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By: stevejcha
Tamashii Ramen House
There a few ramen restaurants in the Valley. I've tried Jinya (which was pretty good), Koraku (which was pretty lousy), Hanabishi (which was so-so), and Ramen Nippon in Reseda (which was so-so as well). And now a new ramen restaurant has opened in Sherman Oaks called Tamashii, which I was able to try on grand opening night. And wow, it was great.They are not the type of ramen restaurant that uses soup bases and whips the soup up in 15 minutes. Their soup, which is cooked from chicken meat and bones, is actually cooked for about 15-20 hours overnight before they serve it the next day. It is as fresh and rich as it can possibly get. And it is very tasty. It's very similar to the ramen at Jinya in Studio City and Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. Tamashii Ramen may indeed be the next big thing in the Valley, and possibly a future franchise. The noodle texture was also nice and chewy, reminiscent of the noodles served in mainland Japan. So overall, their food quality is good, and for the most part authentic.Aside from the house special Tonkotsu Shio, I was also able to try the Pork Chashu bowl, which was also delicious. The pork was soft and sometimes crispy, and had a nice flavor to it, along with good quality Japanese rich underneath. Although I didn't try the Pork Gyoza or sushi rolls that night, they were popular among the customers that day, so I guess it's a safe bet in terms of filling side appetizers. But of course, the main attraction is the ramen, which this place does a very nice job with.I highly recommend this restaurant, especially if you love ramen. Like I said, it's pretty comparable in quality and taste with restaurants like Jinya and Daikokuya. The head kitchen chef was a former chef at Jinya Ramen Studio City, so I already figured why the ramen bowls were notches above the ordinary joints. The noodle choice, care and time put into the broth soup, and presentation all reflect this restaurant's attention to detail, authenticity, and, as the restaurant motto states, "noodles that touch the soul."It is somewhat of a small place, but a very beautifully designed restaurant. It's an exact replica of something out of Tokyo, inside and outside, and their service is wonderful. And they also have take-out. I'm sure this will be one of those restaurant will be one you go often, whether by yourself or with friends. When you taste the food and observe the environment, you will see why
By: ilovebacon
Ramen Yamadaya
MMMM so GOOD!! I love this ramen place. My first experience with Yamadaya was at the location in Culver City. But now that I live closer to this one, I just go here. It's maybe not as good, but still very very delicious. I love the Tonkatsu broth (slow broiled pork over 20+hours) and the slices of Chasu pork in my ramen. They also have the perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg which adds a nice taste to the soup. The ramen noodles are thin, and I really like it as it doesn't overpower the broth. My favorite is the Tonkatsu Kotteri (black garlic oil) broth. My co-worker had tried the spicy ramen, which he said was also delicious, but I can't eat too spicy. The soup is a perfect hangover cure.Oh! and if you have a student ID card, they give you extra noodles or a bowl of rice for FREE!!! They also give you as much fresh garlic as you want to crush into your soup. You just need to ask for it.
By: Joseph F.
noodle star
I love this place. It has a variety of everything. The pad ka tiem is my go to meal here. Nothing is done the best I've ever had which is the reason I didn't give it 5 stars, but everything is good. Atmosphere is relaxed and all of the staff are friendly and helpful. Try the fresh lime soda!
By: Z D.
Aside the from food being savory the customer service experience is something to remember. From the host to the servers to the guys who take your plates when your done...all of them are friendly, polite, patient and takes your order with a smile. See for yourself . Try it now.
By: Dave O.
Ramen Yamadaya
Is it strip mall ramen? Yes, and you might not have good expectations. I've never had a bad experience there, myself, and the pork ramen is particularly good all things considered. I am still disappointed, however, that they dropped a few items from the menu.
By: joliet42
Tamashii Ramen House
I've been to some of the best ramen shops in Los Angeles and Torrance. This place was clean, the staff attentive and the ramen WAS delicious - as well as the gyoza. I live a couple cities away but I will be going back again for sure.
By: mike.roberts
SanSai Japanese Grill
An overall good experience, you can get your sushi fix and teriyaki chicken fix all at same location. Parking is a bit of a problem at this particular San Sai, but if you work around the area like me ,walking would be fine.

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