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By: Tavia napturally-beautiful R.
D & S Automotive
I don't understand. I've noticed the positive reviews online and even the positive thank you letters at the location. However, my experience was much different. I don't know if it were because I was young or from Alabama or because I am just ignorant of what is required when needing auto repair services. My radiator went out on my minivan, and D&S was the nearest location. I was a little leery of taking my vehicle there because of the call I made to the location prior to my arrival. The person on the phone was chuckling while I was explaining my emergency. I guess it was petty of me to become offended because of that, but you have to understand that I was worried that I would have a huge financial expense that would make it difficult for me to return home to Alabama, and I did not find it funny at all. We visited D&S Auto on 04/9/2015 around 1PM. At the location we found out that we would need to have our radiator replaced and he offered to locate one for us. He said to us while locating a radiator that we chose a bad time to have this problem because nobody has a radiator available. Of course my reaction was to feel defeated and helpless. My husband began to call around himself to see if he could locate us one hopefully. The rep at D&S auto found one new with warranty available next day for 324.00 which we turned down because of the cost. My husband found one new with warranty for 204.00 that we could pick up the same day and we did. The D&S rep then proceeded to tell us that purchasing the radiator we found would put us at risk of him not being responsible for whatever happens to the radiator after installation... which I don't understand why he said that to us considering that he should only be responsible for the labor he provided us. But, I don't know like I stated before. He quoted us $180.00 for the labor which we agreed to and we went on to get the part. He completed the work the next morning being that it was the end of the day when we finally brought the radiator to him. He completed the work quickly and our vehicle was back in operation once he finished the job. I was grateful for all of that because he made a problem I thought would be complex and very expensive for us simple and affordable. When I returned to pick up the vehicle, the D&S Auto rep stated that the final cost of labor would be 265.00 because of radiator fluid he had to add. I didn't understand why our labor charges went up almost $100.00. If the fluid was costly, we would have purchased our own at $12 a jug. He didn't contact us to warn us that he needed to do additional steps to our vehicle and that we were at risk for additional charges in labor. I was happy to have my vehicle working and running, but I just don't understand why we were charged so much more for labor?
By: jerryandlisa
D & S Automotive
This past Friday morning we found ourselves needing automotive services. After driving 500+ miles to a cabin and arriving at around 4am, we found that we could not get the keypad to the cabin to unlock, no luck in getting up with anyone at the cabin rental company (Sunset Cottages) to try to get someone to come help us. While trying to unlock the cabin, left the vehicle running with lights on so that we could see. Vehicle decided to quit while still in the driveway. Called AAA for a tow, had a wonderful tow truck driver (Rick with Baker's Towing) come to get us out of the woods, he asked if he could take us to a mechanics shop that he highly recommended. Boy, did we get lucky..Rick dropped us and our vehicle off at around 7:15 am, shortly after Steve came driving up. He immediately went to work on our vehicle, kept us entertained and informed, and had us up running in a few hours. Did not even have to get a rental vehicle. Met his daughter, her fiance' and even some of their animals. We actually enjoyed the time we spent at his shop and we were so delighted to get our vehicle back so soon. Will recommend Steve and his staff to anyone going to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg/Sevierville area who might find themselves needing reliable, reputable automotive services. Will drop in and see you the next time we are up your way Steve !!! Thank You for everything.
By: Steve H.
T & Js Auto & Rv Repair
These guys are GREAT, you are crazy to go anywhere else. We were on our family vacation and our car started making a very loud strange noise when we arrive in pigeon Forge. It was Sunday night and no one was open so first thing Monday morning I showed up at another automotive repair shop that opened earlier that could not take us and was not very helpful. Went to T &J's next and they were not open yet so I waited and as soon as Tony walked up he immediately open the shop early to see what I needed. They immediately took my car in to see what was wrong with that and with in 15 minutes had a diagnosis and were willing and able to do the repairs In less than an hour after giving me my diagnosis and quote I was in my car and on my way. If not for Tony our vacation would have been over before it started (major steering issue). Thank you so much Tony and Jim!!!
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By: Pamela H.
D & S Automotive
My family and I were on vacation in Pigeon Forge when I started having trouble with my car which I thought was the transmission. I found D&S in the phone book, called and they looked at my car immediately. They spent about 40 minutes doing diagnostics and taking it for a test drive. They found a different problem, which was my brake lights were not working. They fixed that problem and the original problem I had seemed to have worked itself out. They did not charge me anything at all, just asked me to give them a good review, which I would happily give. they were so helpful and kind to take care of someone from out of town who they could have taken advantage of, especially a woman who doesn't happen to know much about cars. A big thanks from me is sent their way. I would recommend them highly!! These were honest people!
By: william.hammock.9
D & S Automotive
I had the best experience ever at this repair shop. My family and I were traveling from Nashville Tennessee to Norfolk Virginia and started to have car trouble. We stopped in Pigeon Forge to spend the night and found good reviews for D&S auto so I decided to try them out. I showed up as they opened with no appointment and was greeted by the owner and asked what he could do to help me. He took a look at the car, ran diagnostics on the car, cleared the codes and told us what it could have been. He was very professional and very kind. He charged us nothing for this. If I had taken my car to a dealership it would have cost me no less than $299 to have this done. I would recommend D&S to anyone in the Pigeopn Forge area.
By: jadaknox
D & S Automotive
Our Car broke down in the middle of Gatlinburg while we were 200 miles from home on our 10 year anniversary. I went straight to the yellow pages app on my phone and found the only local auto repair with a good rating...D&S automotive. I see why they had such a great rating. Steve treated us like family and he went out of his way to have us back in our car ASAP. We broke down at 5:15 (fuel pump went OUT)...he put us in touch with a tow service, picked us up from our hotel and had our car back to us by 11 am the next day. I can't thank Steve enough! If you find yourself needing a mechanic in this area then call Steve!! Great rate and honest service. You just can't ask for more.
By: Philip W.
D & S Automotive
So I met Steve after we had driven to Pigeon Forge from Texas. Our van started making a real knocing noise and I could tell it was suspension related. Was at Steve's shop when he opened, he drove our van down the street and upon leaving his driveway he told me he was pretty sure it was stabilizer bushings. Got it up on the lift and just as he called it the bushings were gone. Steve called the parts house and I was back on the road in less than 1 1/2 hours. And while he could have charged three or four times what he did($72 parts and labor) he didn'tt. I just wish we had more service people like Steve. A great guy to know even if you don't need your car repaired. 9-15-14
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By: Patti D.
El Paso Mexican Restaurant
Best Mexican food in the area! We moved here from Tampa, FL and were used to great restaurants. Many here are mediocre at best. Typical for a tourist area. El Paso is off the beaten tourist path. Our server was great, he was Mexican as many of the employees are, and was able to answer questions. The prices were so low we left a 50% tip. The salsa brought to the table was deliciou and it was fun to try some of the selections on the salsa bar. My favorite was a pico de gallo type salsa that had avocado chunks, pickled jalapeños, etc and was super fresh. Entrees were delicious! If you enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine, give El Paso a try.
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By: Lin J.
Smoky Mountain Collision Center
I was recently involved in a fender bender, no one wants that...ruined my day. But, I was referred to Smoky Mountain Collision in Sevierville. I wasn't looking forward to this , BUT RICH not only did an EXCELLENT on my car, he led me thru the whole tedious task of dealing with my claim. I don't suggest you get in an accident, but if you do, this is the ONLY shop I would go to. They also do paint and various body work to just make your vehicle look sharp! Very fair prices, and they stand behind their work! Thanks again Smoky Mountain Collision!
By: stephenromaine
D & S Automotive
I've been going to Steve at D&S automotive for a few years now and I can't even begin to tell you how helpful he is. This is a family owned business but don't let that scare you. D&S goes by book pricing and is always fair. He is one of the only certified mechanics in Sevier County that can work on Hybrid vehicles. The service at D&S is unpresendented. My family trusts him with all of their vehicles. I've personally seen him work on everything from 1962 Camero rebuilds to Dodge Vipers. BEST MECHANIC IN SEVIER COUNTY!!!
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To prepare a car for professional automotive detailing, get rid of any larger trash items that may be inside the vehicle's cabin. It's also a good idea to remove personal items--especially larger items like booster or car seats— from both the cabin and the trunk, since this allows the detailer to access all the vehicle's nooks and crannies more thoroughly.
Detailing frequency depends on a number of factors. Cars in climates that have harsh winters will need to be detailed more frequently, since snow and road salt increase the need for this type of care. Cars with black or dark paint might also need more frequent detailing than lighter cars, since dirt tends to be more visible on darker shades. It's recommended that all vehicles be detailed at least three times a year.
The length of time it takes for automobile detailing will depend on the overall condition of the car and the breadth of services being performed. An automobile detailing session can take anywhere from 30 minutes for a clean car getting minimal detailing services to an entire day for a heavily soiled car getting a complete detailing treatment.
Paint sealants are similar to car waxes, and they are often used when a car is being detailed. Relative to waxes, paint sealants leave a less shiny finish, but they offer a greater degree of protection.
Car waxing is the process of applying a protective coating to a car's paint. It’s often included with automobile detailing. Waxing can leave a car's sheet metal with a bright and shiny appearance. Car waxing also lengthens the life of a car's paint job by protecting it from the elements.

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