• 1.Simi American Cab

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    Thank you for providing us with a Simi American Cab to and from Hotel. One of the best features of the service is the excellent communication, which kept me up-to-date with the arrangement and gave me

  • 2.American Cab

    Thousand Oaks,CA

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    This company screws it up everytime

  • 3.American Cab Co


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  • 4.A1 American Yellow Cab

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  • 5.American Cab Moorpark

    Serving the Simi Valley, CA area

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By: Gaeta E.
Simi American Cab
I was on my way to work From the Hotel Grand Vista,Simi Valley Ca and I had a flat Tire. I had pulled off the highway 118 Ronald Reagan freeway and despite it being early in the morning no one would stop and help me. After waiting on the side of the road for at least 30 minutes I saw an Simi American Cab pull behind my car. A very sweet man, ( Driving Cab Number # 5253 ), came up to my Car and asked if I needed any help. I told him that I was sitting here unsure of what to do since I did not know how to change a flat tire I also Called the AAA Roadside Assistance but No Show. After helping me out of my car and making sure I was far enough away from the road he proceeded to change my tire. I was amazed that it took him only Twenty minutes. When I tried to pay him he just politely said no that this was his good deed for the day, laughed and wished me a good rest of my day. I just wish there were more people like Simi American Cab Company who would show kindness to strangers in trouble.
By: Anokosha B.
Simi American Cab
First time visiting Ventura County Ca and first time leaving review online. I really don't care if the vehicle is late model or not, I just need the driver to be on time.We made a reservation to get picked up from our rental house in Simi Valley in Ventura County Ca to hotel in Hotel Best Western near LAX Air Port about 45 min away from Simi Valley Ca, the driver showed up on time with no issues. The wedding finished around midnight, so we called different company because they were based in Simi Valley Ca, we waited Fourty Minutes but no Cab came. The front desk Manager somehow called the same Taxi Company the Simi American Cab, we were happy because we got the same nice driver earlier, we wished we had saved his number. So we decided to call him the next day, he couldn't show up but at least he called his friend for us. Always on time and good customer service. I Give Them Credit For Sense of Responsibility
By: Erin S.
Simi American Cab
I take these guys all the time. I live in Studio City and work in Moorpark. I take Simi American Cab Four times a week to the Moorpark and use them again going back home. Always a pleasure riding with them. I will very rarely get a driver with an attitude.I Like This drivers is very nice and the cars are More Rooms & clean. I call them Thirty minutes prior to my pick up and have never been disappointed.A great cab company. Simi American Cab is the best in the valley. Always on time and professional service. The drivers are very knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend them. I would never consider using another company. They are the best. A great cab company. Simi American Cab is the best in the Moorpark & Simi Valley. Always on time and professional service. The drivers are very knowledgeable and courteous.
By: Friedhelm H.
Simi American Cab
I had been stood up by another cab company who I'd made a reservation with several days previously. I was frantic, I had to get to the airport... what was I going to do? I called Front desk Grand Vista Hotel Receptionist so sweet of her Hazel She call Simi American Cab, they said it may take 3 to 7 minutes., but they'd put a rush order on it. I got a call 3 or so minutes later and the Simi American Cab SUV was just a Half a mile away. He picked me up and got me to the airport in time. Had I waited on that other untrustworthy Cab Company I likely would've missed my flight... and that's a $710.00 Plane ticket! Thank You Simi American Cab!!! Prompt, courteous and professional. friendly service. safe and reliable. Excellent for Disabled customers. personalized service. I recommend highly.
By: Shawn B.
Simi American Cab
WOW...finally a cab company in Simi Valley CA that gets it right. I took a Simi american Cab from New bury Park CA back to the Hotel Grand Vista Simi Valley CA Last Late Night . The Toyota Brand New SUV Car was spotless and very comfortable - a huge step up from the old, stinky Cabs with the screeching breaks with all four windows permanently rolled down to air out the smoke smell. My super friendly, chatty driver was one of the Best Driver of the company. He described their unique, eco friendly business model that is poised to succeed as the other Cab Companies in town buckle under the weight of increasing Gas prices.I highly recommend Simi American Cab the next time you need a ride!
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By: Jason L.
Simi American Cab
Thank you for providing us with a Simi American Cab to and from Hotel. One of the best features of the service is the excellent communication, which kept me up-to-date with the arrangement and gave me a lot of confidence that we would get to our destination without any hassle. I really appreciated the meet and greet feature at Simi American Cab with Brand New Black Mercedes Benz Eight Seats Passengers Van as it was our first time at this Hotel and it was nice that our driver was waiting at Outside the Lobby with a name board. He was very friendly, helped with the luggage and got us to Lax Airport safely! Would definitely recommend and thank you once again!
By: David J.
Simi American Cab
This is the second time I have been using this Taxi Cab service from my house in country club drive,Simi Valley CA and I am very satisfied customer with this Taxi Cab service since the beginning. both times we have been greeted by the driver our luggage's have been handled very properly.The driver is a great guy Well Dress he offered us Special Discount , was very polite and the most important the SUV Toyota Rav4 Brand new car was spotless very clean. 1st choice is definitely the car service I will stick to for all my trip transportation's.
By: Irina M.
Simi American Cab
Visiting Ventura County, Simi Valley Ca for business, I needed to take a cab from Hotel Holiday Inn Express to Hollywood was uneventful . and when we got to the hotel, I dug my wallet out of my pocket and paid. Inside the hotel, I realized I dropped my wallet in the cab. Long story short: the Holiday Inn Express Front Desk Call Simi American Cab the driver, and within an hour he dropped it off at the hotel. The Driver even called me back to make sure I got my wallet. I can't praise Simi American Cab Driver service enough!
By: Josefa G.
Simi American Cab
We Came to Simi Valley at Hotel Holiday Inn Express from San Diego ca by Amtrak train we called the Hotel for the transportation from the Amtrak train station and hotel they Arranged us The Taxi Cab . pick up and We left the bags at the hotel and we got the taxi back to Ronald Reagan Library .Again we Called the same Taxi Cab Company from the Ronald Reagan Library To the Hotel.Highly recommend them.they are the Best Agreat Cab Company.Simi American Taxi Company is the Best in the City of Simi Valley Ca.
By: Wilson S.
Simi American Cab
My son was very ill at the Hospital, and since our family had only one car due to an insurance fiasco, I had to hire a taxi. The driver, was prompt in picking me up, and knowing that I wanted to see my son as quickly as possible, got me to the hospital promptly and safely. His courtesy, and concern as a father was not only thoughtful, but refreshing in a taxi driver. He was compassionate, and reassuring. There simply is no better taxi around. I will definitely be calling back.

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