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  • Opposed to what the previous p...

    Opposed to what the previous poster said I'd say that this is a nice store. Sure there's a little dirt but it's a pet store in Alaska for gods sake. Anyone who lives in Alaska should understand that as well as the high prices. Even our walmart is more expensive than the ones in the states. The aquariums are clean and the algae found in the tanks is the "good" kind of algae which comes from good nutrients in the water and the lighting. They wouldn't want the algae eating fish to die now would they? This pet store does not use cedar bedding because they know that it causes respiratory problems in rodents. Last I looked they had at most 5 birds to a cage if there was more than one and about 20 cages.

  • Filthy and overpriced

    The prices are outrageous in Our Best Friends. $16 dollars for 23 liters of Carefresh? $160 dollars for a cage with weak mesh? The treatment of the animals is horrifying. The rodents are kept in a smelly, poorly-ventilated room where breeding and inbreeding goes on unchecked. The litters are unhealthy and the cages are overcrowded. Water bottles are left empty and more than once, I have seen dead animals in the bottoms of the cages. All the rrats are suffering from lung infections. I recently brought home two babies to live with my adults. They died of mycoplasma shortly after, despite antibiotics and a humidifier. Also, my two adults caught the disease and died too. This Pet Store uses cedar bedding because it is cheap. That is a sure sign when measuring incompetence. This place has hundreds of parakeets which all live in the same cage. They will never be able to get rid of them and the population will only continue to grow. Also, there is such a thick layer of algae, you cannot view the fish in the fish tanks. Overall, the treatment of animals in this place is vile and cruel. I will not be returning. Instead, I order from Petco.

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