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By: meredith87
Lifestyle Nail & Day Spa
First of all, the place looks amazing, very esthetically pleasing. They have new appliances, new chairs, everything. It's an amazing place, I will give them that. They are very helpful and very warm- welcoming as well. You can have a glass of wine if you want. But overall: It's Very Expensive with very poor results. Not very impressive.My first experience there was when I got a pedicure. I got the basic pedi: Scrub, clip, 5min massage, and paint. I asked for a simple design as well. It was mediocre at best. The massage sucked. The polka dots I asked for were okay. I got a better pedi at the WAL MART spa a few weeks earlier! And I got the deluxe package there for near the same price as Lifestyle. (And it by far has been the best pedi I've had [top 5 in my experiences]. The paint was amazing, it lasted thru summer camp with my church where I wore flip flops and Chacos the entire week and I was NOT gentle on my feet!) But I shrugged this experience at Lifestyle off because I was able to walk in and immediately get in a chair. And I also thought maybe if I get a bigger pedi package it might be better.I came back a few days later and got a pink fill on my French tip mani. Again it was convenient because I waited 5min to get in a chair. However.... They my nails look terrible. They are flakey and he put way too much top coat on (It's the top coat that hardens and makes your nails super shiny). He must have put a lot on because the top coat covered my cuticles and had a hard ridge where they ended. The next day my cuticles had separated enough from my nails to see how truly bad they looked. I'm giving it one more try to see if it was just a coincidence. But my hopes are not set very high. If they do well I will come back and delete/ edit this review.My Review: NO bang for your buck. Too expensive for Poor Job.
By: Jenni D.
La Nails & Day Spa
I went to this nail salon in the mall next to Ross and it seems like a very nice place and they are in the process of renovating by observation of the new and additional spa chairs. That's the positive side of my experience. The negative was having a tall skinny guy do my nails, he seemed to rush through the whole process of giving me the manicure and polish like he had to be somewhere quick, but later while my nails were drying under the special light I noticed that he was trying to claim the next customer. For doing it so fast, my nails only looked so-so and not have the wow factor. I was disappointed in his work. I plan on giving this place a try again but I will definitely pick another person to do my nails instead of that tall skinny guy. I may try a girl next time since I feel like the other girls working there take the time to make the nails look right. Girls seem to have a better understanding of how nails should look like. I'm sorry but guys who do nails are not as delicate and careful. He disappointed me and that's why I would rather choose a girl from now on when I go to any nail salon.
By: Micki D.
Lifestyle Nail & Day Spa
I will go along with the other review and say the place is beautiful. Very classy. They do give you a drink, which is nice to relax to. They are also very helpful. I am so disappointed though because my 9 year old daughter has been looking forward to having shellac nail polish, and she paid 26.00 from her own money, plus gave the gentleman a tip of 5.00. This was her own Christmas/birthday money. The very next day one already came off. Her dad took her back and they graciously fixed it for no cost. 2 days later another one started chipping and I called them and they graciously fixed it again. The next day 3 came off. It has not even been a week and she has had so many came off. I will not take her back again. Those are supposed to last a full 2 weeks. Very disappointed, it wouldn't be as bad if it was my money, but I hate that it is her money.
By: Angela M.
Regal Nails
I went in without an appointment for a pedicure today and was was told about a 10 minute wait. It ended up being about 20-30 minutes but as a walking that is ok. The tech, a lady named "T" was very nice. She was soft spoken so hard to hearead though. I went in with an in grown toenail and took her time and used extra care on cutting my nails and making sure there were no left over pieces of nail left in the nail bed. The only complaint is had was as I was waiting there was a guy who works there sitting in one of the pedicure chairs napping. I understand that not every tech does every service and I also understand that they deserve a break time but that seemed very unprofessional to me when you have customers waiting. Overall, it was a good experience and I will go back.
By: Sarah M.
La Nails & Day Spa
Finally I have some time to write a review. I liked going to this nail salon in the mall since it's so convenient when I'm shopping there. But I do have one thing I wasn't happy was after 1 week of getting a full set of fake nails, almost half of the nails fell off! After thinking about it, I recall one of the guys who did my nails and it seemed like it was so fast. Which at first I thought cool fast and done, but now I think he did a poor job at it since the nails fell off. I believe his name was Pete something? I couldn't really understand his English. I went back there again to get my nails re-done and they were much better this time around because I chose another person to do my nails. This place is not bad, just make sure you chose the right person to do your nails.
By: jane.dill.98
La Nails & Day Spa
I've been here a few times and I must say some of the workers seem genuine and do their best. Some just rush and try to get you out of their quickly. The husband and wife owners treat their workers like crap. I've seen once where they are yelling at their own workers like it's like a domestic dispute. Some of the workers do a fine job, so if you do go there, make sure you find the good people there. You can tell the ones who work hard and try their best to please the customers and not try to sweet talk you into things you don't need. Once you find the right person, you actually can "request" that person by name next time so that you don't end up being taken care by one of the bad workers. Just my two cents and observation of this business.
By: Kerri K.
Lifestyle Nail & Day Spa
The salon is amazingly clean and beautiful. Very pricey and if they are busy good luck. I had an appointment on a Saturday and purchased the $67 pedicure. I had to wait 30 minutes and then the girl said sorry we are so busy I will have to rush. The $67 pedi comes with a 20 minute massage and I barely got 5 minutes. This is the 3rd pedicure I have had from there and every time they have either forgotten a step or rushed on the massage. To expensive to go there and not get what you paid for.
By: hmbeauford
Lifestyle Nail & Day Spa
This is my favorite place for a pedi. My friends from work and I go regularly. I love the complimentary glass of wine or soft drink, the atmosphere, and the prices are the same I've paid anywhere where else. I don't understand the bad reviews others have given. I've never waited more than five minutes, they've always been very nice, and I've never has a single problem with my paint chipping or smudging.
By: Samantha N.
Nail Spa
best place in shawnee! always friendly and great work! have had pedicures & manicures and waxing! they do an amazing job
By: Becki P.
Lifestyle Nail & Day Spa
The pedicure and scrub was good, but the polish design was the worst I've ever had. I have done better in my living room.

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