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By: Mary H.
Jeff Adair Pain Management
im trying to find out if this is a pain dr. office, my dr said to continue receiving my tramadol, i have to go to a pain dr. my arms in a sling from my elbow dislocated.
By: Ronald C.
Shreveport, Pain Clinic-Dr. Sudar Tanga MD
You hear all kinds of bad things about Dr Tanga on here but I'm here to tell my experiences. I was seeing him for unfortunate circumstances of dealing with chronic pain. He is very nice,professional and strict but for your on good. If your over weight like I am you will have to lose at least 2 lbs a month or else he will reduce your medication a month just by a little. He really cares how you feel and try to help you get to feel better. Only reason I had to find another doctor is because I am not working due to my health and my wife is the only one working and we are on medicaid so we have to pay cash so I had to find a dr who cost less than dr Tanga. Thanks dr Tanga again . PS! The staff he has they are all sweethearts there every single one of them. Thank you Tundra for what you did for me . Godbless you all!
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By: Janeen O.
Shreveport, Pain Clinic-Dr. Sudar Tanga MD
I have been under pain management for over 10 years of which 2 have been under the care of Dr. Sudar Tanga. If you have to come to him would mean you are in an unfortunate circumstance like me. There is considerable healing power in the physician patient alliance because when you can work together you really have a more powerful outcome. Because of his recommendations and treatment, my life has improved drastically. The difference between the two doctors is incredible. He is very proficient in his job. I like that he was educated in India. He is sort of a pedagogue in his practice. He's someone to learn from if you listen to the recommendations he has. I wished I had him to begin with years ago. I still have the problems that cause my pain, but underlying issues have gone away. I will have a new technology surgery to correct my dysfunction soon. I am thankful that Dr. Tanga has been My Doctor all of this time. I know that Dr. Tanga provides optimal treatment to anyone who is willing to receive and follow his orders as well they possibly can. I always trust his recommendations because I am living proof that things can get better and look better too. I was a fat person and now I am not. I never imagined it could happen. He is such a fantastic doctor. I have lost over 35 pounds and kept 25 off over the course of his care. That was not my goal to begin with, but losing weight and changing my entire lifestyle has helped my health. He has a good bedside manner and just a good natured person. He does see the value of alternative treatments such as diet and exercise, which is what we should be doing anyway. Not everyone can exercise, but you can do a little something. Thank You for improving my quality of life Dr. Tanga. Thank you so very much!! I can only get better from here. Forgive me, but I am being honest completely in this review. I am. If you can get past the facility, it is not completely aesthetically pleasing because it is an older building, but it is very very clean. As far as the comments I see on here, I say they were a couple of disgruntled customers who possibly didn't get what they wanted. Possibly that they are people who are failing to follow doctors treatment or recommendations. The noncompliant patient attitudes like that will result in failure.When I go for an appointment, I have observed a waiting room where everyone is usually in a good mood and everyone seems to be very happy. They like Dr. Tanga ALOT. I have heard singing praises and comments about him. They say he is strict a little, but they love him. It seemed completely positive. The staff is usually always cordial. I have always received a courtesy phone call the day before appointment so I won't forget. They are very reasonable. If you come in 15 minutes before your appointment to check in, you will be seen on time. I never have a longer wait than 20 minutes or so. I have never had any insurance issues. He has random drug screens.This is all Typical of how any pain management office runs. For the record, I don't have any affiliation with this office whatsoever. I just wanted to tell some truth after I read those lies.
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By: Deborah F.
Shreveport, Pain Clinic-Dr. Sudar Tanga MD
I was on their waiting to be seen after loosing my dr and being sick as heck! But they never called me and when I called them after waiting a month after they got my med records they were very rude and told me they didn't know how long it would be before they could get me in. So I had to go to a whole other state just to get help I'm still on that list as far as I know but everyone told me just be glad you didn't have to go to him bc they r rude and very much against having any weight or heavy people. He needs a reality ck bc he works for all of you guys y'all pay his salary!! Somebody needs to straight tell him.
By: M A.
Shreveport, Pain Clinic-Dr. Sudar Tanga MD
It is sad when a person has to go to this practice for help. I went for a year and saw the doctor only on my first appointment. The PA roles her eyes when a comment is made by another patient when she is walking by. I don't understand how I got refills on my medicine signed by the doctor when he was "out of the country." He has a license which states he was smart enough to get the grades, disgrace to the profession. I wonder how the staff would feel if they sat and waited 3 to 5 hours for an appointment and received the sloppy care they give. I am so glad I found Pain Care Consultants, they are awesome group of professionals Go to local vets office, any where but here at office of Dr. Sudar Tanga. .
By: Ginger C.
Shreveport, Pain Clinic-Dr. Sudar Tanga MD
This is the most despicable place I have ever been too. The only reason I go is for lack of insurance. They make you feel as if all you are is a drug addict,even though you are in so much pain. the Doctors assistant is rude. When you see her, she treats you like you are lying,does not make eye contact.If you can go anywhere else,RUN,DO NOT WALK,,I give this place a MINUS 10!!!!!!!!!
By: Lynne M.
Shreveport, Pain Clinic-Dr. Sudar Tanga MD
Do not go to Dr. Tanga if you have a choice of doctors. This is the most unprofessional office I have EVER been to. For insurance reasons, I have to go to him. But I am a nervous wreck when it is time for my appointment. 1. Dr. Tanga might see you on your first visit. But NEVER after that. He sits in a chair that you have to walk right by. He does not even acknowledge you when you walk by. 2. Dr. Tanga has an assistant who is the most unprofessional and rude person I have ever met in my life. She makes me feel like I am the lowest person to walk the earth. Unless all the rooms are full, she will not come in and see you. And in the mean time, you sit in a room waiting and listening to idle chit chat between her and who ever will talk to her for an hour sometimes. 3. Every visit I have had has lasted at least 3-4 hours. 4. The front desk is rude. If you have to bring your children with you, comments are made to leave your kids at home because it is not a pediatricians office. Very ugly attitudes by every person who works in this office. 5. Drug tests are done very regularly...charging $100. a test. I was charged for a drug test that was never given to me. 6. The doctor assistant has body odor on top of her bad bedside manners. She is very condemning of you if you even gain 3 pounds. And she is very overweight herself! 7. The ONLY reason I give this office 1 star is because it does not have a minus 10!!

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