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By: Ronald S.
Texoma Healthcare Center
The people here are real slow in the head, and if you dont stay on top of everything and you are planning to to go home or leaving here, it just wont happen. They have a schedule and a routine and its like they are robots or clones. There was a guy named Gary who was the D.O.N. (director of nurses) He came to my room and confiscated my 2 bottles of certified hoodia (a natural product) and thought it was drugs, and said he'd have the nurses give it to me at night, and I never got it back (costed me 100 bucks) and got mad at me when I told him I wanted it back. He tried to pretend that he never got it, but I reminded him of the whole thing. To get me back for that, what he did was schedule for me to see the wrong surgeon after he knew he'd be quitting this place by the time I made the appointment , so I couldnt say anything to him about it because he's gone now. He went on and got hired somewhere else, but as soon as I find out where it is, they'll be getting a letter. About the food. If you are 98 and have no teeth and cant eat any salt or seasoning or spices in your food, then you'll do okay. They give you coffee so cold you'll worry about freezing yourself instead of burning yourself with it. It wont even disolve the creamer. You have dinner at 5:30 and it they had their way, you'd be asleep by 8. Im 53 and dont plan to be here but 10 months to heal up and lose weight. I watch TV at night like a normal human being, and I like to snack. I ended up buying my own fridge because the kitchen is shut down at 6pm. This place needs much improvement. Its not just the elderly who need care.

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