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By: brandon.bowlin.1654
Watson's Appliance Service
I made a call to Watson's because my Frigidaire Upright freezer has a digital display that was continuously beeping with a code saying the door was ajar and the interior light would not come on. Compressor was still running but the alarm was very annoying. The service man explained that he was very busy and couldn't not fit me in that day but quickly gave me a reference to another repair company. But as we spoke a few more minutes I explained the issue I was having and he quickly talked me through some trouble shooting steps. We got off the phone and within 5 minutes I had it back going by using what he advised me to do. Thank you very much and will use Watson's from now on.
By: Julie B.
Delta Appliance & Refrigeration Services
My hot water heater went out early Friday morning and our biggest fear was who were we going to find before Monday with three kids a husband and myself needing to shower and wash dishes. I called every one listed for water heater repair and Delta had the lowest price and could get it done the fastest and they did it very professionally and was $200 dollar less than the other companies we called. They saved us money. Thanks Delta
By: John D.
Delta Appliance & Refrigeration Services
I have done bussiness with Delta Appliances for more than ten years and they have been great to do bussiness with, they do what they say and do a great job , making sure everything works before leaving . I will recommend these guys to anyone as a great company to do business with.
By: randy.coon.927
Roy's Appliance Repair
I found Roy's repairs to be be a very honest and amiable business to work with. My refrigerator had a bad compressor, and Choice Warranty would not replace it, but paid a little for not repairing it--maybe enough to move it. But Mr. Roy was very helpful.
By: Charlie J.
Delta Appliance & Refrigeration Services
We thank you for a job well done as we could not find no one to work on our samsung dryer until we called Delta Appliances and their price was reasonable and we will use them again, Thanks
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By: Nadine J.
Delta Appliance & Refrigeration Services
Love this business, they are always on time. my washer and dryer stop working. It took 30 minutes to fix the problem. this company service is awesome.
By: Jacquanna J.
Delta Appliance & Refrigeration Services
I had no problems with delta appliance, the gentlemen that came out to fix my problem, only took 45 minutes of my time. my freezer is working great.
By: Fredricka J.
Delta Appliance & Refrigeration Services
I didn't have any hot water, I called delta appliance, my water heater were fix in no time. My experience with this company were very pleasing.
By: Kayarrow H.
Delta Appliance & Refrigeration Services
The question, Will I call this company again? I most certainly would. Delta appliance fit my budget got my washer running again.
Tips & Advices
If the washing machine is overloaded or all the clothes are packed to one side, the imbalance can cause the washing machine to jerk and shake. These vibrations can be violent enough to slam the machine against other objects, possibly causing damage to its exterior.
Refrigerator coils should be cleaned at least twice a year. Households with pets should clean their refrigerator coils more frequently.
To reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends homeowners set their refrigerators at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and their freezers at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
In terms of operations and upkeep, gas dryers are less expensive than electric. The actual savings depends on the cost of gas vs. electricity in the area. Still, gas dryers heat up faster than electric ones do, making them slightly more energy efficient. However, gas dryers are priced higher than electric ones, so homeowners should prepare to pay more at the outset.
Proper maintenance helps most home appliances last longer. Homeowner's should check their user's manuals for insight on how often to inspect, clean or upgrade their appliances.

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