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By: brandylovesmath
Home School Cottage
I am forever grateful to the Home School Cottage. The people there are like a family--supportive, accepting, and encouraging. I serve as a teacher, and I love the atmosphere. It revived me as a teacher. Coming from teaching in the public realm, it was a breath of fresh air to find this place untouched or tainted by regulations, completely focused on children and their education. I am also involved with the cottage as a parent. My son attended as a student, and I couldn't be happier with the result. He took Creative Writing, Science, and History. He developed a love of learning, an attitude of cooperation with others, and a deep respect for teachers. So many people were so helpful. He was tested at the end of that year and did very well, but what I love the most is what happened to his character. I have another son who is doing the "Out of the Box" program this year. He is very excited, and so am I.
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By: Haley B.
Home School Cottage
I am currently attending Homeschool Cottage and I must say that it, for me; has been one of the greatest experiences that anyone can ask for. Not only have I auctally started passing, but the tutors and staff are extremely kind and accepting. They will help you at all costs and sell great quality learning/study supplies. If there would be one thing I ever regretted, it would be not signing up eariler.

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