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By: iowanative
Mel's Pawn Shop
I recently visited this shop on a shopping trip and had a great experience. The gentleman who was working was very friendly and helpful (not sure if it was "Mel" or someone else though). We were in the market for several different things on this trip as Christmas is coming up, although we were only interested in purchasing (not selling or pawning) so I can speak only from that point of view. PROS1. The shop has a decent selection of jewelry -- particularly engagement rings.2. The prices for the rings seem to range anywhere from much cheaper than your average jewelry store to about the same as your average jewelry store. You may save a lot of money here, or maybe not -- the important thing is that you definitely won't spend more. 3. The shopkeeper didn't try to pressure us into buying anything that we didn't want to buy. If we said "no" to a particular item that he suggested, he moved on. No frustration whatsoever!4. We visited all but one of the pawn shops in Sioux City that day (one of the ones on Nebraska St. is evidently closed on Saturday). This was the only shop that was actually willing to sell us silver. 5. The price that we got for the silver was very good! I won't post the price on here but I will say that it we got it at a much lower price than I expected. DON'T BUY GOLD/SILVER on eBay! You will end up paying up to twice the price that we got at this shop! 6. Again, we were only interested in buying, but multiple individuals came in to pawn/sell while we were browsing. They were in and out in just a couple of minutes (seriously) and all were happy with the original price they were offered for what they were selling (at least I didn't hear anyone haggle). 7. We were given a free ink pen with our purchase. Sure, it was for advertising purposes, but hey, how many times have you looked through your pocket/glove compartment and wished you had a pen?CONS1. It seemed like not everything that is for sale is on the shop floor. This means if you're looking for something specific, you might have to ask if they have it.2. The variety of rings was good, but I did notice one thing: they seemed to run in somewhat larger ring sizes. I realize they can be resized -- just saying. 3. Our GPS gave us really weird directions to get to the shop -- just FYI you can get there from Hamilton, you don't have to turn off onto sidestreets.4. Compared to the other shops in Sioux City, the showroom is much smaller. This means a somewhat smaller selection to choose from and a little less elbow room to browse (fortunately it wasn't busy when we were there).All in all this is a great shop. It may have a smaller selection than other shops in town but it was the only one that would sell us silver. Other places either didn't deal in coins/bullion at all, or told us that they although they purchase silver, they do not sell it. If you're looking for a good deal on jewelry/precious metals in the Sioux City area, I would highly recommend giving this store a look.

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