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By: alexolsen
Andy's Wheel Alignment
Chuck is a brilliant mechanic, great guy, and straight up businessman. I'd trust my life with his mechanic work. Need a garage to take your car the rest of your life and know for sure that you can trust the work and the price? Andy's is where it's at. Forget dealerships and corporate garages. This guy will work on anything with 2 or more wheels (but i don't doubt he could do a knock out job on a unicycle). He will fix work, let you be involved in the whole process while getting quotes on parts new or used, and will straight up call the previous garage that screwed up the work and give them an ear-full if needed. He's an awesome guy and deserves your business beyond the shadow of a doubt. I recommend all my friends and family there for brakes, alignment, suspension work. Thanks Chuck!
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By: Glenn D.
Andy's Wheel Alignment
I had a loud "clunk" in the front end of my car that is 10 yrs old but only 4 months to me. I took it to 3 different mechanics. I will not publish my findings but you are free to pm me and I will probably let you know. The first shop I took it to is in the north end of the city. Diagnosis after a test drive only: need control arms, ball joints etc.. Est; $800. Next to the far east Sioux Falls. Diagnosis exact same after test drive and hoist (they even put in on a hoist!). Est $650. Last stop Andy's Alignment. Diagnosis after thorough under carriage exam. One ball joint recently replaced and good, other good also. No need to replace them. Est. $300. It is rare to find an honest mechanic anymore. My car works great. FIVE STARS to Andy's!!!
Tips & Advices
Both types of alignment add value, but front-wheel alignments are more common. Rear-wheel alignments tend to be less costly than front-wheel alignments, since front-wheel alignments are usually more complicated.
Wheel alignment might or might not be necessary when installing new tires, and this depends on the general condition of the car's wheels and when they were last aligned. Misaligned wheels can shorten the life of new tires, so it's a good idea to have the alignment checked by a professional when putting new tires in place.
Wheel alignment services are provided by mechanics and auto repair shops. Some tire shops also provide wheel alignment services. Choose a wheel alignment professional that has good online reviews on an independent review site. Many shops offer free inspections and can tell  if alignment is necessary.
A 3D-wheel alignment is a process that helps ensure the car's wheels are aligned with unerring precision. With 3D wheel alignment, wheels are aligned with machinery that includes cameras and a monitor. A 3D-wheel alignment is both accurate and quick, and each wheel can be aligned in as little as seven minutes.
Misaligned wheels can cause tire wear that is uneven and unusually heavy, and this will reduce the longevity of a car's tires and put them at greater risk for a blowout. Misaligned wheels can also reduce a car's fuel economy, and this will cost  more money at the gas pump.

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