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By: Sally G.
Boccone Pizzeria & Ristorante
We went here for dinner with 2 other couples on Wednesday night. After viewing their menu online, I decided to call them to check and see if there was an error with the menu that was posted, and perhaps they inadvertently posted that you have a CHOICE of soup, salad, OR PASTA with the meat dishes, because mostly all Italian restaurants include pasta, and I found this odd.We were deciding on this place and Setauket Pasteria, which has buy 1 get 1 free.The girl that answered the phone went and checked to make sure of what the special was, and came back and said that pasta came with all the meat dishes, and then you have a choice of a soup or salad. So, when we got there the waitress explained the menu, and said that you get a choice of soup, salad OR PASTA. I explained my phone call but she insisted it must have been the new girl, and of course I told her that the girl checked with someone that supposedly new the menu special, and had indeed told me differently. Needless to say after going back and forth, she agreed to bring over a bowl of salad for everyone to share...but when we got the bill we saw that SHE CHARGED US FOR IT!!! Oh...and the Wednesday parm specials...really aren't specials at all...we were charged $3 more for veal $2 more for chicken and extra for shrimp. It took forever to get our food, and then one order was incorrect...and my meal that was supposed to be all veal...what I paid for...was only a small piece of veal and the rest was chicken!!! I didn't say anything because I was afraid I'd explode. Did I mention that we got a dirty, filthy bowl to put our salad in. She was trying to explain where the bowl came from...I didn't care where it came from, it should have been clean!!! To be fair, after we felt that we were robbed and after all the aggravation and the loud...oh so very loud...live music...the food was good.
By: johnston89
Zara Pizza & Restaurant
This is absolutely the best pizza on Long Island!!! Possibly the best in NY as well. Their customer service is fantastic! The pizza is delicious, the sauce tastes great, and they don't skimp on the amount of cheese at all!
By: Kirsten S.
Sal & Anthony Pizzeria
Best pizza, best italian food! I'm a student at Suffolk County Community College and this pizzeria/ristorante is the best lunch spot. The owners are so friendly and nice as well!!

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