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By: blitzkrieg
United Pain Care
My first visit to Dr. Ahmad at United Pain Care, was 10 September, 2015. I printed out the paperwork from their website and had it filled out to save myself some time. I arrived 15 minutes early and was told the Doctor hadn't arrived yet and the wait was about an hour, which it was. The waiting room had about 12-15 people in it. After getting checked in, I waited in the waiting room about an hour and was called back to the nurses station, where my BP was taken, my height and weight was recorded ( I was only asked for it, not actually weighed) then given a cup to pee in and told where to put it when done. I sat outside her office for about 10 minutes, then Dr. Ahmad called me into what I thought was an exam room, but it turned out to be his office, where another young lady also had a desk. He looked at my paperwork, asked me a few questions like where my pain was, how long I had this pain, etc., even though all this information was on the paperwork he had in front of him. He then asked me how long it had been since my last pain medication, I told him, he said he was only able to prescribe a maximum of 3 pills a day, which I said was fine since that was what I had been taking, then a machine spit out my prescription and I was told to go to the front desk to get my appointment for the next month. All in all, not a bad experience, but no hands on exam or anything like that. So, to recap, this pain clinic is like a cattle call with no real exam by the doctor and no real consultation of any type, just get your prescription and come back next month. I gave it 4 stars for the ease in getting my prescription but not 5 stars since I had no real consultation with the doctor.
By: Guy G.
United Pain Care
Went to ark pain thinking I was going to see someone besides dr Ahmed. Did drug test fo which I told them w I had been taking. It came back just as I had told them. I was told because I had a substance that was not prescribed that could not write another till next month. The next mo they had to send test off to some govt lab and when I got the bill which my insurance w not pay was $500 they tested for every drug known to man at least 15 drugs then told another mo. He scheduled me to burn my nerves of which obama ins does not pay still no pain meds. This is a scam of every sort. The DEA has them by the balls so he says. I had all my paperwork in order. Have 7 crushed disc and neck problems stemming from a semi wreck but do u think they give a hoot. In no way do they care ifbur in pain. He says go to my PCP which I havenbeen going to. She is only allowed to write only half of w I havenbeen taking. I would give this clinic a 0 in terms of helping those in chronic pain. So low they get no stars from me. Don't b a fool n waste ur time w these folks. It's all about $$$$ to them

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