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By: Ali K.
Great Plains Property Management
GPPM - Maple Town Homes is a decent property but the management are the absolute worst people to deal with. The people skills are awful and they blame everything on the tenants. For example, the rent box got broken into and they said it wasn't their fault for the occurence. I called to confirm if my check had been deposited or not and they told me very rudely to write another check and figure it out. In addition to this they told me to give a 60 day notice before moving out in writing and she yelled at me over the phone when I called to come in to do so. Every time I have contacted the office they are extremely rude and disrespectful. Not very happy with living here simply because of the management. I wouldn't recommend this property.
By: Emily D.
Great Plains Property Management
I lived at Maple Heights apartments. While the apartment itself was ok, the property manager Chanelle is HORRIBLE to deal with. Apartments are supposed to be smoke free.. they aren't. Smoke and the smell of pot in the hallway was rampant at times and Chanelle did NOTHING about complaints. One person in the building let their dogs poop in the hallways and again Chanelle did nothing about it, She let it continue. It was horrible. She is the worst person I've ever had to deal with in any rental company. Does not respond to or care about complaints, even from good tenants. She doesn't care if the building is in disarray and doesn't make anyone comply with rules. It's no wonder the building is half empty now...
By: Laurie A.
Triangle Properties Llp
Me and my husband have only great things to say about this landlord. We are renting a really nice 3 bedroom 2 bath house from them. They remove our snow. Any problem we have, they take care of ASAP. The best place we have ever rented from. We have not had 1 problem with them. And thats the truth. I would highly recommend them.
By: Mandy F.
Steeplechase Apartments
I have been living here at Samuleson development for a while now and I have no complaints. I really love how my apartment feels like home. I really enjoy it, and the managers are very nice, if I need anything they are here to help me out.
By: Jamie J.
Stonehedge Apartments
When I sold my house and moved into Stonehedge I had no intentions of staying here long but I have been here for two years and I just singed another two year lease! Im not going anywhere any time soon, these apartments are just too great.
By: Trent W.
Steeplechase Apartments
I sold my house and began looking to move about two years ago and I was very happy to have found Samuelson Development. I am so happy here that I just signed another two year lease. I would recommend living here to anyone.
By: Paul D.
Stonehedge Apartments
Living at Samuelson Development is great. I love the location, Location was very important to me and I am very glad I found everything I was looking for at Samuelson Development. The staff is great as well, no complaints.
By: Chassity H.
Stonehedge Apartments
When I put in a request for repairs to be done at they are always taken care of right away. Stonehedge Apartments is a overall excellent place to live. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an apartment.
By: Shauna D.
Stonehedge Apartments
I have had a few repairs needed and I was so pleased with how quickly they were taken care of. They are so accommodating and always make sure you are well taken care of. I would highly recommend this place.
By: Jordan C.
Steeplechase Apartments
The residential managers here at Samuelson Development are very nice people, always willing to help me out. I appreciate having them around to come by when I need them to. My apartment is very nice here.

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