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By: dr. terence m.
McCormick Acupuncture Natural Medicine
A Note To Patients Re: Non-Acupuncturists Providing Acupuncture Colleges of acupuncture have existed in the United States for over 30 years and many decades more throughout Asia. Graduating from one of these accredited colleges is the first step in becoming a properly trained acupuncturist (typically a four year 3,400 hour Masters degree; add an additional two years and 2,000 hrs for a Doctoral degree with 550-1000+ hours of supervised clinical internship). Sioux Falls has a number of elite acupuncture doctors that have graduated from top colleges and universities of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in the US and China (Dr. McCormick has attended both - see ocom.edu). These doctors are researchers and published authors in the field of acupuncture and/or were professors at colleges of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. As a patient seeking acupuncture care please consider calling one of these practitioners first (before a chiropractor that simply dabbles in acupuncture with a 100-300 hour weekend training course). These acupuncture doctors can help you and give you the safest and highest quality of care you are looking for from a practitioner. Simply put, for a doctor of acupuncture, acupuncture is their focused field of expertise and it is part of the vast healing system of traditional Asian medicine. It is not simply some treatment modality that was added to a practitioner's "tool box". Many non-acupuncturists have arrogantly done this while not honoring the science and depth of study and practice this ancient healing art requires to be a skilled, safe and effective practitioner. They disregard the dedication, knowledge and skill of true acupuncturists by taking a few weekend courses or an elective introductory course at their chiropractic school and then hold themselves out to the public as being adequately trained in acupuncture. Let's all be informed while honoring, respecting and supporting the amazing community of highly skilled and trained doctors of acupuncture and Oriental medicine we have here in Sioux Falls. Let's honor the acupuncture doctors and their practices in our community. Just because these non-acupuncturists have a loop hole in their profession's practice act that allows them to perform acupuncture does not mean they have to take advantage of it (especially since they know they aren't adequately trained and in some ways misrepresenting themselves to the public). It is important to remember the first step to becoming a safe and effective acupuncturist is to have graduated from an acupuncture college. When a practitioner wants to give you acupuncture, ask them from what acupuncture college did they graduate and how many hours was their training. If they respond with 100-300 hours it is best to be safe and seek care from a properly trained acupuncturist with far more that ten or even 30-40 times more education in the field of acupuncture.
By: K L.
Johnson Chiropractic & Acupuncture
I was advised to go here a while back and couldn't believe the treatment I got!!! Lets just say I have been going here for while now. The front office staff is always friendly. I have seen both Dr. Bruce and Dr. Ryan Johnson at different times for multiple items such as adjustments, therapy, and acupuncture. They are always very patient and show a genuine concern for what is going on. I have seen a couple other chiropractors over time but have always ended back at Johnson Chiropractic. They are what you should expect in a chiropractor plus some!
By: kkm2012
Innate Chiropractic Health
The doctors here are both very nice and good at what they do. The office is very relaxing and I look forward to going to my appointments. Dr. Baar does amazing muscle work, something called ART. She also does acupuncture and it has made my sciatica disappear!
By: sunnee1
Konstant Chiropractic
Dr. Konstant is thorough, yet provides a relaxed, calming session. Very professional and insightful into the body's natural healing abilities.His acupuncture sessions are relaxing, yet energizing.Will.Be.Back.
By: Penlope M.
Y's Buys
this store is amzing good deals and bargins and good stuff five stars!

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