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By: prichardson4575
Alliance Relocation Systems
My move was completed today and I feel the need to let anyone and everyone know the type of service I received from my moving company. The name of the company is Alliance Relocation Lines.I am sure anyone that reads this has either heard or experienced the horrible events that often happen with moving companies. I talked to no less than 15 moving companies and had 3 companies come to our Brooklyn home to give a written estimate. While Alliance Relocation was not the cheapest they were not the most expensive either. The professionalism every person my wife and I came in contact with was above and beyond my highest hopes. Robert the person that wrote the estimate and was my contact person before during and after my move, not only was courteous and knowledgeable but always easy to contact at all hours and days. Rudy the actual person that handled the move at pick up at old house and the delivery at new house was equally as impressive. He worked hard wasted no time and was always respectful. Now for the amazing facts of this move with Alliance Relocation Lines. They arrived at the exact time scheduled, they delivered at the exact time scheduled. Based on the original date scheduled our items arrived in the allotted time expected. The price quoted actually came in slightly higher than was quoted. Believe it or not! Not a single surprise with any aspect of this move. My wife and I could not be happier with Alliance Relocation and especially Dave and Rudy they are the best ! I know the above sounds like a scripted review I assure you it is not. Thank you very much Alliance Relocation you guys are superb.
By: Nerissa S.
Alliance Relocation Systems
I don't have a clue how this company works and I am actually not expecting a positive outcome on my move because I was on rush to move, I just picked up the mover I see first upon my web search. I called them and asked for a quote based on the details I have for my items. They were easy to talk to and pretty good talker too. They convinced me immediately and hired them to move me and my family out of Maryland. The move date came and everything went well, they arrived at the right time; they were not late like other movers. Then they began their work and they divided each room to pack to different men. Four people are working on packing all our stuffs and one guy is heading them by checking all their work and documenting the items.They were focused and very organized. Even the Thrash they managed to make neatly looking by putting it in one box. Eleven days after they pick up our belongings they delivered it to our new home. They work fast with care and was adamantly working and patiently asking us were to place the now inventory checked item. We are happy because they managed to move us without any single damage or missing item. I am a now new loyal customer.
By: kalyani77777
Alliance Relocation Systems
We were shipping a partial apartment from the East to West Coast. The move itself was straightforward, but the timing was complicated. We needed the movers to come quickly, then hold our items in storage, then deliver in a very narrow window. They were able to do this perfectly. The crew was very courteous on both ends. They came, left, and delivered when promised. Everything arrived in very good condition. They were helpful in taking down and setting up needed furniture pieces. On both ends, they were in our house for approximately 2-3 hours. They wrapped every piece of furniture in protective cloth, supplied us with several additional boxes (wardrobe boxes, etc). The price for extra supplies was quite reasonable.The initial quote was approximately $1750. We were charged an additional fee at the delivery end, as the steet was too narrow to recieve the wide moving van. We were told ahead of time that this expense might happen. We packed most items ourselves ahead of time, so the move was mostly furniture and boxes. We did not have many fragile items.I would definitely use the company again, and would recommend them to anyone w/ similar needs.
By: lou_southard
Alliance Relocation Systems
for the past five years, I moved four times already, mostly using different companies and most of my moves does not end up so great, until my last week's move. I used Alliance Relocation Systems Inc to move me. From the start, They gave us a very accurate estimate over the phone and help us plan our move. Soon, the sales agent contacted us via phone and we went over the details. She talks politely and seemed nice, and assured us everything is going as it planned. Shortly after arriving, the manager/driver provided us with detailed information about the work and the packing they will be doing. I packed some on the boxes but I did not expect that I will still be needing some and thank GOD they have extra boxes. Actually they were well equipped. The packing obviously took much longer but once we arrived at our house they unpacked us in record time and even help us to reassemble some of our furniture. The guys were very nice and honest and they and I must say, we were extremely pleased with their service. Very fast, friendly and efficient and very professional company which I wouldn't hesitate to use again and highly recommend to everybody !
By: evans_karle
Alliance Relocation Systems
I recently graduated from College and got a job out of my home state Maryland. I need to move and I found some movers online. As a fresh graduate I am in sultry tight budget so I need to find the cheapest that I can get. I found a lot of moving companies online. Most gave a good pricing but Alliance Relocation Systems gave the best I can afford. I hired them and scheduled the move.I did not expect the very good service at all but I am quite amazed. They were seriously professional on their craft. They are ready, well equipped and fast workers. They finished packing, all my stuffs and loaded on their truck.While it was stored on their warehouse something delayed my move for days. So I called them to ask for change on delivery date. Its quite surprising, they said okay as long as the items where not yet loaded for delivery.All in all its a good move for me. No stolen or broken items and they are quite impressive on the delivery. All of my items where physically accounted for in front of me and they have me check it before putting inside the apartment.I would definitely refer them if ever someone asked me to.
By: Victory N.
Alliance Relocation Systems
I lived in in Annapolis, MD and I was not present when the move happened, my mother was there to supervise them with everything. She had positive feedback of the pick up. When they needed to deliver the shipment to New York, me, my mom and dad was there to receive it, but we encountered some problems when the driver found our that the road to my mom's house was unreachable by 18-wheeler truck. Its no way that he can turn the truck to our new home. As per their protocol, it should be done by renting a smaller truck which will cost us more money, but instead of pushing the rental truck, they gave us options which in fact we suggested my father who has truck with straight open trailer can pick it up from the place where they are located. Alliance's men secured all our items by adding more padding and helping my father tie it up good. After 5 return he finished everything and we were thankful that they gave us options instead of spending more money. I will definitely recommend them.
By: s_bailey
Alliance Relocation Systems
Thank you so much Alliance Relocation for your excellent service from our very first point of contact. Customer service was always friendly and accomodating (especially with the changes I needed to make because of our schedule). Thank you for being friendly and flexible. I was very surprised that your guys showed up early, and started pre-wrapping my nicer pieces right away. Also when asked not to use the dolly for the new house, your guys were friendly and accomodating. They didn't ding the walls and pretend like the dings were already there, and when asked what they needed from us, they asked us to be totally packed when they got there so the guys could get right to work. We were and things went so smoothly. Also the price they initially quoted was higher, so the few pieces we needed moved cost less than they thought. Now that's honesty! Thanks guys, will definitely recommend you and/or use you again.
By: Sarah M.
Alliance Relocation Systems
Alliance Relocation Systems inc caught my attention when I was searching the net for a mover and clicked their website. The website greets you with a pleasant woman's voice on the background and some videos to watch about their company and when its time to fill up the form and ask for a quote its very easy to use and understand, with the list of different locations of their warehouses and some company and truck images. So enough, building up their website because I am so proud I hired them. How neat their website shows how neat and professional they are, for real.The move itself was just about as painless as possible. The team of Three guys handled the job quickly and professionally, showing up on time and getting everything packed in just 2 hours and delivered to the new place after six days. Highly reasonable among st all the companies I inquired with.
By: ninat1
Alliance Relocation Systems
I'm never in a good mood when I have to move, and I was especially bitter this time since I had got to move a few blocks away and had no choice to call in for the movers because my friends were unwilling to help so I decided to go with Alliance Relocation Systems .On the moving day I had a large pullout sofa that weighs a metric ton, which I thought had no chance of making it into my new place. I put my faith in the crew and they did not disappoint. I can say they are competent and will make short work out of your move, After the job was done the amount due was less than the initial quote and since they completed it before time the amount reduced a little lower than the initial estimate for which I had to face a little inconvenience of going to my bank and ordering a separate cheque for them otherwise their service was not bad at all.
By: rickd2
Alliance Relocation Systems
We were recommended Alliance Relocation Systems by a colleague. I called up their sales department to have all my queries answered and got impressed when these guys happily obliged. These guys were professional, polite, and didn't break anything. They took the door off it's hinges, moved the couch in, put the door back on it's hinges, and were done in around 10 minutes.that too for a reasonable price. which was realistic. They even called the next day to do a satisfaction survey. After the job was done the amount due was less than the initial quote and since they completed it before time the amount reduced a little lower than the initial estimate for which I had to face a little inconvenience of going to my bank and ordering a separate cheque for them otherwise their service was not bad at all.

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