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    Allen J.

    Went to Amy after a bad incident with my wife. We had moved back in and seemed like we were moving forward to repairing our marriage. Amy then suggested that we should have stayed separated and tried to use her personal experience and being separated from her husband for over a year as the proof that would work for us. After 7 months and many hundreds of dollars, my wife and Amy facilitated a very deceptive separation meeting, where my truck was brought to the meeting, my house was robbed of all the guns from my safe and my truck. They keys were taken from my keychain and under the idea that I was going to hurt someone?? I had just spent the last 7 months trying to repair everything so I was confused why they thought that? I left my home and children at my wifes request, two days later locks and a camera were installed and two weeks after that my wife wanted to file for divorce. Not only had she not moved forward at all in forgiving me and seeing the changes I had made to save our family, she was worse off than before and very deceitful. Amy did nothing but talk about herself and had my wife believing that the grass was going to be greener on the other side. I tried to call her over and over after that day when it happened and she has still yet to answer a call or text. She made me believe she cared about our marriage and the fact is that she just didn't. But what is done is done. My actions killed my marriage and my wife's inability to forgive is what kept it dead. I did learn during that time how to be a good husband and its just a shame my children have to go though this. Save your money if you really want to keep your marriage.

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