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By: Christine S.
Speedconnect Internet Svc
I have had service with Speedconnect since November of 2013 and up until recently, I have been extremely satisfied and even referee other customers to this provider. However, over the last month or so, the service has been disappointing to say the very least. I received a phone call from the office and was told that there had recently been an update to the tower in my area and that a technician would need to come to my home a reconfigure the modem to reflect the update. The appointment was made and on the day of the appointment I waited and no one called or showed up. My husband called that evening and asked what was going on. The person on the phone apologized and rescheduled the appointment for Wed the 24th in the morning. On that day I waited until 11:55 AM and I needed to go to pick up my kids from camp. As soon as I left my house I got a call from the technician saying he was on his way to my house. I told him I would need to reschedule because I couldn't wait for him any longer I needed to pick up my kids. He said that I would be getting a phone call from the office to reschedule my appointment. I never did get a phone call until almost 2 weeks later when I got a voice mail saying that I was on the schedule for the following day, but it was being rescheduled for Tues July 7 in the morning. OK so that brings us to today. I waited at home all morning for a technician to call and tell me that they were on their way. At 1 PM when no one had called or shown up yet, I called the office and was told that I was on the schedule for the afternoon, not the morning and that the technician should be here shortly. I checked my voice mail again and it definitely said MORNING....twice! At 345 PM, they called and said that my appointment would need to be rescheduled to next week AGAIN! My Internet speed is too slow for me to even post this review, so I am having to use my data to post this
By: betty.kornkven
Midcontinent Communications
If more companies had the customer service MIDCO has we would all be happy. Thank You MidContinent.

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