a one size fits all type of program, and the fact of the matter is it will take more than one approach to truly help a person. While most treatment centers only offer one to three treatment approaches, Choices Recovery offers about a dozen. This gave my son a very well-rounded approach to recovery.I would definitely say that Choices Recovery got something right when they put together their treatment program. This recovery center truly is unlike anything we've worked with in the past. Their rehabilitative techniques are very unique, and there staff is great, and they really have the care factor on point. I give this treatment center five stars. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is trying to beat drug and alcohol addiction, or for anyone who is seeking help for a loved one who is so afflicted. My son has been clean and sober for almost 3 months now thanks to Choices Recovery, and this is the longest period of sobriety that he has had since he started abusing drugs and alcohol almost 8 years ago. Thank you Choices Recovery!
By: Ben J.
Choices Recovery
This was the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that I have ever gone to before. Talk about a phenomenal and great program that did nothing but great things for me! I am so happy I went there and that I did what I needed to do to get clean and to actually stay clean from drugs and alcohol. Realistically, I do not think that I would have been able to do it without this program, and this treatment center offered to me the best of the best in form of recovery services and approaches for beating addiction that I could have gotten at a treatment center. I have a lot of great things to say about them, but I will try to be as brief as I can and just focus on the key points about the program that were truly phenomenal and great for me. First of all, the staff were amazing. The people who did the great things that they could do at this treatment center are like saints and angels. I do not think I would be here today had it not been for them. They were able to assist me and they were able to give me the services that I needed to get clean from drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general. The staff were kind and caring and exceptionally helpful for me.Their insurance coverage options are better than any other center I have been to. I have struggled with addiction for some time now but this treatment center was able to do great things for me and was able to give me the tools that I needed to go free from addiction for life and they were able to help me to find my way into peace of mind and freedom and abstinence from even the harshest and most difficult of substance abuse habits and difficulties. Really, this treatment center was very helpful for me and was able to show me the right way out of addiction and into stability and abstinence from even the harshest of addiction nightmares.I actually worked in the health insurance industry for a long time, and I have been to a couple rehab centers in my life, so I can say with certainty that this treatment center offers some great services and care options for their care options. In fact, I am pretty sure that this center can accept just about any PPO insurance, which is a huge mark to their credit. As an insurance professional myself, if you are covered by the following insurances you will probably be able to get coverage at this treatment center: GEHA Health Plans and Policies, APS Health Care Insurance, Aetna Health Care, Cigna Health Care, Coventry Insurance PPO, The First Care Health Plans Organization, HCSC Health Insurance Inc., United Health Care Services, Magellan Health Services, Exclusive Care, LifeSynch Health Plans, the First Health Network, Sunshine State Health Plan, APS PPO Health Care, American Family Health Insurance, ComPsych Health Plan PPO, The Managed Health Network, Health Net Insurance Plan, Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Molina Health Insurance, Mutual Insurance of Omaha, Individual Insurance Plans, CareSource Health Care, Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance, America’s Health Insurance, Mass Mutual Health Care, Gold Coast, and Moda Health.The length of time of this center was truly amazing. I have never gone to a treatment center that would let me stay there as long as I needed to to get clean and sober for life. I was really pleased with how they basically just let me stay on and continue to get help even longer than most people stayed at the treatment center for. That was really interesting to me, and was not what I was used to. Basically, the treatment center and program was such that this recovery center and program was able to show me the path and the way out of addiction once and for all and for good. I was really impressed and really pleased with that approach and how they basically let me stay on as long as I needed.
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By: Bill P.
Choices Recovery
I am so happy that I found this program. I was so impressed with every thing that they have to offer. I will first start off by saying that I am a middle aged man who had a very bad alcohol dependency problem and my family is the one who was by my side in helping me find a center that would fit all of my needs and we found it with this place. Here they really understand that we as individuals all have different needs that need to be met and we are not all the same. We all come different back grounds and different things have happened in our lives and they offer us things here that fit our life things that are individualized to us so that we have a better chance at being successful. We are in a very safe environment here and it that is helpful while we are doing everything necessary on our end to be successful they are doing everything on their end to make sure that we feel safe and comfortable while we are staying here. One thing that I really had a problem with before I came here was the ability to communicate well with others and my family. I was not able to tell them a lot of the things that I was doing for fear of being judged or people looking at me in a way that was just going to make me feel low and that in turn would have made me drink more. They have a communication course here that really helped me to understand the right and wrong way to communicate with others. They also made it clear that I had to take responsibility for my actions. I was always the one person who would say "I only do this because you do this", or "If you did not do that I would not drink as much". That is unrealistic, I realized with their help that just because I am having difficulty in my life I am the one choosing to drink and keep drinking. It is not because of any one else or their actions and they were able to help me understand what my triggers were so that I can know how to handle a situation before it gets out of control. There was one gentleman here that i would talk to everyday. He always made a point of asking me how my day was, if there was anything that I needed to talk about. He would go out of his way just to make sure that everything was ok with me and that he was there if I needed to talk about anything. It was a god feeling knowing that the staff here really do care and appreciate there clients that come through their doors and they really want to see all of us get better and conquer this disease.They teach us life skills so that when we are done here we are going back out into society with an understanding of what we need to do in order to reach our goals. They are setting us on the road to recovery here and I can not be more grateful for everything that they have done to get me back to the man that I used to be before consuming all of this alcohol. Thank you to all of the staff and thank you for making us all a top priority when we walk in your doors, I hope you all know how amazing you are and keep up the great work
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By: Carrie D.
Choices Recovery
When I started using heroin I thought nothing bad was going to happen because of it. I figured I had everything under control and I would be just fine. I didn’t want help to get sober because I didn’t want to be sober. That changed when my sister overdosed on heroin and died. It was a pretty sobering experience and it shook me to say the least. I kind of understood what the dangers of heroin were but I never really thought about them and what that could mean for me or my sister. When that happened, I knew it was time for me to get clean. I was done with heroin and letting it screw up my life. It doesn’t work like that though. I wanted to get clean and I wanted to be done with heroin but the rehab I went to just wasn’t doing it. The first rehab I went to I made it through the detox which was awful by the way. I was miserable the whole time. Then I made it through the whole program. When I graduated from that program and got home I was nervous about everything. Everything I saw and everything I did seemed to remind me of heroin. I relapsed really quickly after leaving that program. I was right back there though doing the same program for a second time. I don’t know why my parents and I thought the second time would be different from the first time but it wasn’t. I was just doing the same program and it didn’t really help. After that my parents and I decided I wouldn’t go back to that same place and started looking around for other rehab facility. When we found Choices, I knew it was the right place for me. When I got there it just reiterated that to me. I started feeling comfortable right away. It was much easier going through detox at Choices. I was taken care so much better that I the discomfort was minimal compared to what I had gone through before. I chose my own program which was pretty awesome. I didn’t get stuck doing a program that I didn’t feel comfortable doing. I started working on the underlying reason for my addiction instead of just working on the addiction itself. I learned why I was doing what I was doing and how to change that. My parents will tell you that my attitude is much better and I’m a much more pleasant person to be around. I actually hang out with my mom now. I have a relationship with my parents that I never thought I would get back. After completely my program at Choices I went back home and did great for 4 months. I had a job and was content seeing my parents and just living my life. I realized though that I wanted to do more with my life. I went back to Choices to work and I love it there. Every day I help people the same way I was helped. No one should lose their child or their sister to drugs and I’m doing my part to stop that from happening. It is incredibly rewarding. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I’m at right now if it weren’t for Choices Recovery.
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By: Brian S.
Choices Recovery
I went to this center a month or so ago, and I will say that it was a very positive experience for me and I really enjoyed my time here and gained so many things in the process. First off they have trained staff on site which is a big plus because I actually had trained individuals helping me in my recovery process that really knew what they were doing. I never felt like I was being judged for who I was and or where I had come from. They really are compassionate, and they strived every day to offer the best level of care that they can at a degree of professionalism that I was not really plaining to expect but hoped that I did receive. There were so many different individualized groups to choose from in my recovery and I thought that was cool because not everything that worked for the man sitting next to me was guaranteed to work for me. I did not feel like I was forced to do something that I was not connecting with and was a waste of my time. There were days that I did not want to be there and I felt like giving up, but there was this one man there who always talked me out of it. He would always ask me how I was doing how my day was and he could tell if I was having a bad day and he would always make the time to talk to me about it and resolve the issue at hand. He was very caring and he knew that I had it in me to finish this and I owed it to myself not to give up. I learned a lot here. I learned what my underlying issues were and why I began using and what steps I had to take not to fall on this path again. I learned what my triggers were and how to stay away from them and I learned how to spot them before being in a bad situation before it is too late. There were a lot of people here that I could relate to and that was good for me being around individuals that were going through the same things as I was so I was not feeling judged through out this process. The setting of this facility was great. I felt very safe while I was here and the security was amazing. I really learned how to take responsibility for the things in my past that I was always trying to blame other people other people for. That was a big step for me and I began to understand all of the dangerous situations that I was putting myself in. Without this center I really can not say where I would be today. I know that it would not be good and I know that I would be on the path to destruction. I really thank everyone here that made a difference in my life and I can not put into words how thankful am to have met such a caring and compassionate group of individuals who pride themselves everyday by doing things for others to turn their lives around for the better. They are here because they love what they are doing and they do it because they love helping people and saving lives and I can truly say that they have saved mine.
By: Basil G.
Choices Recovery
It has been my experience to have to deal with drug and alcohol addiction coming up time and time again in my immediate and extended family both. This has been a big problem for us and one that seems to only get progressively worse as the years go by too. Every few years, someone I know gets stricken with addiction. It’s my belief that substance abuse is becoming a huge problem all across the country, and if something is not done soon about the problem then I am quite certain that it will only get worse before it gets better.There is a silver lining to this cloud though, and that silver lining is with Choices Recovery. About three years ago by daughter, in her early twenties at the time, followed down the path that her brother had walked, and became gruesomely addicted to both drugs and alcohol. It wasn’t until about a year ago that she became willing to do something about it. I immediately contacted Choices Recovery to help, as I had had interactions and dealings with them in the past.Within three days of her first origination of a desire to change, by baby girl was in rehab at Choices Recovery, and I breathed perhaps the first sigh of relief I had breathed in years. I had faith in Choices Recovery, as I knew they were a good and solid addiction rehabilitation program.When people think about drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation, they often think with the pipe dream of a luxurious, five star resort on a tropical beach somewhere. Why? Why I ask? What is that really going to do to help someone actually beat addiction for good? Probably not much. Sure Choices Recovery has some nice amenities, and sure the facility itself is quite nice, but the key strength of this rehab program is that the program is immensely good at helping people beat addiction! It is as simple as that!Choices Recovery applies what’s called an, “Open ended, multi modality, results based, evidence based” approach to addiction treatment. This means that they take each day, one day, at a time. They operate off of about twelve different rehab approaches, and they mix and match those approaches in different ways to tailor make an approach that is workable and helpful for everyone who goes there seeking help for an addiction. This means that everyone gets a slightly different approach to addiction treatment. This aspect more than anything is what saved my daughter. My hat is off to Choices Recovery for coming through once again, and I could not be more happy with them or with the services that they offer. Keep up the good work!
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By: Sue A.
Choices Recovery
I first started using drugs when I was a teen, smoking pot occasionally with friends and I thought it was no big deal. That slowly turned into me looking at myself 10 years later and smoking crack around the corner of my house with out a care in the world. I have a great job and a two beautiful kids that I love more than anything in the world, but somehow I have ended up here. Why? I was not able to find out why I was even using or what led me up to it. All I knew is that I needed help or I was about to lose everything I had worked so hard for. I told my husband that I had a problem and that I was ready to get help. He agreed and we began the search to find a program. I knew that I did not want to be close to home as hard as it was for me to leave because I knew that if I was the thought in me head of having my family and drug buddies right around the corner would make me not want to stay and I knew that I wanted to be successful. We came across Choices Recovery and right away I felt a feeling come over me that I should give this center a try. It was what I was looking for. When I got to the facility I was greeted by trained professional staff that made me feel welcome right away. Everyone was very caring and sensitive to my needs and they made me feel as comfortable as I could knowing that I was not feeling the greatest when I got there. It was easy to get started on the path to recovery here as it felt so welcoming, These people did not treat you as though you were a burden or a problem, they made you feel as though it was their pleasure to help you get through this time in your life and they were happy to be the ones to help you. I began seeing things in myself after a period of time that I did not remember about myself such as why I started using and what led me to my problem. With their help I was able to find myself again and recognize what my addition has caused over the years, and how badly I had hurt the ones that I loved. With Choices help, I am now clean and sober, I have my family back and I have my job. I did not see how badly I was hurting the ones around me that I loved so much until I got help. I want to be successful in life and I want to set a good example for my children and sometimes that means owning up to things we are doing wrong and getting the help that we need to fix it, move on and learn from our mistakes. I owe so much to this facility and I truly thank them for everything that they have done to help me succeed in life.
By: Joelle G.
Choices Recovery
I think that at choices they are very good with treating addiction, any sort, alcohol or drugs. My aunt has been an alcoholic since I can remember, and it was a very heavy situation for our entire family. She has made so many problems in our lives, when we tried to help her and others tried too, but to not much result. We always told her that this is gonna end really bad, well it kinda did, she ended up in the hospital, and they told her that is she doesn't stop drinking. She has a hearth attack, and honestly I though that was it, she is gonna go. But she got out of it pretty well, so at the hospital she was forced to not drink, so we said that when the doctor give us okay, she goes straight to rehab, and we give her no choices. At this point she did realize that it is a very bad place where she is at, and she knew that she was too young to die, not yet. So she said okay, she is gonna go to rehab, hence we sent her to choices. It was a great choice cause first of all they kept her as much as they needed, made sure she was ready to go, even though it is always hard to continue after the rehab, but they did not have this 30 day policy. It might seem a lot already but it is not, cause for someone who has been an alcoholic for most of her life, 30 days is nothing and not enough, so she stayed close to two months, and she said she was very happy that they kept her longer, cause if she would have had returned sooner probably she would have relapsed very quickly. Than she said that the case managers were really well trained and they did help her tons. The twelve step program was amazing, and she had loads of changes in her attitude towards life. She said that now shes is very serious about this She is going to continue to go to aa meetings, she has gone every week since she is back home. She has a really amazing sponsor who is looking out for her a lot. So she got her life together and she seems much more focused than before and finally there is no drama, I mean not as much drama in my family than before. After I know that it is still hard for her, cause going to a rehab is one thing, but when people kinda see alcohol everywhere, literally, and there is a daily temptation, it is very hard. They do get you through the hardest part, but they show you the toad, after is her decision to walk on it.
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By: Joe C.
Choices Recovery
Choices recovery is an amazing facility. it is very well kept and clean and the setting is very quaint and peaceful. The staff here is amazing and I really do not have anything to say bad to say about this place. One thing that I love is that every one here at this center is so very well in tune of what the goal is here and that is helping people. Everyone that walks in their doors is welcomed and we feel safe in the environment here. The staff prides themselves in doing the most that they can to make sure that we all leave here a changed person and that we have really gained everything that we cold while we were here. There are days that I felt like giving up and on those days they made it very clear how much they want to see you succeed and they will not let you give up on yourself. They fight for you when you do not have it in you to see the light at the end of the tunnel and are not willing to fight for yourself. I was in a sad dark place when I came here and I am slowly beginning to realize that my life has value and I am finding my true self again. I know that I have let so many people down in my life and by being here I am ready to make all the changes needed to show myself and others what I am capable of. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and being given this chance to show everyone what I am made of and get rid of this demon inside of me. Thank you to all of the staff, there are some highly trained individuals here and without a certain gentleman in the program not talking me into staying over the course of many weeks I do not think that I would have stayed to see it thought to the end. I will remember all of the encouraging words I will remember all of the classes and all of the insight each and everyone of you gave to me while I was here. I will be forever grateful to all of you and I also thank you for setting up aftercare for me so that I know all of the tips and tricks to spot when I am in a situation that I should not be in. I am on the road to recovery and I can not remember the last time I felt so much strength in myself I feel that I am strong willed I feel healthy again and I have so much pride knowing that I followed through with something and I that I have made myself proud and I know that my family and friends could not be more proud of me either
Tips & Advices
Group counseling is when one or more counselors lead a group discussion, usually between five and 15 people. The group may focus on a shared experience or situation, and provide support and encouragement to the other attendees.
Each state defines its own requirements for what licenses and education are needed to be a counselor. It's common for counselors to have a bachelor's degree in psychology or a similar field, as well as a master's degree. After that, counselors should obtain their state license, and can move on to achieving other licenses like the:
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC) license
  • Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) license
  • Master Addictions Counselor (MAC) license
  • Forensic Health Evaluators (FHE) license
  • Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) license
  • Certified Family Therapist (CFT) license
This all depends on the patient's goals and circumstances. Some people are happy with their results after just a few sessions; others continue to meet with their counselors for years. There is no right or wrong length of time to go to counseling.
Anyone can benefit from counseling services. Counseling can help you gain greater insight into yourself; deal with feelings of sadness, worry, depression or anxiety; as well as work out relationship problems, trauma or addiction. Not every type of counseling service works with every person.
Yes. Except in very specific situations, a counselor will never repeat conversations from a counseling session. Situations where information from sessions might be shared include:
  • If the counselor believes the patient might harm him or herself, or someone else.
  • If the counselor wants to get a second opinion on the patient's treatment. If this is the case, the counselor should seek the patient's written permission before consulting another professional.

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