By: Stephanie D.
Wal-Mart SuperCenter
☺For the most part, clean, not boxes in the middle of the isles as they restock, the young clerks working the self service checkout seem to be very helpful (offer & are willing to help).☺����COMPLAINT-����THE MONEY CENTER EMPLOYEES-DISRESPECTFUL, NOT DISCREET w/your personal info AT ALL, Closes EARLY-7:50, (close at 8), THEY COME ACROSS AS IF IT A BURDEN TO ASSIST YOU & YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW WHAT TO DO, buttons to PUSH & papers to FILL OUT. (I have just sat there and observed) The worst part, the "Mgr was one of them a couple of times ����. They carry on personal conversations between each other & the customer interrupts them! I always put in to consideration, maybe they are having a "bad day" or a personal issue, unfortunately this has occurred numerous times. I WILL NOT use that money center again. Corporate is being informed.But this walmart store, in general, seems to have improved a lot over the last few years. GO my neighborhood WALMART-MANSFIELD RD! ����❤
By: Mandy M.
Sam's Club
Everything is clean right when you walk in the door and almost every time you go shopping they have what you need on the shelf. All the meat is wonderful looking, put together neat, and most of all prices are great. Thanks from The Martin Family.
By: Louis N.
Johnson's Furniture
This furniture store is the place to shop if you're big on good prices and great customer service! Toby and his staff are phenomenal and a joy to shop with! Thank you and we'll be returning customers for years to come!
By: ballinonabudget
Texas Furniture Warehouse
The people are nice. The furniture is good quality but not expensive. They have free layaway for $5 down and $10 every 2 weeks and same day delivery. The building is bare, but the prices are worth checking out.
By: sewsimple59
Furniture Mania
Very friendly staff. They where able to take the time with me and help me choose. I never felt like I was being pushed like the other places. The prices are good and they even deliver
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By: Jessica Z.
Home Again
Wonderful store with great people. The new owners really take to the time help you get the perfect complements to your home. Love shopping this store.
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By: Cambria G.
J&M Furniture
Salesman empitized with his customer..He showed simpatiy. As, well! he also meet all my wants and needs..Thank you J&M Furniture!!!!
By: Elaina W.
Walmart Supercenter
I love this Walmart. Almost all the employees are great and this is the only Walmart I want to shop at.

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