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By: B F.
All Virgin Hair
I went to the store location in Tucker to purchase my hair. The store was very nice and the young lady that helped me gave me a lot of information on the different types of hair they sold. This was my fist time purchasing hair is a long time because I feel that I always waste money on bad hair, but I read the reviews on this website and watched You Tube videos about people saying they love the hair and that it was great quality. I decided to try it out. I purchased the Brazilian Natural wavy hair in 18' 16' 14' and I loved it when I received it. I was so excited to have hair that was going to last a long time. When I got home I co-washed the hair as instructed on the card that was attached to the hair and from the instructions on the website. I was very careful and read everything. The hair started shedding during the co-wash but I thought it would get better. I got my hair installed last Monday (a week ago) and my hair has shed like crazy. I did not seal my wefts, I have not cut the wefts and I have not colored the hair. I washed my hair on yesterday (Sunday) and discover about six grey hairs that were not there originally. That means that the hair was processed before I purchased it. I have contacted the store and will continue to contact them until I hear back from them. I don't want to think that they just have bad hair but honestly I should have listen to my friend when she told me to go to True Glory because she has had her hair for two months and has no shedding at all and she paid less for her hair. While I sit at home with a bag full of hair I have collected over the past week. Not a happy customer!!!
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By: Ericka P.
All Virgin Hair
I really never thought I would be writing a negative review about All Virgin Hair Boutique because I've never had a problem with this hair until my last set of bundles. I purchased three bundles of the same hair and my beautician noticed that one bundle was way curler and could not use it for my bob. So I really didn't think nothing of it because I was thinking I could use it later for another style. I put the bundle in my closet on its original packaging. About a month later, I pulled it out and noticed not only was it super curly but tangled! I called the Camp creek store and spoke to the manager and explain this too her. I also explained that I have my receipt but my warranty has passed. She still said bring it in. When I got there, she was screaming another tune...too make a long story short I'm stuck with an useable bundle of hair. I've bought over 12 bundles of hair from them and they couldn't even exchange a bad bundle from a repeat customer. I will probably never return and I'm sure they wouldn't care less. Beware of their hair...... Just a follow up to my earlier post..I received a call from Tiffany of All Virgin Hair boutique. I'm not sure if she was a manger, owner or a customer services rep; however she handled my situation like a boss. Tiffany gave me the opportunity to exchange my hair for a new bundle. The quality of the new bundle was the great quality that I'm used to purchasing at All Virgin Hair. I do understand that business owners have to determine the scammers from the honest customers. I'm glad that Tiffany made the situation right to an honest customer.
By: imjustbeinghonest
All Virgin Hair
I'm just gonna be honest here when I walked in the shop It looked lovely everything was so pretty but the people were not that personable, but they were cordial. They were just trying to get me in and out I could tell and they didn't know much about the quality of the hair and from the way this hair has been acting I could see why they weren't excited to sell it to me, they probably knew it sucked. I believe anyone who writes/gives good reviews about this company are more than likely being sponsored and were given better hair than they sell. Ok the hair I bought was Brazilian Straight in a 14'' and 16'' this was enough for a full thick sew in. The hair was damp when I got it but did not smell bad. I did have to cut about an inch off both because the ends were thin. The hair was soft at first even after I dyed it jet black. After a few weeks it got coarse and thick, it has always shed bad since I first got it and I do Silicon Mix treatments on it every week. Now if I was the hair I HAVE to blow dry and straighten it because if I don't then the hair will be a big ball of tangled matted mess and even then I must wash and condition it often because that's the only way to keep it looking decent. Buy this hair at your own risk I wouldn't suggest it.
By: hairguru101
All Virgin Hair
I purchased this hair last week and I am extremely pleased! I purchased the bundle deal "THE DIVA" Peruvian natural wave 18" 20” 22” 24”. I decided to get these four bundles to test out before buying at wholesale. My reason for 4 bundles is to have a big and full look and I was definitely able to achieve that! This hair & the quality of the hair is worth its cost.. CRAZY REASONABLE!!!!! I think I have found a new place to buy my hair from. This hair is seriously amazing. It’s absolutely full of body, and soft as butter. I've never gotten so many compliments on my hair before this. I even threw it in a pony tail and was complimented. I think the Malaysian will be next on my list! Thank you ladies for selling such a GREAT product and also for giving EXCELLENT customer service. See you ladies for my next big purchase ;-)
By: Michelle F.
Natural Hair Braiding
I'm up at 3am writing this review. Let me start with getting to the salon at the appointment time made at 11am. One of two ladies in the salon started my hair at around 12:58pm. Faux locs my style of choice. The First Lady did about 8 or 10 locs by 2:30 in the meantime they asked me to pay...I did only to turn around and wait another 1hr for the second lady Helen to finish the job. She complained about the 1st lady not properly doing my hair and said she would fix it. She didn't fix it! She didn't do my hair properly either. This is day two and because she didn't secure my locs several have unraveled!! Now I'm removing them because I don't want to show up at work all week with them coming unraveled. $230 out of my pocket into the trash ��������������������������������
By: Ariana T.
All Virgin Hair
I have been shopping here for 2 years and I've never received hair that I could not reuse or give to my family for someone else to use. I'm currently wearing 3 bundles of their Peruvian Body Wave 22" and 1 bundle of 16" and I have not bought new hair in 6 months. I've been using this same hair for 3 installations (two months at a time) so far and I only use their recommended products to maintain my extensions and my natural hair. Their line of shampoo and conditioner has exceeded my expectations and I will continue shopping here.
By: Juanita G.
All Virgin Hair
This hair is really good. I have shopped at all there stores and so far so good. I had one bad experience about a year ago, but they handled the situation really well and they did exchange my hair. I have been wearing extensions for many years so I know no company can be perfect because hair itself is not perfect, and I understand that every company will sometimes have bad bundles, but this is the first company that actually gave me an exchange and great service. so for that I must give them praise.
By: Jessica D.
All Virgin Hair
Ok so I must say I was a little The hesitant due to the reviews I read, but based on my other choices in Atlanta and other terrible experiences with other local boutiques I found this one was my best Choice, because of their brand, look and I did have some great word of mouth references. Ok first off I would like to say customer service and my overall shopping experience was amazing, I purchased the Malaysian NW and loved it! I'm on my 3rd install now. I would definitely shop there again.
By: youknowitisreal
Deeply Rooted
After having experienced numerous other shops, I rate Deeply Rooted THE BEST! I was referred by two servers of whom hair I admired as I was dining. Although the shop is 39 miles from my home, it is worth driving the distance. I love the salon's ambiance, the locticians are quick and care for each client's hair. Last, but not least, all of the employees are extremely courteous, hospitable, friendly, and professional.
By: ttwhit516
Deeply Rooted
Deeply Rooted should be better known as Deeply Talented! they use the best products from the shampoo to the oils...don't even get me started on the shampoo girls they should be renamed as professional scalp massagers! My stylist Toya hooked me UP with a classy updo and the crazy thing about it is I've had this style in for a week and a half and its still holding up. I love my new hair home!

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